Organizing Our Things

Since our two wardrobes were destroyed by the flood we only have two cabinets left – one that my husband and I share and one small cabinet for the kids’ clothes. While unpacking our clothes from the boxes I noticed that we had more clothes and some wouldn’t fit if I try to place everything inside. So I’m packing some of our things for future use like hubby’s barong and office wear. He also used to wear a lot of jackets in the office like one of those look north face jackets men and these are bulky too so I’ll be putting them away in a box. I’m thinking of giving these away too to people who might need it.

I read somewhere that a good practice of not accumulating so many things and organizing your things is every time you buy something you throw away/give away another. Like for example you bought a new pair of shoes then you have to throw away another so you’ll have a space for your new purchase. This way you won’t have a cramp space and there will be space for all your things.

No Basketball Week

My boys were sad. The basketball court we are frequenting is closed!
It turned out they painted they were making some renovations like painting the floor and I don’t know what else. We’re just wondering why it’s taking so long for them to open it again to the public because the paint has already dried a few days back.
We hope by next week the lock is gone and the court is open. I’m already missing my exercise buddies. I hope the pink ladies pressure whoever is in charge to open it again to the public.

Sudden acceleration

I recently read a blog that is claiming that just like the Toyota issues in the U.S., a number of Mitsubishi Montero SUVs are getting into accidents because of a mysterious sudden acceleration. It’s sad seeing the accidents and even some people were hurt, but the sadder part is that Mitsubishi is blaming the floor mats, claiming that it got over the gas pedal.

I was a fan of Mitsubishi but after reading about these incidents, I might just change my mind and opt for safer brands. Drivers should be worried about rims for cars instead of sudden uncontrolled acceleration. I hope and pray that the remaining Montero SUVs that are running are working properly and that justice will be served to those that were affected.

Acoustic DI Box

The routine is always the same, every morning my hubby always listens and sings to some of his favorite songs and artists. After that, if there still time in the morning, he plays his acoustic, semi-hollowbody and solidbody guitar. He has all of these expensive guitars but he doesn’t have any of the acoustic di box which I heard this is his next target to buy. Go on hubby I’m here for you.

Printer and Printing Materials

By visiting this website they give me an idea of putting up a small printing business for my extra income. I didn’t see any problem with this; our place is surrounded by schools, universities and establishments. For the quality printer and printing materials can be purchased from zooprinting, they have everything that needs in printing business that make us succeed.

Printed Waterproof Tablecloth

Ever since, I used to place different colors and designs of tablecloth on our dining table. I normally change it two or three times a week, it depends if there are stains, dirt already. You can’t see the top of my table without the cover. With my new set of dining table I also want to buy printed waterproof tablecloth to make it easier for me since I have two kids because its  waterproof I can just wipe it and stains will immediately vanish.

Student Euphoniums

There are so many popular brands of euphonium that makes any student confused in selecting their first instrument. Students may asked yourself if you can decide what is the best euphoniums for you, if so then go, just be wise in choosing, you might get the wrong one. I also say that you can get the best of student euphoniums at guitar center at its reasonable price.

Way-Huge-Electronics Effects

We all know that guitar is the most popular instrument in the world. It has become part of almost any music style in the world. It’s a beautiful instrument, passionate and with the right player, it could create some of the sweetest sounds. To hear it with the way-huge-electronics effects it sounds like what I’m used to playing, a little rough that’s what I want, it’s something much more with the oink oink.

Reid Supply

There are many companies providing industrial supplies, but as a customer we always want to be satisfied and contented with the products and services offered by them. I’ve known one company that is not only famous for the products they offer but also how they handle their customers. Just try Reid Supply and you will be their first priority, you will experience the good relationship and services. From this company you don’t have to worry about looking around what you need, just call and get all what you want.