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On Fevers and Barrage of Calls

Homaygash! Time flies so fast talaga!

If hindi pa mag-Holy week I wouldn’t be able to update my blog again.

I didn’t go to work today because it’s Holy Wednesday already and I just want to unwind from the barrage of calls, emails, FB messages, viber messages and the likes. Sometimes gusto ko na talaga isumpa ang mga tawag but then I remember something I read from Donald Trump’s book. He said as a CEO his phone constantly rings and rings. But no matter how busy he is, he always makes time to take calls and return calls because he there was the time when his phone stopped ringing and that it was scarier when his phone didn’t ring.

So whenever I feel tired and cranky I always remember this and it instantly improves my mood. I try to imagine the phone not ringing and scary talaga. That’s why even when my phone’s message notification beeps at 10pm I still take time to answer. I draw a line from taking phone calls na at night because there’s only so much I can take but if it’s a message then what’s a few seconds to answer. 🙂

But today is different. I forgot to tell you that the real reason I stayed at home the whole day because my youngest is sick. He’s been having an off and on fever since yesterday. I think it’s not that serious but I still decided to stay at home.  Kids need their mothers when they’re sick. I’m lucky my husband works at home and I don’t need to leave my kids with our kasambahay but iba pa rin talaga ang bond ng kids and their mommies.

Like kanina, Zack was trying to sleep. I was not with him because his Daddy was with him naman. I was at the sala watching TV. An hour passed and he was not still sleeping. I checked on them and he looked tired and but his eyes were still open. So I just laid beside him and hugged him. His Kuya Z hummed a lullaby for him – let me just put on record that although Kuya loves his little brother so much he wanted him to sleep right away so he can make takas and go outside to play. Well, it worked like magic and Zack has been sleeping ever since. I’m beside him now watching over him and blogging. He opened his eyes a few minutes ago and I lulled him back to sleep. Ayan tulog na tulog pa rin. 🙂

Iba talaga ang presence ng mga nanay. My kids are both boys and sometimes I get envious at my husband because with the two boys may instant barkada na sya agad. But then he tells me even though he makes it fun for the two of them mas love na love daw nila ako and nakakainis daw. hahaha!

Here’s Zack photo before he went to sleep.
 photo IMG_5052_zpszvckdr0m.jpg
Please send prayers for my little boy. We will be spending the Holy Week together and I promise to give him undivided attention. Crossing my fingers he gets well soon!

It’s Been Four Months

After four months of having an online store I now realize how much a challenge it is to do this. It’s practically a one-man show with me doing the site updates, marketing online on ad sites and social media sites, taking orders, answering queries, scheduling deliveries, and checking the items before delivery. But as hard as this would be I have no reason to complain because the real heroes are the furniture makers who make the furniture with their bare hands (for custom made orders) and the delivery boys who brave the Manila heat and traffic riding in our non-airconditioned trucks to make sure the items reach their destinations. Whenever I feel overwhelmed about everything I just think of these hardworking men and strive to be better with my more “cozy” job.

Anyway, it’s been a struggle from the start but I’m glad we’re featuring more and more products everyday therefore giving our customers more to choose from. We aren’t selling premier mounts and home accessories just yet but who knows we will even sell that in the future? As long as customers don’t get tired of patronizing our store we will never get tired of giving them affordable furniture that gives more value for their money.

Now a Working Mom

I’m now a working mom! Okay, let me clarify that I meant I now work away from home. Remember our big move here? The reason why we moved was to leave the flooding behind. But the real reason why we moved so far away was so I can finally start learning the ropes in the furniture business and  so I can finally start selling furniture online!

I know it’s crazy. Our friends and relatives were shocked when we decided to move suddenly and so far away from that but, but, it’s all for the best. You see, I got really depressed the past few months because I wanted to finish the online store but I couldn’t because of logistics. Now that I can be there physically everyday I am learning so many new things. Our website, click here to shop for furniture, is still not complete – most have no prices yet – but little by little we are getting there. I can’t wait to tell you all the things I’m learning! I will be featuring different pieces here in my blog and I hope you find some you like. *wink!

Okay, I’m running late already. I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Till next time!

– Paula




Work-at-Home Dad

Our household is abuzz these last few days – buzzing with excitement, that is. It all started when I read an advertisement for a job online. It sounded the perfect job for my husband who is a musician by heart – maintaining a music website. He thought so too and within a few minutes he has sent his application.

Three days ago he was interviewed via Skype and just yesterday he was told he was accepted. To top that, he was given a salary bigger than they previously advertised. I guess they thought he was also the best man for the job 🙂 As of this writing, he has already submitted his resignation and will start working from home in two weeks!

This was a dream that we had, to be able to work from home and have more control of our own time. I can’t believe it’s now turning into a reality. We have vowed that we will take advantage of his new found freedom by focusing more on our health. We will be going out every morning for a daily exercise at the park followed by a leisurely breakfast before he starts his work and before I start homeschooling our eldest. This is what I would call heaven, us doing things together.

One thing that I realized though is our small house is going to be a lot smaller with all of us here all the time. I would really want to search for one of those cool Apartment for Rent in Minneapolis that I saw advertised that would give us more space but since our new house is set to be built by next year I guess it’s more practical to just wait for that. For now, we’re frantically looking for a small space in our house that he can use as his office. His bosses will be in touch with him through Skype and we want to give them the best impression as possible.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is not my forte.  Yes, I am a blogger and I maintain a lot of blogs but I still do not consider myself a writer.  That is why when I’m really stumped on a topic I go to essay writing sites and order essay online.  These sites are really a good help for people like me.  They help me get my point across without me having to struggle putting the right words together.  What I like about these sites are they are really helpful to their clients.  If you want to have some revisions done they will do the revisions without charging you extra.  Their turnaround time is also fast about 3 to 12 hours.

Yes, ghost writers are a great help to bloggers like me.  There are times when we run out of topic to write about but we still have a lot of assignments that we have to finish.  It’s our job so we can’t let these go unfinished.  So we buy articles by bulk to help us cope.  I know bloggers are not the only people using these kind of services, some students even resort to term paper buy -ing sometimes.  For them, it may be the only hindrance to their goal of having a passing grade that’s why they resort to such things.

Where to Look for Jobs Online

Two years ago, I didn’t know a thing about earning online. I browsed many websites day after day after day hoping to find a job that I could do at home. Finally, I was able to land one. Do you want to know where I found my very first online job? It was at Craigslist.

If you’re looking for a job you can certainly find one online. Whether you’re an accountant looking for accounting jobs or a stay-at-home mom looking for a part time job you will surely find one that’s right for you. Just be patient and diligent in sending your resume and sooner or later an employer will hire you.

There are a lot of scams online too so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of something fishy. If they’re asking you for money first before giving you a job then most likely it’s a scam. Keep in mind that legitimate employers won’t ask a single cent from you. Good luck!

A Few Cents Here and There

My blogs are finally earning in Adsense. I have removed the Adsense ads a year ago because I earn nothing but a few months back I put them back again and was surprised that some visitors are clicking on my adsense ads. Even the niche blog that I put up years ago is finally getting some clicks although the visitors are few and between so the clicks are few too. It reminds me how I was so convinced before that niche blogging was the way to go but after writing the required articles I got so frustrated because there was no traffic at all. Now I’m kind of sorry I gave up too early because it just takes time and patience and based on my click rate now on that niche blog I think 1 out of 5 visitors clicking the ads is not that bad at all.  So now I’m going to try my luck again in niche blogging  and see how it goes. Anyway, I’m still happy for the few clicks at least my earning can buy a nice car exhaust for our car.  Maybe if I triple my effort next time I would be able to buy a new car instead.  LOL!  What do you think?

In Search of an Office Table

I’ve been a WAHM for two years now but until now I still don’t have a decent office table. Can you believe that? So after we move I’m going to start looking for a decent one. Even a second hand office table would do but I prefer the steel ones and not the ones made of wood. It would double as a work table for me and study table for Z so I can teach him while working.

Getting Bigger

During my first pregnancy I had no decent maternity wear at home.  I stuck on my oversized shorts until my ninth month that’s how hard headed I was.  My hubby’s grandma, probably unable to see the sight of my bulging tummy in shorts anymore, gave her “daster” or house dress to me the night before Z was born.  Now on my second pregnancy I’m only in my first month and I’m already wearing my grandma’s daster.  I can’t help it – my tummy is way bigger now than during my previous pregnancy.  My worst fear is how am I going to work when I reach my last trimester.  Surely I would need a comfortable office furniture or else I won’t be able to sit in front of the computer for long. As early as now my tummy cries foul when I unknowingly sit in a hunched position.  Donors, anyone?

On Writing Essays

I’m so in need of essay writing services.  I’m definitely not a writer and I take too long to write my piece.  Even writing a basic research papers introduction I suck at and so what more with dissertation writing?  Good thing I don’t do any more of that stuff but that doesn’t mean I have escaped writing altogether.  In my job, I have to write about so many things on so many different topics.  It doesn’t matter that I’m not an expert on some of those topics.  Good thing Google provides easy, reliable, and most important at all free service on searching for information on almost any topic you can think of but researching is just the first step.  The second is compiling all the things you’ve learned and making a post out of it in a manner that is easy to understand and fool everyone into thinking that you have a good grasp of the topic.  Yes, it can be crazy and the craziest topic I have to write about is about rhubarb pie and information on vacation places I have not been to.  Nevertheless, I love my job because I get to learn so much.  I now know that rhubarb pie is made from a plant called rhubarb and doing that essay made me look forward to tasting a rhubarb pie for the first time.