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BC Bloggers is finally back!

I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is what is the heck is BC Bloggers?

BC Bloggers started as a link exchange program to help new bloggers put their blogs on the map. We have been doing this for three years now and we still can’t stop.

Today, our community is evolving. We have various activities that would interest bloggers worldwide. Join us in our weekly memes and bloghop. Connect with like minded bloggers and find friends along the way. Blogging is not supposed to be lonely and BC Bloggers is here to make your journey as a blogger more fun and enjoyable.

To join BC Bloggers just subscribe below:

You will receive an email with the instructions the next day.

If you want to know more about BC Bloggers, click here to read my very first post about it.

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69 thoughts on “Join BC Bloggers Here

  1. Lainy

    Hi Paula. I came across here through the topic for May 23 which is about the time spent at Facebook. I believe that it’s too timely and thought-provoking.

    I have been curious about the BC badge that I see around. Is this exclusive for Mommies? Coz you see, I am not and most of the memes I see are groomed for Mommies. I would love to join the fun in imparting my thoughts on the weekly questions posed.

    Would love to hear from you.

    All the Best,

    I believe I’ve sent this email in the wrong page. I didn’t see this one, LOL! Kindly delete it. Thank you.

  2. Christina Johnson

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you have any advertising options available? Let me know if this is a possibility and I would be happy to share details.Β 

    Thank you,

  3. Rozeh

    This is an interesting idea! πŸ™‚ I actually want to join and would have joined by now if only you don’t ask for my blog’s HTML code. Whodo you need that anyway? As someone who earns money for selling wordpress themes, this is a no no for me.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Rozeh – So sorry about the miscommunication. I was asking for the HTML code of your blog’s URL not the code of your blog itself.

  4. Rozeh

    My previous comment has a typo so here it is again:

    This is an interesting idea! πŸ™‚ I actually want to join and would have joined by now if only you don’t ask for my blog’s HTML code. Why do you need that anyway? As someone who earns money for selling wordpress themes, this is a no no for me.

  5. Fernand Yim

    Hi there,

    I saw your post comment in my friend’s blog, Van Kaizer. I just wanted to know if this BC Bloggers only for women, especially mothers? BY any chance, I want to join. Thanks!

    1. admin Post author

      @Fernand – Of course not! πŸ™‚ BC Bloggers is for all bloggers male or female, young or old, single or married. We’re united by our same passion which is blogging.

  6. Pam

    Hi! Thanks for the comment and for the invite. I’m not sure yet…. well, I have 2 more days to decide. It’s interesting and all but how does it work? What if I’m not a regular blogger?

  7. Rebel Sweetheart

    Hi Paula.

    I’ve emailed you twice about the link to my website (re: it’s not redirecting because of a missing semicolon), and have been waiting for your reply since.

    Hoping you can address the problem; the missing semicolon is defeating my purpose of joining BC Bloggers.

    I’ve changed my domain name, by the way. I’m now and

    Thanks. And will be waiting again for your response.

  8. Bhing. A.

    Hi Paula,

    Good day!

    Is BC Bloggers still open? I am really interested to join. I am still a newbie in blogging and I hope I could interact more with fellow bloggers and learn from them.

  9. Shengkay

    thanks mommy Pau for other blog will join na limit naman siguro kong ilang blog ang isasali no?..basta follow the rules lang..
    thanks again!

  10. Peter


    I found the link to bc bloggers through a fb group. I’m hoping that this will improve my blogging skills so that i can finally become a full-time freelancer.

    Thank you for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  11. Farida

    Hi, I’m not new to blogging but I think joining a community is a fun way to meet more people and learn new things as well. How does this work? I’d like to be part of BC Bloggers. Thanks and God bless πŸ™‚

  12. Mary

    It’s fun to go on a search, find a sweet blog about a very lovely family, far away from where I live. I see you doing the same fun family things my children enjoy….thousands of miles away from my family. Mine are all older now…but children do love the same things. don’t they? Lovely to meet you, Mary

  13. Gelo

    For me, I like to travel. that’s what i’d like to do before i go old. most specially i like to travel Italy, i don’t know why but I think I am an Italian in my past life, heheheh.

  14. Joan

    Am I too late for this? I am a new blogger and I really wish to join pero mukhang nahuli na nga ako.. “Deadline for submission of requirements is June 15, 2012”.. sigh.. sana may next batch pa..

  15. Rhea

    Hi there!
    Can I still join? I subscribed na kaso di ko alam kung ano na next step.. nalagay ko na rin ung badge sa blog ko.. please help po.. thanks so much!!!

    1. jayson

      we all want to join the bc bliggers but most of us i guess doesnt know yet how to join and connect to other bloggers…those who are know how to make this things easy for the new members kindly teach us plss…..

  16. Grace Alegonza

    hi there πŸ™‚

    i’m not sure if i’m officially part of the BC Bloggers after I did the instructions sent at my e-mail (post about BC Bloggers, share on FB, Tweet, etc.). But I’m glad I found this community and saw an organized list of parenting/mommy blogs all over Pinas.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Terry,

      You will receive the newsletter every week. You can participate in all our activities already. πŸ™‚

  17. Tondogirl

    I just joined the BC Blogger and followed everything that was on the email sent to me. Just some questions:

    1. After following everything reagrding registration and all, when can i see my link and where?

    2. Where can I find the BC Bloggers Meme?


  18. kaye

    Hi Paula! I’m interested and want also to be part of BC bloggers too. I saw your blogs through pepperific life which inspire me to be a blogger. Looking forward to learn and gain more friends thru this…thank you in advance. More power!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kaye,
      Please subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be updated of our activities. Welcome to the club!

  19. Gwen

    Hi Paula,

    I’m a stay at home mom for 2 yrs , and have been thinking of joining or having my own blog for quite a while and came across BC blogger while searching for any topic that comes to my mind to make me busy. I guess, it’s time for me to start joining which I already subscribed and I want to be part of BC Bloggers too.

    Now thinking of a nice title for my blog and drafting my 1st entry, while waiting for the email confirmation from you.

    All the best!

  20. Kristine

    Hi! I have subscribe in BC Bloggers and it was said to wait for an email for instructions but I havent received any. What should I do?

    Thanks! Cant wait to join in the fun!

    1. Winnie

      HI.. I did the same, I received a confirmation mail but for the instructions, I still have to wait for one. It did say 24hours so I’m hoping to receive the instructions tomorrow πŸ™‚

      I am not sure but is this still open πŸ™‚ I really like to join..

  21. Leigh Espiritu

    Hi Paula,

    I joined BC Bloggers last year but became inactive. I’d like to update my email address listed from hgiel0613 at gmail dot com to leigh.espiritu at gmail dot com under Tattered Thoughts blog. I would also like to request for the commex link and updates to be sent there. I know you are a busy mom, but I’ll wait. πŸ™‚

    Thanks and more power to BC bloggers!



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