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Three Men In My Life

“Men In My Life”

I’m such a lucky woman
Folks don’t understand
How I handle so much loving
From more than one man
Ask me how I do it
My time’s in such demand
From sunrise down to sunset
Do the best that I can

‘Cause I know that I could never choose just one
‘Cause the three men in my life
They’re my husband and my sons yes
Tell you one is tall and handsome
One is full of life
The big one steals my covers
In the middle of the night
Each one swears they need me
And I believe they’re right
‘Cause the young ones call me Mommy
And the other calls me wife
And I never knew that I could love as much
‘Cause the three men in my life
They’re my husband and my sons
Hush, hush, hush, hush
Hush, hush, hush, hush, now
Oh someday they’re gonna leave me
Gonna strike out on their own
Off to raise a family
Little babies of their own
I’ll be here with daddy
Just as happy as you please
To watch the branches growing on our family tree
And I know that I could never love just one
Never knew that I could ever love so much
And I know that I could never in my life
‘Cause the three men in my life
Are my husband and my sons
Hush, hush, hush, hush
Zyke & Hubby
Zach & Hubby


Family Time at the Cemetary

It’s November 1 once again. How did you spend the first day of November?

Ours was spent beside the grave of my grandmother. She was the mother of my Dad. Since I didn’t get to know my Dad until I was 19 years old, it was unfortunate that I didn’t get to meet her. My Dad has lost his photos of her too so I don’t know what she looks like.

But good thing our uncle arrived because he and my dad regaled us with stories of their youth. They said our grandmother was a very workaholic woman. She was unfortunate enough to have husbands who didn’t support her so with kids to feed she had no choice but to work and work. She would get up early in the morning and won’t arrive home until 9pm. Even at home she brought home some work. If you know the “pampatigas ng kwelyo” that’s what she will bring home. After dinner her kids – my dad and my uncle  – would help with the cutting and the shaping. They would do this every single night. My uncle said he even developed “kalyo” after all the cutting that he had done.

My uncle, who was 15 years older than my dad, was the one who took care of his younger brothers. He said he would give my dad milk. But formula milk was expensive back then so my dad drank condensed milk! We had such a laugh after hearing that.

Being from poor backgrounds and even with a workaholic mom they were still poor. They appreciated help from their relatives. They have an uncle they fondly remember. They said he was the second brother of our lola who was the youngest child. Now their uncle was a little well off because he was able to graduate from UP and had a job as a chief accountant for the Americans at Clark Airbase. Every Saturday they would wait for their uncle at the train station. Their uncle has some “goods” for them. Now it was just some imported cigarette but to his nephews it was precious. They would sell it to the market and the profits they would use as “baon” in school.

They said their uncle has only one arm. He survived a bomb attack during World War 2. That’s why he was wearing a prosthetics arm. With his one remaining arm he continued to exercise and was physically fit. Even he had only one arm he was able to help so many of his relatives. One of them was my uncle, my dad’s brother. He was studying at Mapua first year college. Because he was so poor and couldn’t continue, he decided to go to Cebu to seek help from his Chinese father. His father was able to help him but after one year he suddenly died.

That was the time their mother implored her brother to help him continue his education. Fortunately, he agreed and helped my uncle graduate. Every time his report card was released he would go to his benefactor uncle to show his grades. His uncle would be delighted and would ask for their picture be taken, with the report card showing his outstanding grades.

Well, whatever money my granduncle spent for my uncle’s education was surely well spent. Because Uncle Eddie, who is now 74, has successfully built himself a factory of chocolates and marshmallows that supplies all over the country.

I’m sure some of you will recognize some of his products. I know I ate Dutch Treat when I was a little kid and didn’t know my dad’s side of the family yet.


Hearing the stories we heard yesterday was so inspiring. This was the first time I heard stories about this side of our family and I appreciate it because now I know more about my roots and I know that I am part of this larger family. This way I can understand myself better – why I’m this way and not that way.

Of course, our uncle did not leave without giving out some advice about business. At his age, he’s already tired, he said, it’s surely a lot of hard work putting up his own business. He wants to retire but he can’t. I said I can relate. I also feel that way at age 32! haha

It was already night time when we regretfully said our goodbyes. It was only a few hours spent together but for us younger generation it was a day full of insights and revelations.



House Cleaning

It is weird that in our family, I am not the one to obsess over cleaning. It is my husband gets riled up into action when he sees something that is untidy or unorganized. He is even thinking of using green cleaning products – to make sure that the cleaning products are clean themselves!

Since our home is situated near a major highway, we get more dust and dirt than houses farther in, which means that constant cleaning and maintaining of furniture and appliances are important. I remember that we just had the fans cleaned last month, and now they are already reeking of dirt, and so my hubby is again having them cleaned up.

Free Tech Support

Ever since moving to our apartment my hubby’s technical skills have been put to good use. He became the go tech support person that deals with the daily issues of the many tablets, phones, laptops and computers used by our family and my father’s family. What’s impressive is how he is still able to fix all of the problems quite well, even though its been years since he worked as a manager for a technical support.

One of his recent tech related work was when he cleaned up a virus infested netbook.
I’m not sure if he installed Avira Endpoint Security, but he got the job done – even though professional techs have basically given up on the said netbook.


Pets can be so annoying but I assure you, they are also lovable and kind-hearted if you treat them in a good way. Chewee has been with us for a couple of years already and I can’t remember a day when we mistreated him. He’s always dear to us and it’s funny how my little ones care for him so much. To give him a simple treat, I got him a foam by mail beds for pets. I love seeing him very comfy sleeping on it. I just love him and I don’t want to get to the point wherein we’ll have to say goodbye to him.

Lola Puring’s 89th Birthday

We went over at Sta. Rosa, Laguna to visit my hubby’s grandma who just turned the ripe age of 89. Yes, you read it right. That’s 89 years of existence!

Looking at Lola Puring one can’t help but admire her. She always has a smile on her lips and a kind word to greet us when we arrive. She can barely hear but that doesn’t stop her from communicating her delight when her grandkids – and now her great grandkids – visit her in her home. She tells us stories from the past which hubby and his brother would be too young to remember otherwise.

Since it’s rare that her grandkids get to be with her at the same time we took it as an opportunity to take a picture.  Considering that it’s hard to take a picture of one child, let alone four it is a miracle that we were able to take this lovely photo. Just look at their faces – all of them are smiling!


Afterwards, the older boys couldn’t wait to show their antics. Here they were playing at the front yard.




Little Zack meanwhile got an impromptu piano lesson from his grandfather.



Which got interrupted because he had to go to the eago toilet to do number two. LOL!

He then went to play with the countless of toys inside the house.

At dinner time we took out the cake so the birthday celebrant can blow the candle. My FIL’s birthday was on the first week of November which we weren’t able to celebrate so we added another candle for him too.


Happy 89th Birthday, Lola Puring! Thank you for taking care of your apo when he was just a little boy. He grew up to be a fine man and we owe it to you a lot. May you have more birthdays to come!

Finally, A Nurse

I’m glad my cousin has overcome all trials and has finally achieved her dream of becoming a nurse. She lost her dad at a very young age, followed by her mom a few years later. With the help of her older brother who took the responsibility of raising them she continued her studies, passed all her subjects, and has now earned her diploma. All she has to do now is pass the board exam and she can start looking for a job and wear those nurses uniforms. I wish her the best of luck in her career. She has already made her mommy and daddy proud in heaven.

A New Instrument

One of the most worthwhile activities for kids is teaching them to play a musical instrument. They say that this can not only give them self confidence but can also elevate their IQ. That’s why when Z said he wanted an electric guitar for Christmas I didn’t object. I don’t know if we even have a space for it but if it instills his love for music more then who am I to object.

Anyway, hubby wants to buy another music instrument. He thinks too many people are playing the guitar already and it would be good to be different for a change. He is still thinking whether he’ll be buying a violin or a saxophone. I suggested Banjos too but for now he still can’t make up his mind. We’ll see what new instrument he will buy.

BC Bloggers Meme: A Day in My Not So Boring Life

Thanks, Yuuki for coming up with this week’s topic.


So what’s a day in my life like. I thought it was boring but on second thought – not! With two kids, life is never boring. Check out my schedule below:


6:00 – 8:00

– Usually at this time I wake up frantically (especially if I slept early the night before) and try to squeeze some work before the kids wake up. I update my blogs, take care of some BC Blogger stuff, answer emails, and read my favorite blogs. Believe me, two hours is never enough for me. Usually I’m just able to write one blog post in that time period. Hubby’s work start at 7 sharp and we work side-by-side in the morning. We eat breakfast while working too.  My work stops when a little someone wakes up and requests for my presence. haha

Okay, he doesn’t look that happy in real life. This was taken months ago. In truth, he will cry at the top of his lungs until I’m by his side. He won’t stop if it’s another person who comes for him whether his Dad or Ate Cora. So that’s my cue to leave my laptop. I would breastfeed him a little and then try to convince him to take his breakfast. I don’t want to breastfeed him first thing in the morning because he will only eat a little breakfast after.  He eats breakfast (see pic below) with Ate Cora and his Kuya and then Ate Cora delivers him to me full and happy like the picture above.


8:00 – 11:30 – Homeschool and taking care of Zack in between

Around this time we start homeschooling. If before I would try to juggle work with homeschooling now I gave up. I realized I can’t do two things at the same time. So by this time I turn off the laptop and proceed with homeschooling.



Homeschooling is so tough for me. I have to motivate Z and make sure he enjoys and understands his lessons. Would you believe that a typical 7 year old’s attention span is only 7 minutes? No wonder his mind wanders most of the time. That’s why to break the monotony I try to tell him stories related to our lessons. The iPad has been invaluable in keeping him focused. I show him slides of pictures from Google images while we’re reading the lessons. Other times I make him tell me the answers orally instead of him writing it down like for example, in Math. I also ask him a lot of questions that will require him to think on his feet. He also asks me lots of questions that sometimes I have to tell him to reserve them for later or else we’ll be homeschooling till night. Time flies pretty fast when we’re homeschooling.


After more than an hour of play, Zack is already tired and sleepy around this time. I breastfeed him before he is put to sleep by Ate Cora on his crib. Meanwhile, we continue homeschooling while Zack is sleeping.


11:30 – 1:00

Zack wakes up around this time. We eat lunch together. Then Zack and his Kuya play together. Their favorite toy as of the moment is their ride-on motorcycles. They have one each so they have loads of fun racing with each other.




1:00 – 4:00

Homeschool time once again. Zack goes with Ate Cora in her room and play there. Z and I try to finish the remaining PACEs as quickly as possible. Although the PACEs are designed so Z can learn by himself I’m not really comfortable with this set-up. We tried that last year and it’s not working so this year we’re trying a different method. We’re still using the same curriculum but I try to add a lectures, discussions, and recitations to maximize his learning. My husband helps me a lot. I send Z to his Dad when he’s more hard headed than usual. He would get a lecture from his Dad and usually, that’s enough to make him focus on his work after.

4:00 – 6:00 –

By this time, I’m really tired and all I want is to sleep. But Zack has just woken up from his nap by this time so I can’t sleep yet. haha We watch TV, play, listen to music, go out for a walk or just cuddle.

6:30 – 7:00 – Dinner

We have dinner together.

7:00 – 8:00

Theoretically, I want the kids sound asleep around this time. But most of the time the kids have different plans. They want to play with their Dad before they sleep. Sometimes they play with the iPad, listen to music, or make music together.


9:00 – 12:00

When the kids are sleeping that’s the only time I can open my laptop. But usually, I’m already tired so I fight to keep my eyes open. Like last night, I was feeling under the weather and debating if I will work or just rest. I opted to rest and feel wonderful this morning but in return I didn’t get to do any work. sigh. Oh well, that’s the reality of my life. Anyway, it makes me sad sometimes but when Z thanks me at the end of each day for teaching him then I know it’s worth it. 🙂

Thanks for reading my A Day in my Life post. For more posts like this go to Yuuki’s blog and check out the other entries.