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Internet Shopping and Shipping with ShipSmart

These days many people are turning to the internet to get their shopping done. It requires no hassle and inconvenience. Internet shopping is done at your own discretion without the disturbance of sales associates or long lines. You can visit a website and contemplate whether to buy something for as long as you need. You can compare rates, quality, and even check reviews before making your final decision. For those of you who do not enjoy the shopping experience, the internet shopping option is a dream.
As much as internet shopping is easy and convenient, it also has its drawbacks too. You don’t actually see the product you purchase; therefore, sometimes when you see it in person you might be disappointed in the quality or size of product. If you decide to return or exchange this purchase, that is where the hassle might begin. You will have to ship it back and what you had been anticipating for however many days or weeks is now prolonged by this mishap. In this case, just be sure to ShipSmart and realize that there is always a pro and con to everything.

Failed Shopping at Uniqlo

Here’s the latest rage in the city – none other than the newly opened Uniqlo store at MOA. I was actually at MOA on the first day it opened (the day we had lunch at Vikings) and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the line snaked all the way through the second floor.

But the next time we were there which was two weeks ago there was no more line outside so hubby and I took a peek.

uniqlo sm moa

uniqlo moa

I saw some nice polo shirts that would be perfect for hubby. He liked it too so he went to the fitting room to try it on while I was left to browse and check on their other items. I wanted to see if they sold matouk bedlinens – quality bed linens I heard so much about – that I could use on our bed. But unfortunately, saw no bedlinen, apparently they only sell clothes and shoes.

Anyway, few seconds later I was surprised when he came back. He said the line was too long. I checked and saw there was indeed a line to the fitting room but it was not that long. In my opinion, it was still very manageable. But my husband would hear none of it and left.

Oh well, men are from mars and women are from venus. If that were me I would gladly fall in line just to try on clothes I like.

Shopping at Raon

Last week, I tagged along with hubby and his friends to do some shopping. They wanted to buy an amplifier for our church so off to Raon we went. The day was so hot and humid but because it was a holiday traffic was smooth.

There were not many shoppers probably because it was a Good Friday when we went there.

Raon on a hot day.


If you want to buy a musical instrument or anything related to music and get the best deals this is the place to go.

Just look at their extensive collection of acoustic guitars.

Raon guitar store

Raon acoustic guitars

There are electric guitars too.

Raon guitars

Hubby wanted to buy a guitar case to replace his old one.


But that one didn’t pass his standards.


Anyway, you will encounter items that are not well made but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good finds. So to be sure check everything before you buy.

I got bored while they went shopping. My eyes couldn’t take the endless parade of guitars, speakers, music paraphernalia that I saw. Imagine you’re at a shopping haven and you can’t shop for a single thing. Now I know how my husband feels when I’m the one shopping. haha!

Anyway, if there’s a will, there’s a way they say. So when I spotted these balls I quickly bought one. I missed my two boys back home and I was delighted to bring home a pasalubong.

balls for sale

The advantage of shopping there is you can haggle. The amplifier they bought they were able to get for 25% less than the original price. That’s a really good deal. Of course, there’s an art in haggling that you must know that too.

If you’re like me and don’t know how to haggle then it’s not all lost. There are online shops that give you the lowest price. Since keeping an online store is cheaper than running a physical store they can afford to give you the best deals. One such store is They sell led curtains and bead related home decors.

We were there for about three hours. I think they were not able to buy everything they need. That’s one of the disadvantages of shopping at local stores. If you can’t find it then you can’t buy it while online, the best deals are just clicks away.

But it was overall a nice experience. If you are on a budget but still want to buy the best music related stuff that’s the best place to go.

Parking tip: If you are going to Raon you can park your car at Isetann and just walk. It’s about two blocks away so it’s not that far.

Baby Carrier, Rocker, Feeding Chair in One

After two weeks of carrying baby Zach I was more than happy to get a call from hubby saying he’s buying baby a rocker.  I don’t give my husband much freedom when it comes to deciding stuff for the baby.  After all, don’t we have the motto, “Mothers know best?”  Unfortunately, after giving birth to such a big baby, suffering from painful breastfeeding sessions, and having no sleep for a week I was more than ready to accept help from my hubby.  This was a major purchase and I didn’t even blink when he said it was worth P2,000.  If it would give me the sleep that I was looking for by all means buy it.  So last night he came home carrying something that looks like this but with a different color:

Baby 1st 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

Can be used as:

1. Carry cot with canopy

2. Fixed feeding chair

3. Rock chair with 3 position recline seat

One of the first things I noticed about Zach is he’s a light sleeper. With the rocker feature of the baby carrier, I can just rock him back to sleep if he gets disturbed by his kuya or by the noises outside.  Before I used to carry him for hours on end because putting him down means he’ll wake up just a few minutes later.  I guess the P2,000 price tag is worth it since it can be used up to 8 months.

Cyber Monday for Online Shoppers

While Black Friday may be considered as the official day for shopaholics who enjoy rummaging through the shelves and bins of their favorite department stores, Cyber Monday is the shopping day for online shopping lovers.

Cyber Monday is a term coined by to encourage online shoppers to purchase items from their favorite shops on the Internet. This special shopping day officially made its debut on November 28, 2005 in the U.S.

Scheduled on the Monday immediately after Black Friday, online retailers offer discounts and special promotions to entice shoppers to buy their products through their websites. What makes Cyber Monday particularly appealing to shoppers is that one need not leave the home to make purchases. You just click an item that you want, add it to your cart, pay for it with your credit card or through PayPal, and it will be delivered right at your doorstep. You don’t have to brave the stampeding hordes that invade malls and department stores.

Another advantage to Cyber Monday is that retailers more often than not release their Christmas catalog, which contains items that would be available during the holidays but which you could order in advance and at discounted introductory prices.

Rather than be caught in the crush of Black Friday, wise shoppers are advised to make the most of the online deals being offered during Cyber Monday in the convenience of one’s home.

Shopping for Dad

Hubby is going to be updating his wardrobe.  We’re just waiting for the malls to go on sale.  He would need new clothes for his upcoming trip to Dumaguete this November.  He is going to be spending time there with the some of the biggest names in the music industry.  Z and I are already excited for Daddy as we know this is a once in a lifetime event.

Daddy is thinking of buying some fashionable polo shirts.  He said he also needs new shoes to wear.  Maybe just to be different I will recommend for him to buy polo boots. After all, he needs to make a statement and not to blend into the crowd, right?

Rain Boots – A Must During Rainy Season

One essential thing that we ought to have during the rainy season are rain boots.  A couple of months ago, it rained really hard on our way home and we had to wade through flooded waters.  Yes, it floods here when it rains hard.  The flood subsides quickly enough but not that quick when you’re stuck and waiting for it to go down.  That’s why hubby suggested we get dav rain boots. We would order the cute knee high rain boots for me and the plain black one for my husband. I asked hubby if we ought to buy little Z his own boots too. He laughed and told me it was useless for Z to wear boots as he’s still short. He’s got a point. 🙂

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is the much awaited day for shoppers. Prices drop during this day. It’s not a holiday but workers opt not to work during this day to take advantage of sales nationwide. There’s a sale for potentially every product you’re looking for – maybe natural male enhancement. The trick here is to find the right store offering it.

My husband wants to buy a laptop – oh, make that two laptops. I would love to have a new one for myself too. Z is quite contented with his toys but I want to buy him an Ipod Touch where he can store his music. Hubby tells me he doesn’t hear music often enough and I admit it’s my fault. Anyway, if we see a good deal online we’ll surely buy these items.

Payday Loan

We have not yet taken advantage of any payday loan but we have heard of its benefits.  A payday loan is a short term loan which has to be paid on your next pay day.  In short, it is a loan that can cover your emergency expenses that you need right away.  When there is an emergency in our family and we need money right away this can be really helpful.  It needs to be paid right away too but I think that is one of its benefits.  Who wants to think about debt anyway?  The faster you’re able to pay it the faster it is off your mind, right?

The payday loan is also known as cash advance or cash loan.  I might recommend it to our friend who needs to buy a laptop.  He was asking us if we he can pay half of the value of the laptop he has in mind upfront and charge the rest to our credit card.  The problem was our credit limit is not that high so we wouldn’t be able to use our card if he uses it to pay for his laptop.  Since he has a stable job and has no family responsibility to think of I know he can pay the remaining half on his next payday.  Yes, a payday loan is definitely for him and I’m glad we can let him down gently but still help him by suggesting he get a cash advance instead.

Discount Codes for Your Online Shopping

Everyone can attest that money is so hard to earn but so very easy to spend.  In this commercial world everywhere we look we are always enticed to buy something and spend our money.  Although it is our responsibility to do the best we can to save our hard earned money there are things that we need to spend on like food, clothes, appliances, and furniture.  But even though there are things we have to buy we can still save our money.  How?  By using discount codes.

Discount codes are so easy to use.  Just go to type the code before you checkout the item and a certain percentage will be cut off from your purchase.  Before you have to cut coupons from newspapers in order to get a discount from your favorite supermarket or store but now that shopping online has become the norm discount codes have replaced the coupons.  Instead of cutting coupons from newspapers you just need to go to a coupon site to check the promo codes for the product you need to buy online. You can also check their top promo codes to see what the other shoppers are using.

I use promo codes a lot.  I use them when purchasing domains or when paying for my blog’s hosting.  Sometimes it takes a little time before I research for the promo codes I need  but believe me, it’s worth it. I work hard for my money so I’m extra careful when I spend it.