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Organizing Our Things

Since our two wardrobes were destroyed by the flood we only have two cabinets left – one that my husband and I share and one small cabinet for the kids’ clothes. While unpacking our clothes from the boxes I noticed that we had more clothes and some wouldn’t fit if I try to place everything inside. So I’m packing some of our things for future use like hubby’s barong and office wear. He also used to wear a lot of jackets in the office like one of those look north face jackets men and these are bulky too so I’ll be putting them away in a box. I’m thinking of giving these away too to people who might need it.

I read somewhere that a good practice of not accumulating so many things and organizing your things is every time you buy something you throw away/give away another. Like for example you bought a new pair of shoes then you have to throw away another so you’ll have a space for your new purchase. This way you won’t have a cramp space and there will be space for all your things.

Printed Waterproof Tablecloth

Ever since, I used to place different colors and designs of tablecloth on our dining table. I normally change it two or three times a week, it depends if there are stains, dirt already. You can’t see the top of my table without the cover. With my new set of dining table I also want to buy printed waterproof tablecloth to make it easier for me since I have two kids because its  waterproof I can just wipe it and stains will immediately vanish.

Wireless Dog Fence

My mom has thirteen female brown dogs of mixed breed in her house; taking care of big number of dogs is not a joke. If we visited her I always saw her busy with her lovely dogs. Her favorite dog was named puppy and next is pampam and so on. There was a time that mom was looking for her missing dog, run after the dogs because her dog always finds a way to get out from the backyard. From that then I was thinking of a wireless dog fence for her pets to make it easier for her. I’m just wondering how mom handles everything alone with her thirteen dogs. She loves all her pets and I can see how closed all the pets with my mom.

House Progress

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve updated this.
Time passes by so quickly, no? You know what so many things have happened already and I can’t wait to share it. I must organize my thoughts first and start with one topic at a time or else I’ll end up rambling again.

Now let me share my good news. We visited our house in Taguig last weekend and it looks better and better.

The house is 2-storeys high. The first floor is divided into two – one side is a garage and the other is for business.  Second floor is our living area. It’s a little bit cramped because we had to put here 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining area – all in 85 square meters! It’s our choice naman. Coz remember we got flooded last year. That’s the reason why we had to leave the house. This time we don’t want to take a chance. Alam mo naman sa Manila, flooding is the new norm. Ang hirap kaya maglimas!

This week the carpenters will be finishing the “palitada.” I’m glad but at the same time I’m afraid. Why you ask? I’m happy because “palitada” is so expensive. Money was literally pouring like water from our wallets this past few months. And it’s all for what – to hide the hideous hollow blocks. Buti if it’s for furniture already but no, it’s just to the cement. Sabi nga ni hubby and pera naging bato literally.

So why am I afraid naman? It’s because we have to buy so many things pa. Let me count them – we need a brand new gate, glass windows, floor tiles, 2 sinks, not to mention kitchen cabinets. Last but not the least, we need lots of furniture. Buti na lang we will only pay for dealer’s price for the furniture but the thing is by the time we get to that we may have run out of money na. haha

Anyway, I’m not complaining. This is a good investment naman.  I’m glad our kids will have a house they can call their home. They will have their own rooms. We can have a place to grow old in. Naks.

So here are some pictures that we took in our soon to be finished house.

IMG_20131027_095637 IMG_20131027_095755

Hopefully by Christmas we will spend it here. Wish us luck!




Online Window Shopping

For me, one of the best thing that the internet has brought to everyone is the ability to purchase shop online. This has created various business opportunities and at the same time provided us a convenient way to shop for the things that we need without having to go to a particular mall or store. Since he loves his guitars so much, my husband would be looking at new guitars, gadgets and herco at guitar center. While I look at the latest trendy clothes and discounted buffets!

A Glimpse to the Future

Since my hubby’s favorite past time is to browse and look for new updates and gadgets to upgrade his guitars and effects, I saw bass flute at wwbw which made me interested and imagine how it would be if my two boys are playing wind instruments other than string instruments. It would feel like an orchestra at home in the near future if ever. I just hope that they will have the same passion in music like their dad.

A New Martin Guitar

My brother is coming home today and guess who is the most excited? It’s my hubby of course!

A few weeks ago he was fretting about a new Martin guitar. He found one that he liked online but it was too expensive so he let it go. However my brother will not go back to the US in another two years which means it will be a long time before he can buy another Martin guitar. So he felt really bad about letting it go.

After seeing his long and sad face I knew I had to encourage him or he would never buy his guitar. It took only a nudge or two and he was able to find another one he liked – that’s because the first one has already been bought.

So guess what today his new guitar will arrive. We are a couple of pesos poorer but as long hubby is happy I know it is worth it. Whether it’s a new guitar or new pedal as long as it will make hubby happy I would never object.

An Update at Last!

Yes I am still alive and kicking! It’s been more than a month since my last post and I am so guilty of neglecting this blog.

Just an update on our lives.

Our Kuya Z has finished his Level 3 PACES. It took a year for him to finish because I was not at home to supervise him like the previous years. Hubby took over the job but he is also working at home. Now we’re thinking of enrolling him in a regular school – actually I really want to enroll him this June – but we’ll still see how it goes.

Baby Zack is no longer a baby. He is already 2 1/2 years old! At this age, he can already express what he wants clearly. What he wants, what he gets and if we say no he will cry loudly to express his disapproval. We are already instilling discipline in him by making him understand that he can’t have all that he wants all the time. So far hubby is succeeding. Zack is already showing some fear when his Dad puts his foot down.

Hubby is still working from home. This August he will be celebrating his two years as a work-at-home Dad. Yes that’s two whole years of no commute and no gas consumption to and from work. It’s great having him home all the time. I hope my two boys realize how lucky they are that their Dad is always at home and always by their side whenever they need him.

As for me, I am still working at our store. It took many months for me to finally start up our online business but finally, I think I am getting used to it. 🙂 It has taken a lot of my time and kept me away from the kids but I’m hoping that soon I don’t have to go to the store everyday and I can manage everything from the home. This is still a wish but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it would be a reality in the future.

As for our house construction in Taguig, it’s been halted the past few months because of bureaucracy but construction will resume this month. 🙂


A New House

Last December we got a visit from my FIL.

It was the first time he came by our apartment in Caloocan.

I think we forgot to tell him that we were living as high up the third floor because he had a lot to say when he saw our apartment. Like how it was different if we have “land” to put our feet on and how he could never live in a condo where you only own a property and no land to speak of.

Of course, we all took it with a grain of salt. We are already used to living in the third floor. The last apartment we rented was also in the third floor. Anyway, wouldn’t you know after his visit he decided it was high time we finally tear down the old house and construct a new one?! And just like that they tore down the old house and started construction. We are just beneficiaries of his generosity so we have so much to be thankful for.

This is a picture I took of the property last December. The old house where my hubby grew has been torn down. If you see the orange wall that’s part of the original wall. The old house was a few feet below the road level that’s why it was prone to flooding. This new house will be approximately three hollow blocks higher than the road which hopefully means we’ll be safe from floods in the future.

What you see now is the future garage (left) and future store (right). We are planning to either set up a furniture store here or maybe lease  it for added income.


We’re on the second month of construction and what I can say is money vanishes so fast when you’re having a house constructed. There are so many things to buy like steel, hollow blocks, cement, nails, wood and even the occasional stuff like stainless steel u bolts. Thank God we have our supportive FIL who takes care of the bill but sometimes we still have to pay something and it really hurts our pocket. haha!

Anyway, hopefully construction will be finished this summer and by June we’ll be moving back. I admit I’m torn between moving back and staying here in Caloocan because I’ve been learning a lot here but rent is expensive and I am looking forward to not paying anything again. haha!

Bed Frames For Sale

One of my most favorite furniture in our house is our king sized bed. It may be just a simple bed but it’s spacious and sturdy. When I gave birth to Zack, my biggest dilemma was how will the five of us fit in one single bed? You know our first born Z has been cosleeping with us ever since he was born and I didn’t want to tell him to move to his own bed because of his younger brother. I wanted him to feel that nothing has changed and his younger brother didn’t replace him. Plus I felt he was not ready to move to his own bed yet.

So I requested my father to give us this king sized bed as a gift. He was supposed to give us a crib for Zack but I knew we wouldn’t be able to use it because I was breastfeeding him anyway. I told him what we really need was a huge bed to fit our growing family.

And he didn’t disappoint because a month after Zack was born this huge bed came to our doorstep. Z was thrilled with the big bed. Meanwhile, I was very happy we finally have enough space for all of us. This is a picture of our bed. I know it could use some nfl bedding sets to spruce it up but for now this simple white bed sheet will do. Z slept in this bed for almost two years more but now I’m happy to report that he has willingly moved to his very own bed. We didn’t have to force him. He did it on his own. I am so happy that he was able to transition smoothly.


Anyway, if you are looking for wooden beds just like ours we have lots of beds for sale in different sizes.

We have a double bed with the same headboard like ours.


And one with a solid headboard.


We also have a double deck for the kids.



If you want more value for your money this is the kind of bed for you. Don’t buy those metal beds because they creak and won’t last long. When we got flooded, we didn’t have to worry about our bed because we know it will survive even if it was covered with water for days on end. And just look at it, still looks as good as new and will most likely be with us for a long, long time.