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Daddy Has All the Fun!

Having a son means I’m seriously at a disadvantage. Yes, I love my son to bits and I won’t exchange him for anything but sometimes I think Daddy is having all the fun. I tell you, he gets to relive his childhood through Z. He gets a kick out of buying Z lots of toys which are toys for little boys which means Daddy also likes because he’s also a little kid at heart. I can’t tell you how many times I have rolled my eyes at him every time he says, “Let’s go to Toy Kingdom!” This he does without fail at least once a week. Once there Z and Daddy – particularly Daddy – roam the toy store for an hour or two to look at the toys for boys. They look at toy cars for hours always struggling to pick the perfect one to add to their collection. Once they found THE ONE, four eyes lit up. hehe I can’t say which set of eyes is more happier but I think the bigger one has more twinkle in the eyes. LOL!

I, on the other hand, just busy myself with asking sales agents at the mall for free insurance quotes while father and son roam the toy store for hours. Have I mentioned that we really need it and we don’t have insurance for everything? That’s how I keep myself busy. I had no interest going around the toy store whatsoever. Then two Sundays ago it was my turnĀ  to see the perfect toy, the thing I can say as THE ONE! I’m talking about this:

Sylvanian Families

My heartĀ  fluttered when I peeped inside. The details are amazing!

Sylvanian Families

Oh, how I longed to have it. Growing up I hadn’t things as beautiful as this and I’m not ashamed to admit I would buy it in a second if I have the money.

So it has been two weeks that I have been dreaming of this but look what we bought last Sunday.

My son's Audi

Yes, Daddy has all the fun. *sigh