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Best Site For Musical Instruments

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments anywhere which is applicable to any musical styles like rock music, country music, flamenco music, etc. Anyone loves to play it whether you’re a musician or you’re simply enjoyed listening to music that admired the guitar works. While browsing the net and i found from this site of all types of guitar, nothing to ask more, everything is under one roof. This is one of the best sites that I’ve visited and luckily where I purchased the gift for my hubby.

Acoustic DI Box

The routine is always the same, every morning my hubby always listens and sings to some of his favorite songs and artists. After that, if there still time in the morning, he plays his acoustic, semi-hollowbody and solidbody guitar. He has all of these expensive guitars but he doesn’t have any of the acoustic di box which I heard this is his next target to buy. Go on hubby I’m here for you.

Student Euphoniums

There are so many popular brands of euphonium that makes any student confused in selecting their first instrument. Students may asked yourself if you can decide what is the best euphoniums for you, if so then go, just be wise in choosing, you might get the wrong one. I also say that you can get the best of student euphoniums at guitar center at its reasonable price.

Way-Huge-Electronics Effects

We all know that guitar is the most popular instrument in the world. It has become part of almost any music style in the world. It’s a beautiful instrument, passionate and with the right player, it could create some of the sweetest sounds. To hear it with the way-huge-electronics effects it sounds like what I’m used to playing, a little rough that’s what I want, it’s something much more with the oink oink.

Yamaha 76 key Keyboard With USB Connectivity

After a couple weeks of waiting for the keyboard to arrive my eagerness is there, as if I could not wait the day as promised. When finally I’ve got the keyboard I spent the whole night playing my exceptional yamaha 76 key keyboard with usb connectivity at musicians friend. It sounds nice and can get pretty loud. This 76 keys is more like a replacement piano, this is what Yamaha made it.

Alto Saxophone

I play other musical instruments and I don’t play saxophone but my brother plays alto saxophone. He is absolutely amazing while playing the sax. I was thinking also to play the sax coz he inspired but for now I just can’t stop listening to him. I hope someday I can play as good as he does. In playing the alto saxophone, I have to go first a long long road to master or even just to learn it.

A Glimpse to the Future

Since my hubby’s favorite past time is to browse and look for new updates and gadgets to upgrade his guitars and effects, I saw bass flute at wwbw which made me interested and imagine how it would be if my two boys are playing wind instruments other than string instruments. It would feel like an orchestra at home in the near future if ever. I just hope that they will have the same passion in music like their dad.

Hubbies Gear

My hubby is fond of guitar and other related gear. He recently bought an acoustic guitar, and he seems happy about it. But I know that soon, he will find another gear interesting and he will be hunting for it.

I noticed that he has been looking for what he calls a tube amplifier, and he’s been eyeing those amps out, especially classic aer amplifiers. He is not an impulsive buyer so I’m not that worried, but I will support him when he wants to buy something.

Guitar Shopping.

My husband’s job involves reviewing anything guitar related like amplifiers, guitar apps, software, and of course guitars. Since he is a musician at heart this job is perfect for him. It also helps that he is doing this at home so we are always together.

To be honest I am happy with my husband’s job but there is one disadvantage. Since he’s always up to date with the latest guitar related products he can’t help but want to buy the latest things all the time. Sometimes I would walk into his office and find him “salivating” over the latest guitar app or worse the latest guitar release. Proof of this is he has bought himself a new guitar last month and now is even thinking of buying this guitar.

Anyway, I don’t mind as long as he’s happy. To his credit, he keeps his shopping in check most of the time.

His New Gretsch Guitar

It’s been a while since hubby bought his Martin guitar. When he bought it he swore it’s going to be the last guitar that he’ll buy. Of course, I didn’t believe that. As a guitar player, my husband has no vices but has one mean hobby – and that is playing the guitar. He loves guitars and takes care of his guitars as if these were made from porcelain. He would lay them down on the floor and refuse store it standing up because he said its neck might break. Since we live in a modest home this can be a problem. Sometimes I find his guitars “seated” on our sofa and occupying all the space so we have no place to sit. If I don’t remind him to put it away he would not.

So anyway, it’s been two years since he bought one of those famous Martin guitars and wouldn’t you know, he’s now itching for a new one. This time he has his eyes set on a Gretsch guitar. But alas, guitars are so expensive here in the Philippines so he would content himself on window shopping. Then when he heard my brother was coming home from the US he quickly went online and bid on the Gretsch guitars for sale. He won one bid and is now a proud owner of a new Gretsch. He’s happy too because he only paid for half the price.


Here’s his new guitar currently in transit. By November 12 he’s going to finally lay his hands on it and I would be one jealous wife. LOL!