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Sudden acceleration

I recently read a blog that is claiming that just like the Toyota issues in the U.S., a number of Mitsubishi Montero SUVs are getting into accidents because of a mysterious sudden acceleration. It’s sad seeing the accidents and even some people were hurt, but the sadder part is that Mitsubishi is blaming the floor mats, claiming that it got over the gas pedal.

I was a fan of Mitsubishi but after reading about these incidents, I might just change my mind and opt for safer brands. Drivers should be worried about rims for cars instead of sudden uncontrolled acceleration. I hope and pray that the remaining Montero SUVs that are running are working properly and that justice will be served to those that were affected.

Printer and Printing Materials

By visiting this website they give me an idea of putting up a small printing business for my extra income. I didn’t see any problem with this; our place is surrounded by schools, universities and establishments. For the quality printer and printing materials can be purchased from zooprinting, they have everything that needs in printing business that make us succeed.

Reid Supply

There are many companies providing industrial supplies, but as a customer we always want to be satisfied and contented with the products and services offered by them. I’ve known one company that is not only famous for the products they offer but also how they handle their customers. Just try Reid Supply and you will be their first priority, you will experience the good relationship and services. From this company you don’t have to worry about looking around what you need, just call and get all what you want.

Free Tech Support

Ever since moving to our apartment my hubby’s technical skills have been put to good use. He became the go tech support person that deals with the daily issues of the many tablets, phones, laptops and computers used by our family and my father’s family. What’s impressive is how he is still able to fix all of the problems quite well, even though its been years since he worked as a manager for a technical support.

One of his recent tech related work was when he cleaned up a virus infested netbook.
I’m not sure if he installed Avira Endpoint Security, but he got the job done – even though professional techs have basically given up on the said netbook.

Extension Monitor

Since I have been working at home using just my laptop, I’m thinking of getting an extension monitor to help things done in an easier way. I saw a 21″ monitor earlier but I’m not really sure if I’ll get it because of the price. I also have to consider the
monitor display stand which will take up a lot of space on my desk. Sooner or later I’ll have to decide and I’ll probably go for AOC brand.

One Year of Using my Macbook Pro – Did I Regret my Expensive Purchase?

My Macbook Pro is already a year old. Thank God it’s still running like new. I don’t usually buy expensive stuff but after getting burned from buying a defective “brand new” Asus netbook I gave in to my heart’s desire and brought home a Macbook Pro.

So what’s my verdict after a year of using it?
It’s nothing but perfect for a non techie person like me!

Let me explain why I love this beautiful gadget.

● iPhoto is amazing – iPhoto is where I store all my photos in my Macbook. But this software does so many things more than just store. It crops, enhances, and uploads my photos to Photobucket. I have a pro account in Photobucket and that’s where I store my photos online in my blog and my online store. That’s why I need a software that can upload easily  and iPhoto does the job in just two.clicks. Aside from that it can also batch resize photos for easy upload. I’m sure it has more features but these are what I do regularly with it.

● Virus Free! Ever since I switched to Mac I don’t have to bother myself anymore with any anti-virus software. So far it still doesn’t have any virus. I did have a scare a while back because I heard in the news that there was an online attack on Mac computers but they fixed that up with an software update. I may find MAC Antivirus in the future but now I’m still content that everything in my Mac is secure.

● Driver installation is automatic! If you need to connect your Mac to a printer you’ll soon find that it automatically downloads the printer driver online. I was amazed the first time it happened. My husband and I needed to print something. We were supposed to use his Windows laptop but unfortunately the printer’s driver was missing so we weren’t able to use it. When we connected my Macbook it took care of that in the background and we were able to print our documents right away. Now that unexpected convenience is what Mac gives to its users.

If there’s one thing I regret in buying my Macbook it’s the fact that I should have bought a Macbook Air instead. My mac is quite bulky and it’s incovenient bringing it with me every day but other than that I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

How to Burn Media onto Discs

You may have videos, songs or pictures on your computer or a media storage device that you want to put onto a CD or DVD, to watch or listen to the media without going onto the computer. To get this media onto CDs or DVDs you will need to burn it onto the discs. A CD or DVD that already contains media can also be copied onto a blank disc. To do this you will need a CD or DVD as the case may be, a computer with a DVD drive and software for burning discs, installed on your computer. If you do not have some of these requirements, you can get your disc duplicated or copied by an online service such as cd duplication services.

There may be a media player such as Windows media player, which has disc ripping and burning features, already installed on your computer. You basically just have to follow the instructions for burning information onto discs. If you do not have the software, you can download a good one from the internet.

HP Philippines Laptop Auction

Hi Guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog. My last blog post was 6 days ago! The reason is I’ve been rushing to finish our furniture website. My Dad wants to get it done asap. He has even bought himself a laptop last week in preparation.


Ow di ba, may pic pa?! haha!

I grabbed this from HP Philippine’s Facebook page. Actually, there’s a story behind this. My Dad read in the newspaper that HP Philippines will be auctioning out laptops. I think this was the ad he saw.


Anyway, it promised lots of savings to would-be buyers. Of course, he got excited. He called hubby and asked him to help him choose a good laptop. But hubby has work that day so they agreed to meet up the afternoon. The next thing he knew Dad was already calling him from the World Trade Center and that was within an hour of their first phone call. Told you somebody was excited. haha! They exchanged a series of phone calls with my Dad giving hubby the model number of a laptop and hubby researching about it online. Within an hour or two of being there he has already bid and won himself a new laptop.

I am yet to see it but this weekend or next week we will go there to check. But hubby said he thinks Dad already got a good deal. Too bad the sale is over. Maybe next time we’ll go there too and check out the desktops.

Maximize Technology With These Free and Low-Cost Tools

Technology has taken the world by storm, and technology is here to stay for the long haul. The use of technology in businesses has become an everyday occurrence that functioning without technologically-forward tools can be a real disadvantage, especially for those just starting out. If you’re a small business owner, a startupper, more so, a bootstrapper, when thinking technology to streamline your business to success, think of these free and low-cost tools:



Productivity in the workplace is something most employers strive to achieve on an ongoing basis. It is for this reason that CRMs and intranets are being employed by a lot of companies nowadays. The only downside to these tools is the fact that they can cost a lot. is a corporate collaborations and social communications platform that’s free for small companies or startups with a total of 12 employees or less. Bitrix24 combines several disparate work tools into one application, such as free CRM, free workforce monitoring system, free intranet, free file sharing, free activity streaming, free calendar and project management software, to name just a few. Further, the application is cloud-based, meaning, no installation is needed and can be accessed virtually anywhere via a web-based browser or a smartphone, making your workspace mobile and accessible wherever you are. An upgrade to unlimited number of users is available at a nominal $99 per month.


Is finding the most fitting name for your business keeping you up all night? Well, given that there are hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of similar products and services already out in the market today, a business just starting out should capitalize on a unique and catchy name to make its presence stand out and resonate with customers. Branding agencies are there for this reason, but they charge a whole lot for their services. is a crowdsourcing site that has been in the business of providing unique, easy-to-remember, catchy and relevant names, domains and slogans to individuals and small businesses since 2007. PickyDomains has a strong pool of registered contributors totaling over 50,000 from all over the world. To avail of the service and start receiving suggestions, register with the site as a client, make the required downpayment of $50 for a name or domain ($75 for a slogan) and map out your naming parameters. If none of the suggestions you receive matches any of your naming criteria, you get a refund, making the service absolutely risk-free.


With the arrival of low-cost carriers and online ticket brokers, the cost of air travel has dramatically become cheaper. But with this comes intense competition among airlines that those unable to keep up were forced to shut down, thereby, forcing the remaining players to reserve their best deals into their own sites and/or partner sites. This then forcibly prompts the airfare deal hunter to go from one site to another checking and comparing, until he ultimately finds what he needs, an undertaking that’s pretty time-consuming. is a meta search tool that sifts through hundreds of flight and ticketing sites and more than 700 individual airlines for the best and cheapest airfare promos available, and makes the data within reach in a single location for the public’s easy access, drastically minimizing the time and effort it usually takes to find the cheapest airfare ticket.