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Diamond Peel 80% Off Deal

I heard is giving out coupons for a Diamond peel session at Ysa Botanical branches.  One diamond peel normally costs P1,500+ but if you buy at their website you can get it for as low as P312.   I quickly logged on and got myself 5 coupons.  The limit per person is five coupons only.  You can pay via paypal or by going to any BPI branch.  This is the first time I heard about the great deals offered by the said website.  I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for future promos.  Who knows, maybe their next promo is on natural acne treatment or discounts on our favorite restaurant. Whatever it may be I’m sure it would be as great as this one.

Hair Care Products

One of the things I’m frustrated about is my hair.  My hair is not curly but it’s not straight either.  It’s wavy and it has a life on its own.  I can’t wait to give birth so I can have my hair finally rebonded.  Earlier this year I had my hair colored only to find out that it’s not advisable for colored hair to be rebonded.  That’s why I have to wait until next year to have my hair treated.  I’m also pregnant now so I really can’t have my hair treated.  I promise that by next year the moment I can leave my baby for a few hours I would go to the salon and have my hair pampered.

Good thing that in the meantime I can take care of my hair by taking advantage of Discounted Luxury Beauty Products. A t home I can only shampoo my hair.  I don’t have the time for those elaborate beauty rituals.  I heard of this shampoo that can achieve the benefit of professional salon hair care at home.  It’s called Kerastase.

For my other hair needs like conditioner, styling creme, and hair spray I can choose from the wide variety of Aveda products.

The good news is if I order $99 worth of products from I can have it shipped for free.  I thought my hair would be neglected for nine months after I found out I was pregnant.  Good thing I can still take care of my hair in the comfort of our home.

Remedies for Your Adult Acne

Many people think acne is just for teenagers.  That’s a myth because the truth is when acne from youth was never completely treated it can come back to haunt you in later life.  The good news is there are some adult acne treatment that you can still try. If you have left it untreated when you were younger, you can right your mistake by taking care of your problem now.

For these types of problems it’s always best to consult your dermatologist. You can also try these home remedies on your face.

Clean your face with mild cleansers twice a day. Get enough sleep to allow your skin to heal properly. Your acne can be a result of your diet so avoid fatty foods and just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Lastly, don’t underestimate what stress can do to your skin so live a stress-free life.

Miami Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is being done by more and more people nowadays.  Before it’s something that has to be done in secret but now it has become trendy and fashionable.  Which got me thinking if I got the money would I opt for plastic surgery?  My answer is yes, I would.  Being a mother my body has changed in some ways.  It has filled up and although I don’t want to go back to my super skinny teen days I would like to get my flat stomach back and if possible get rid of the stretch marks.  I wouldn’t have it done if it would endanger my life but recent improvements in medical technology made these surgeries safer.

Like in our area, there are a lot of top plastic surgeons in Miami making it an ideal place to go if you want to have plastic surgery.  A Miami tummy tuck would surely take care of my problems with my tummy.  A tummy tuck or what is referred to as Abdominoplasty in clinical terms is not only a procedure that removes excess fat in the abdominal region but also removing lose or sagging skin.  Like a tummy tuck, a Miami breast reduction will also remove excess fat in the breast area.  Both surgeries can improve the appearance and is already a quite common procedure.

Bird’s Nest Facial Mask

I went to Watson’s the other day to purchase some beauty essentials when this caught my eye.


It’s Bird’s Nest Facial Mask by Watsons. It’s cheap at approximately P150 and you get six pieces of masks.  What I like about the mask is it’s not difficult to apply.  Inside is like a thin strip of super porous cotton like material and you just have to put it on your face for 15-20 minutes.  Then you remove and you don’t have to rinse.  It moisturizes the skin and my face is now feeling as soft as a baby’s.  Next time after I put it in my face I’m going to rub it on my other body parts that needs moisturizing like my super dry feet.

You will have to use Bird’s Nest Facial Mask three times in a week to achieve best results so one pack would last two weeks.

Dry Skin Nightmare? Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream Is For You

If you’re suffering from extreme skin dryness then Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream is for you. Like other night creams, Mary Kay Extra Emollient night cream has a thick consistency that makes it unfit to use during the day but perfect during the night when our body is rejuvenating and we’re in the comfort of our home. It has a fresh clean scent that makes you want to use it more. If you use it consistently then you would see it would do wonders for your dry skin.

Different night cream reviews rave about how effective Mary Kay’s night cream is.  You can see results as early as the first time you use it.  If you only have specific problem areas like cracked skin on your feet or elbows then you can use this.  What’s good about this emollient cream is that it can be used on any part of your body.

The success of this product also has to do with the application.  Do not put this on dry skin.  The best time is after you wash your face or take a shower.  Pat your skin softly with a clean towel then while your skin is still damp that’s the time to apply it.  That way the cream can trap the moisture in your skin.

Proper application and continued use will lead to a healthy, beautiful looking skin.

Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream

For extremely dry skin. Helps maintain the natural moisture of the face and replenishes hydration in especially dry areas such as hands, elbows and feet. Contains petrolatum, beeswax and mineral oil to help protect, condition and seal in moisture.

Ingredients:  Petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin, beesewax, candelilla wax, hydrogenetad soy glyceride, fragrance, carnauba wax, stearic adid, propylparaben, butylparaben, menthol, d & c red #17.

How to Get Rid of Freckles?

We went to visit my aunt last weekend. She noticed right away the freckles in my face. I have been noticing how more and more freckles are appearing on my face. I haven’t done anything just yet because I don’t know what to do with it. Is it a sign of aging? Is so then I should look for some <a href="”>human growth hormone facts. I heard that human growth hormone slows the aging process. Can you see my freckles in my picture? It has not been captured by my low end camera but it’s there I tell you.

On second thought, maybe it’s a tad too early for me to be looking for that kind of treatment. My aunt said she mixes Myra E with eskinol white and it has worked wonders in her face. Yes, our freckles is a genetic thing as both my aunt and my mom have it. I might just try that in the meantime. Wish me luck!


Two weeks ago hubby and me decided to finally go get our faces the pampering it deserves by having our facial. It may have been two years since we last had our facial and I’m not amused anymore every time I look at my face in the mirror. If I wait any longer I’m sure I’ll be shopping for acne skin products because my skin has gotten so oily. Really, this should have been a monthly thing and look how behind we have been with this.

Anyway, so two weeks ago was the day we finally we’re able to drag our feet to the mall and get our facial. We paid P250 each for cleaning with pricking to remove the blackheads. They put other stuff in there too which I don’t know the purpose of but whatever it is it really felt good on the face. The procedure took 45 minutes so I decided to fool around with the camera rather than get bored.

Okay, don’t panic those are not ghosts – just me and my husband. hehe

I’m not satisfied with the place where we went (I already forgot the name) but next we will scout around for something better. How about you do you have a monthly facial ritual? Where is a good place to go?

Pampering my Hands and Feet

Since I’m typing all day I use my hands a lot. It’s the most abused part of my body and I wish I could say it’s my brain but it’s my hands. LOL! So two weeks ago I went out alone and had my hands and feet pampered by having a manicure and a pedicure with foot spa. It took 2 1/2 hours of my time but I had fun being pampered for a change. I wish I can do this often.

If you’re wondering why my nails are cut so short it’s because it’s harder to type with longer nails so I had to make do with shorter nails instead.

Natural Whitening Deodorant

I have always been on the lookout for a whitening deodorant. Unfortunately, none that I have used so far satisfied me. The products on the market just continued to irritate and darken my underarms.

I have heard of the natural whitening deodorant called tawas (alum) a long time ago. I have tried it but only once as I didn’t find it convenient to use like the roll ons. It was coarse and dry. It was messy too.

Now, I found a convenient way to apply tawas on the underarms.

For those of you who want to apply it in liquid form just like the deodorants in the market here’s what you could do.

Add 1 teaspoon of powdered tawas and 1 cup of water. Put it in a spritzer bottle, the one they provide at the perfume stalls in the malls. You can also add a drop of perfume or cologne.

If you don’t have the spritzer bottle then just store it in a container and use cotton balls and wipe your underarm with it.

Now, you have a cheap and natural whitening deodorant.