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Sudden acceleration

I recently read a blog that is claiming that just like the Toyota issues in the U.S., a number of Mitsubishi Montero SUVs are getting into accidents because of a mysterious sudden acceleration. It’s sad seeing the accidents and even some people were hurt, but the sadder part is that Mitsubishi is blaming the floor mats, claiming that it got over the gas pedal.

I was a fan of Mitsubishi but after reading about these incidents, I might just change my mind and opt for safer brands. Drivers should be worried about rims for cars instead of sudden uncontrolled acceleration. I hope and pray that the remaining Montero SUVs that are running are working properly and that justice will be served to those that were affected.

Web 2 Print

What’s more useful than web 2 print solutions? Someone who doesn’t agree must be insane. Having all these advantages under your own control it is amazing.

Staying at home or at work, being able to design something and just send it through online to your printing company has to be really comfortably.

You can design basically everything, I am not going to even enumerate all the stuff you can do with this impressive solution. Also, the time between designing and the actual printing is so much lowered than the classic way to do it and I speak here of needing to design something then sending it physically to the printing company. That was a nightmare.

Another advantage has to be the cost reduction. Everybody knows that managing the costs is the key to a profitable business. And not only you do this but you also create strong relations between the business partners and you can keep track of all the things you designed and print through an online application.

Have You Heard of Please Fund?

My little Zack is sick. He has been suffering from colds and fever for a few days now. I’m glad despite the fact that he’s sick he is still active. He still drinks and eats his food. The only thing we have a problem with is making him take his meds.

One early morning, we woke him up to give him his medicine. Although he was sleepy at first the moment he knew what was going on he became alert. We were preparing to engage in battle – it seems this way every time we make him drink his meds – with hubby holding him in place and me making my aim when all of a sudden he said in a clear, loud voice, “I don’t want.”

Imagine this was the first time we heard him say that word and before he just shakes his head no. So we were really taken aback when he did just that. Anyway, I hope he gets well soon or else we’ll be taking him to the doctor later.

Speaking of sickness, one of our greatest fear is getting really sick. Around the world, thousands are suffering from different kind of illnesses – from cancer to rare types of disease. Most of these people have no funds to pay for their treatment and just suffer or wait to die. Which is really heartbreaking. That’s why I thank the geniuses behind pleasefund. This website is an online fundraising website that anyone can use to raise the funds that they need. You can use please fund if you want to seek help in getting funds for that medical treatment you need. I’ve seen many people with different kinds of illnesses ask for a little help through this website. The good news is this is not only for medical cause, you can also use it to ask help for anything. For example, starting a new business with your bright new idea, funding a new home for the homeless, or asking for help for your community projects. By the way, starting your own page is easy and best of all, it’s free.

Do you think of any way you can use Please Fund? Please share.




SEO consultation Servcies – What You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy used by webmasters to enhance the visibility of a website. Search engines such as Google and Bing used to utilize different algorithms to rank websites high in their search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). All one had to do was use keyword rich content on their websites, which would determine how visible their web pages were. Webmasters soon started taking advantage of this fact and stuffed keywords in their content in order to rank high. The algorithms were soon changed and more SEO effort had to be applied in order improve a website’s popularity. This is where SEO Consulting services come in.
Search engine optimization comes with a lot of complexities and one has a lot to consider when improving a site’s visibility. Going about SEO without help is not only hard work, but is also time consuming. SEO Consulting services on the other hand work with professionals who are able to apply all necessary strategies to provide good results.
SEO Consulting services will use keyword rich content and backlinks, taking into consideration the actual user search terms, user target search engines, search engine algorithms and other factors that affect SEO.
Finding search engine optimization consultation services is very easy as there are many companies to choose from. All you have to do is get as many quotes as you can from different service providers and decide which one works best for you.
Before investing in any SEO companies, make sure they apply high ethics and professionalism in the services they offer. Black hat SEO is not only unethical but can also lead to de-indexing. Google and other popular search engines use crawlers to spy on your website every time an internet user searches for various keywords. Crawlers are then able to determine where to place your website in search engines. Websites making use of white hat SEO are most likely to get placed high in search engine results pages, improving the chances of a user visiting their website.
Webmasters are advised to take as much time as possible before deciding which companies to work with.

School for Children with Learning Disability

Choose a school that maintains professional and ethical standards for their practice– Schools for learning disabilities like Orton Gillingham schools boast of years of experiences when handling children with learning disabilities. You need a school that will treat your child with utmost care and respect and in order to do this the school must be able to present their accreditation for instructional programs that are tested and tried. Orton Gillingham schools practice the proper approach for teaching children with dyslexia, the administration and educators continue to research and test ways on how to provide the proper education for children with learning disabilities. Check if the school has a trustworthy environment—there is a need to check if the surrounding area will support the personality of your child. Orton Gillingham schools understand that the environment where the children must reside need to be encouraging and interesting. Each child will be different therefore the classroom must be able to adapt, it must be flexible and it needs to inspire learning and creativity.
You need to decide based on the instructional approach that the school is able to provide. Since it would be a school for children with learning disability they must be able to provide proper method for teaching basic to complex skills like reading, spelling, and writing and to come with a tested approach in the hands of well-trained and experienced instructor.
Select a school according to the number of years that they have existed- You cannot entrust your child in an institution that is just trying out the field, it would be best to go for experience. Orton Gillingham schools have 70 years of experience when it comes to handling children with disabilities in learning.
Choose a school that is able to focus on the needs and attention of every student; some schools will concentrate on the profit instead of the results. The children should be able to recognize, organize and relate it to practical use to be able to consider the instruction effective. Who knows, they can even excel in art like other special children and be able to accomplish metal wall art effortlessly.

How To Get Free Twitter Followers

Do you guys tweet? I maybe the only one who doesn’t know how to tweet. I do have a twitter account but I haven’t posted there since forever. But I heard a lot of people are having fun with twitter. They said they frequent it more than Facebook. I think twitter appeals more for people who are on the go. While they are waiting for the elevator to arrive or waiting for their turn at the cafeteria there’s nothing more tempting than checking their smartphones for their friend’s tweets. Since twitter is not a bulky site – unlike Facebook who I heard is having trouble with its mobile platform – people find it easier to use on their phones.

Anyway, I might start using twitter again now that I have less and less time in front of the computer. Ever since my helper left me I’m at home stuck with my chores. Don’t worry because I’m enjoying every minute of it. Although I admit sometimes I still look longingly at my laptop. haha!

If there’s one problem I have with twitter it’s the fact that I have just a handful of followers. Good thing I heard Social Clerks is giving you free twitter followers. The concept is really simple. First, you join and then add your twitter account. Follow other user’s twitter accounts and you get one point. When another user follows your twitter your one point is used up. The more you engage, the more points you’ll have and the more followers you’ll have in return. You can do this once a day for five minutes every day and in a month you’ll have earned yourself a lot of followers. These are real people too unlike in some programs where they give you fake accounts.

So do you think you’ll want to try this. I am going to try it right now and see the results. Tell me if you joined too, okay?

Radaris Helps You Connect with People

Since the advent of internet, a lot has changed socially and economically. The internet has indeed become a way of life and many people are depended on it. Today, you can access all information that you need easily and without any complications. You can also market your products and services easily and make good income thanks to the advent of comprehensive search engines. Interestingly, you can also easily connect and find many other people in other parts of the world. All this can be attributed to the development of innovative people search tools. Radaris is a great search tool that offers a great way to connect to many people all over United States.

It is a great tool that you will be pleased and mesmerized to use. It offers many benefits than any search engine that you may stumble upon. Through Radaris, you will not only connect with many people in US, but you will also get the opportunity to verify and find out more about their background history and also be able to manage your image in the search engines. This people search tool was formed by web-business minded entrepreneurs, who also had a lot of zest for the industry.

Radaris offers a great platform where you can get imperative information about business and also create opportunities for those with zest for web-business market. Through this people search tool, you will get an opportunity to connect with old business partners or friends that you have not been in touch for long. You should thus rest assured that, you will get or find the perfect search results that you may have been in need of for a long duration. In essence, with this search tool, you will be able to access information that any other competitive search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing can not reach.

Last but not least, the information that you will get is gather from public-domain records and so, you should not be worried of any scam when using it.

Is The Internet Turning Us into Addicts?

Before I slept last night I listened to Michael Hyatt’s podcast. Michael Hyatt is the blogger behind of which I am an avid fan. He has been giving tips and encouragement through his blog. And so useful are his posts that would you believe that 230,000 people receive his blog post in their inbox daily – yes, he makes one post a day. His blog posts are the only posts I allow in my email inbox and I don’t mind getting them because I find them extremely helpful.

As I was saying, last night while putting the kids to sleep I decided to listen to his podcast for the very first time. I may have been reading his blog daily but it took me a while to start listening to his blog podcasts. I’m glad I did take the plunge because I extremely enjoyed it. It was relaxing listening for a change instead of reading plus I can multitask better.

His topic last night was extremely interesting. It was about how the internet was rewiring our brains big time and turning us into “drug addicts.” It seems that our daily dose of internet – whether just checking our email, our friend’s Facebook status, or our favorite website can be compared to a person sniffing cocaine, for example, and having that instant but fleeting high because the brain will release doses of the dopamine which will give this effect. That’s the reason we, on average, can’t help but check our emails or Facebook every 15 minutes. We crave for that feeling and without knowing it we had become quite dependent and the long term result was it was making us depressed, feeling isolated, and unhappy.

His podcast is very timely. Last weekend, we lost our internet connection which gave me the time to reflect. Instead of missing the internet I actually enjoyed not having one. Now, don’t tell my husband because he was fretting about and got late for his online work for two days in a row because we had no connection.  I, on the other hand was lucky I had no boss to answer to so I thought the experience was kind of liberating. There’s no email to check, no Facebook status to see, no blog post to read – everything was so simple and so perfect.

Because of this I realized that I have to be more purposeful in using the internet. When I hit my laptop’s “ON” button I have to have a list of goals to accomplish and then stop when I’ve accomplished it. If I can do something work-related offline then I should not hesitate to turn off my laptop’s WIFI to focus on the task better.

As for my social media accounts I will try to consolidate it using which allows me to manage everything – from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails – in one dashboard. I am only allowed to check this twice everyday – once in the morning and once at night.

The internet has been a great help to me and you all know that. But it has a dark sinister side that has now been emerging thanks to the long term studies that came out recently. Since going Amish is not really an option, we just have to be wiser in managing our connectivity. I know it’s not easy with our smartphones in hand the whole day but we can do it if we put our minds into it. Now that we know its unhealthy side effects the more we have to be more vigilant in managing our online time.



Relax and Have Fun Online

Our internet was cut off for the last five days twice. The first time, a truck pulled our low hanging cable and cut it into two. The second time there was a major network failure. Instead of being sad about it I took the time to experience what’s it’s like to have no internet again. Surprisingly, I found that I can survive without internet, checking my email, checking my Facebook, or reading my favorite websites. Instead, me and and my kids took the time to play, do activities and bond with each other. Which led me to a self-imposed internet ban during the day. I figured my kids are so important that any work I have to do I can do it at night after they sleep.

Anyway, that’s just for me – a mom with two small kids. I know that others, particularly those whose kids are already grown and flown out of the nests – have a different dilemma altogether. They will want to find ways to kill time online. Playing games online can be fun and can ease boredom away. I know others have tried the exciting world of online casinos. There are games lik slots, bingo, and roulette that even the newbie can try. Now you don’t have to pay a deposit. At you can play and take advantage of their $50 no deposit bonus and possibly win money afterwards. Not only can you win casino bonuses you can also interact with other players and win friends.

Of course, there are also other ways to have fun like taking up a new hobby or joining an organization to meet new friends but for those stuck in their homes playing a game or two can also ease the boredom away.


Imcreator Review

Today there are options available that can ensure that even a person who is not a web developer can also make a website. This has been made possible with the help of a useful web development tool known as the IM creator. It is possible to create a website now without knowing any coding.

The best part about IM creator is that it is a free to use tool. What this means is that you simply need to register in order to make a website and save it; that is all.

This tool even offers a variety of templates to choose from before making a website. A person has the option to choose from these templates or to start from scratch. These templates range from bio, photographer to restaurant.

Another good thing about IM creator is its ease of use and flexibility. Thus anybody is able to make a website in very little time with considerable ease.

The IM creator ensures that what you see is what you get, and hence it is a WYSIWYG editor. You can even compare it to Photoshop in a way. Just like Photoshop, you start with a blank white canvas. There is a myriad of elements to choose from that include widgets, text, video, HTML boxes, slides shows and much more. You can resize these elements and then place them anywhere that you want. Once all this has been done in IM creator, you only need to click on “Publish” in order to ensure that the website goes live.

The other tools available with IM creator include having the option to add Search Engine Optimization tags as well as Google Analytics.
But like everything else, IM creator too has some limitations. You need to know HTML to use HTML boxes. Also, you would be limited to the design elements that have been provided.