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My Laser Hair Removal Experience Part 2

After finishing 8 sessions of diode laser hair removal I came back to Skinhouse Clinic in Mayon to pay for another batch of sessions. The hair growing is now noticeably thinner but it still won’t stop growing. Nevertheless, I was warned that it will take up to twelve sessions or even more so my mind was made up and I would continue no matter what.

But when I got there the staff surprised me with some news. They just acquired a new machine and it’s called Revlite. I asked them what’s the different between Diode and Revlite?

She said Revlite has stronger laser intensity daw than Diode – much stronger. Aside from hair removal it can whiten the underarm and remove chicken skin.

What about the pain level? This was the first thing on my mind since the diode treatment was getting painful for me. She said the pain was much more tolerable.

And the price?

She said P7k per treatment but if you get it in bulk you can get it for P3500 per session.

I almost fell down my seat. Ang mahal!

I didn’t have time to research and I had to decide fast. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to try Revlite but the price tag is too steep. Yet I’m already dreading my next diode session.

Finally, I made a decision to try Revlite for my underarm but still go with Laser Diode for my upper lip. I decided to get 5 sessions each.

9th Diode Session

For my ninth diode session for my upper lip I was very specific to my attendant, Yza, to put in more gel. She was nice and accommodating and took care to follow my request. I braced for the pain just like before for each click. She went over the area twice and in a 10 minutes I think we were done.

1st Revlite Session

It was time for my Revlite treatment. We went to a new room this time where the Revlite machine stationed. I asked why her why they only got the Revlite machine now and not a year ago when I started my sessions. She said the machine is really expensive that’s why they were only able to acquire it now.

She cleaned my underarms and shaved it, covered my eyes and positioned the laser. I braced for it and the session started.

So how was it?

Unlike in Diode where there is a single click per small area, in Revlite there is a constant buzzing sound as the laser is pointed in every area. It felt hot but much tolerable naman. Actually, it was more pleasant that I wanted to switch to Revlite na rin for my upper lip. I asked how much but then she said they don’t have Revlite for upper lip only but you have to do the whole face. I thought it was very effective so I switched to Revlite na rin for my face. I have blemishes all over my cheeks so I thought it was well worth it.

Also Revlite session is more matagal than diode. I’d like to think it’s more thorough kasi mas marami ang area covered ng laser unlike in diode one click here, one click there parang maraming area ang na-skip.

2nd Revlite Session

You know what, when they told me Revlite was more stronger than diode they were not kidding. Because as if by miracle after my first session for Revlite my underarm hair refused to grow.

I had my second session for Revlite last Friday and even before the second session I counted the hairs and it’s less than 5! I could have stopped going or have it rescheduled to a later date because there are no hair yet but I dutifully went to my next appointment. I wanted to experience the full benefit of Revlite so why stop now when I’m already seeing results.

If during my first session of Revlite they only panned the area once, this time Yza increased the settings and hovered the laser for the second time at specific areas that need lightening. I immediately felt the intensity and the heat. Whew! Note that you can smell your hair burning and it is normal so don’t panic. If your skin is really sensitive you can take a pain reliever just before going through with your session. After they put cold compress on my underarm which helped ease the sting.

Final thoughts on Hair Removal

It’s been a week since my 2nd Revlite session and I’m happy and satisfied because there’s still no hair growing. Should I have gone straight to using Revlite instead of Diode? I think no because they said at Skinhouse that Revlite is only effective one you have already thin hair. If your hair is coarse and thick Diode is still the way to go first.

I know it’s expensive guys but I think it’s really worth it. I don’t have to shave anymore and worry about hair growing. Just remember to not use the usual deodorant that we use. I now use Milcu which is a powder form of deodorant recommended by Skinhouse. It took a while for me to get used to it but now I use it regularly.

Second, always use sunscreen for the face and moisturiser. One effect of Revlite was my skin became tighter and drier. So I have to use moisturiser to prevent my face from drying it.

I still have a few sessions of Revlite so stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

Mommies what do you do with your underarm hair?

When I was younger and have all the free time in the world I used to pluck my underarm hair. I have high tolerance to pain so even though it was painful carry lang. I would be hair free for a couple of weeks before the hair starts to grow again and I have to pluck the hair one by one all over again – ouch!

When I had kids I started shaving my hair na. Who has the time in the world to pluck their underarm hair nga naman when you have two screaming kids and a husband who needed all your attention? Shaving is fast, easy and painless but in a day my hair is growing again. Growing hair is coarse and thick and it gets itchy so I have to shave again. This happens every one or two days.

Last year, I decided to get rid of my underarm hair once and for all. I have heard about Laser Diode hair removal and how effective it is to get rid of underarm hair. I thought to myself this is now or never. The price tag is a bit high but I considered it an investment and not an expense.

I was first divided between SkinHouse and Shinagawa. Skinhouse use Diode Laser Hair Removal while Shinagawa uses – I can’t actually remember what machine they use. I went to their website but I think they have a new machine and the old one was not listed there anymore. What I remember in the reviews I read at femalenetwork was their machine was painful but very effective daw and you will only require a few sessions. I didn’t go with Shinagawa because I was afraid of the pain and because they’re all the way in Makati which is too far from where we live.

On the other hand, Skinhouse’s clinic is so near. I thought it was really meant to be that I have my diode. This was too good to be a coincidence lang. LOL!

That’s the reason why February of last year I asked my husband to drive me to Skinhouse. I was nervous but nothing can hold me back. hahaha!

 photo 322292_266374273394064_185649264_o_zpstcbc6pyj.jpg

Skinhouse’s office is small. They don’t have a lot of staff but they all look friendly and professional. I felt at home right away. I consulted about my problem and they advised that laser diode was right for my situation. I asked them how many treatments I would need to be hair free. They were honest and said it depends on the hair. For a morena like me it would take 12 sessions daw or even a little bit more pa. Considering the price I just took a deep breathe and decided to go with it pa rin. As I told you I considered this a beauty investment. Haha!

 photo 325613_248218635209628_8141325_o_zpsns6a0soz.jpg

I decided to get underarm hair removal and upper lip hair removal at the same time. They have discounted rates but you have to get bulk sessions or a minimum of 8 sessions per area. So I did just that. Don’t worry they accept credit card payments and installments naman para hindi masyadong masakit sa bulsa. In my case, I just paid in installments (not credit card because they don’t accept my bank’s credit card).

1st to 5th Laser Diode Session

 photo 332115_301604063204418_1665133570_o 1_zpskwc5w94r.jpg

They led me to a small room with a bed and a machine. I was asked to lie down. They shaved my hair gently and covered my eyes for protection. They covered the area generously with gel and started the session. The sessions were quick and painless. I would hear a click before they will put the laser in a different area. In 10-15 minutes I was done.

The staff warned me that after two days the hair will start to grow. But it would then fall off which is the work of the laser killing the hair roots. And that’s exactly what happened. The hair grew and fell away after.

But let me just tell you guys that this remedy is not for the impatient. Because after it falls away it will grow back again. The first three sessions I would notice improvements but ever so slightly. Some small areas there are no growth but the majority my underarm looked the same pa rin. Haist. Good thing I was patient and continued religiously with my sessions.

5th to 8th Diode Session

If the first few sessions were painless, as the intensity of the laser increases it got more and more painful. During the fifth to 8th sessions that’s what happened. Now I knew why they had to put gel generously in the treated area. The laser felt hot. Everytime they would point the laser in my skin I would brace myself for the click. I would hope that it would not be painful. To describe it much better it’s like someone is flicking rubber band at your skin. Most of the time naman it’s not painful but when it hurts you can actually feel the heat and the stinging sensation.

During the last sessions the truth was I was dreading to go back na. Now don’t let this discourage you. As I’ve told you, not all clicks are painful especially if the gel is applied generously. Sometimes there are areas when the gel is thin and you can feel the pain so just ask the staff to apply more gel. Tiis ganda na lang tayo di ba? No pain, no gain. Important talaga these “painful” sessions and you can see the effect is different. It’s the same pa rin, my hair would fall off after the diode session, it would grow back but then the hair that grew back was not thick and coarse but much thinner. 🙂

After I finished with my 8th laser diode treatment I didn’t come back for two months. I hoped the hair wouldn’t grow anymore but it still grew. It was thinner yes but it still grew. I was not happy because I was aiming for no hair growth and not thinner hair only.

After two months, February this year or 1 year after my first Diode treatment I went back to Skinhouse. I was prepared to extend my treatment in my quest for to be hair free, but when I went back they told me they have a new machine and it’s called Revlite. They still have the old machine but they recommend this daw because it’s stronger than diode.

Did I stay with Diode or go with Revlite? Find out in my next blog post!

to be continued…

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Why I Keep Coming Back to Nailaholics

Last weekend, I was able to visit Nailaholics for the second time. The last time I visited this was two years ago. I had my nails done by local salons in between but there’s something about my previous experience with Nailaholics that makes me want to come back for more. A few months ago I tried to go back here but I was caught by surprise when they politely shooed me away because they were so full. I felt sad then because I really wanted to experience their services again but there was nothing I could do. So this time, I didn’t take any more chances. I called ahead for a reservation and I was promptly attended to when I got there. It’s not often when I have the chance to get away, get pampered and have my “me time” but I choose to spend it at Nailaholics because of the following reasons:

  • I love Nailaholics lovely interiors. Here at their SM Bicutan branch, their theme is sand and water. Since our Boracay vacation is still months away I have to content myself with my imagination. But it’s not too hard to imagine I’m at the beach with two lovely ladies pampering mg hands and feet. Such utter bliss, I tell yah!
  • They have free WiFi. This blog post is proof I have time to do one of the things I love doing – why it’s blogging of course! Here I am typing furiously with one hand while the other is being pampered. They put me in such a good mood too that I’m composing this blog post on the spot.
  • They have friendly staff. During my first time at Nailaholics I went to a different banch – the one at SM Megamall. No matter what branch I visit I found out that the experience is the same- they make you feel right at home and serve you with a friendly smile. They answer your questions courteously and they do their job quietly. As a matter of fact, aside from the sound of the nail clippers and the slow music it’s so quiet here at Nailaholics and it’s just the way I like it. If I don’t have a million things on my mind I swear I can fall in a deep slumber in one of their oversized sofas.
  • Speedy service. They don’t waste time chatting, they get right down to business. But if you want to talk they will indulge you too. It’s already 30 minutes since I arrived to have my nails done. Can you believe that in such a short span of time they already had my firngernails cleaned, polished, and my hands massaged? Meanwhile, my feet which has been neglected for so long, needs more care but it’s already halfway done. Ana, the one who’s taking care of my feet, keeps on asking apologetically if I feel hurt while she’s cleaning my nails. Of course, I get surprised everytime she asks that because I hardly feel anything!

With all these things I’m raving about Nailaholics we know that all of their perks comes with a price. Nailaholics easily outprice local salons by 150%. This can be expensive since our nails grow fast and nail polish wears out in a blink of an eye. If you’re in a tight budget and just want your nails done so you’ll be be presentable then you can opt for cheaper sevices elsewhere. But if you want to get away for a while, enjoy a quiet time, and feel utterly pampered while having some grooming essentials done then Nailaholics is for you.



Cosmetic Oils Can Make Skin Young and Beautiful

Have you ever thought of making yourself look young? Anyway, even without answering I know no one wishes to look older with wrinkles all over his or her face. This piece of writing is here to educate you on several factors that you need to consider when buying or applying remedies such as cosmetic oils as well as essential fatty acids.

The human skin has different characteristics that make it special from other body organs. For instance, your skin is the fastest growing organ and also, it secrete more waste from the body. The function of your skin is enormous and that is why you need to keep it young and healthy. Did you know that your skin needs cosmetic oil and essential fatty acids to function well? I guess no. Cosmetic oil keeps your skin supple and tender. As a matter of fact, there are different kinds of cosmetics made for different function for instance facial as well as body cosmetic oil or essential fatty acid.

Cosmetic oils assist in opening of pores on your skin thus giving it a chance to secrete toxic substances leaving your skin fresh and young. Cosmetic oil is characterized according to their effectiveness and brand. A lot of cosmetic brands are medicated and are used only when there is need. In addition, there are other cosmetic that are used for general purposes like lotion. To be safe, before using any kind of cosmetics oil or essential fatty oil, consult the expert to avoid misfortunate from occurring. Cosmetics oil and essential fatty acid have severe consequences if messed up with. You need to know the function of each one of them before applying. The above mentioned remedies can be purchased over the counter in beauty shops or even in drug stores. In addition, before using you have to read the instruction written on the sachet of you product carefully for safety purposes.

Choosing a shaving cream

From generation to generation the art of shaving has been passed on from father to son. In the past, shaving cream were not as common as they are today and their dominance has emerged in the 20th century. A pleasant painless shave is each man’s dream each morning as he is in the shower shaving his beard hoping it will leave his face as soft as a babies buttocks.

Shaving cream is used in combination with a superb quality razor to provide a shave that is not irritating, and does not leave one with redness on your face. They have antibacterial properties in case you cut you face in the shaving process. Their aim is to provide a smooth shave. A number of men and women lather up using soaps but according to beauty experts soap does not give the same outcome. Currently in the market they are available in different sizes and scents which leaves your face fresh all day. They are also others that are non-scented.

When shopping do not be in a hurry just to get one. Go through the different brands and select the one that fits you best. Some are scented and other not, some does contain essential oil from lemon lavender and sandal wood. Go through the ingredients list and ensure that you skin do does not react with any element negatively. It is also wise to visit your dermatologist and advice you on the best product for skin.

The next time as a man you stand in front of a mirror shaving ensure you are doing it right. Use the shaving cream with hot water, this is because it opens up you pores and softens the hair. Do not lather up using your fingers acquire a soft hair brush as it produces more form and in the process removes the dead skin.

This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all the points
and views are my own.

Freshwater Pearls

Pearls are unique, beautiful and very special. They are claimed to have certain powers and even have a power to keep children safe when they wear them. These freshwater pearls are becoming in high demand and very popular, being worn by some of those most powerful women around the world. These women enjoy them because of their powers of love, luck and protection. Being a gem that is created by a living creature allows these gems to be that much more special. Also, the pearls won’t ever be identical to one another. The size, shape, and color will vary.
As one can guess that pearls come in all sorts of styles from earrings, to necklaces, to a set of earrings bracelets and necklaces, we sell them all. Our favorite style is pearl sets, our natural and cultured pearl jewelry comes in bracelet-necklace sets, earring-necklace sets, and earring-bracelet-necklace sets. They are absolutely stunning in every way. Any woman would be ecstatic to receive a set of pearls. This combination of different arrangements creates the ideal accessory. They happen to always present a delightful appearance on everyone, whatever the occasion is.

The Importance of Hand Cream

I’m sure moms like me would agree that our hands are the most abused part of our body. With our multiple roles as wife, mother, housekeeper, and employees there will come a time that all those hard work will take a toll on our poor hands.

Take it from my grandma. She was the most hardworking woman I know. Unfortunately, she learned the hard way that not taking care of her hands was going to cost her in the end. By the time she was in her 50s, her hands were gnarled and veiny. My poor grandma tried to make up for lost time by applying hand cream and even using gloves while working but alas, the damage has already been done.

That is the reason why I am particularly conscious in taking care of my hands. Applying lotion regularly would do the trick. Hand cream is essential tin keeping our hands smooth, soft, and well moisturized. We all know that dryness is the number one source of aging. That is why we must be particular in keeping our hands moisturized especially after hand washing. Aside from that, this is best applied every morning and every evening before going to bed. Apply the it in a circular motion. Aside from the hands, apply it also on your nails and cuticles.

If you can’t afford those expensive creams then don’t worry because even the regular ones will do. The key is caring for it early on. If you start young then you will surely benefit the rewards later in life.


Why I Suffered from Excessive Hair Fall

I remember about four years ago I suffered from excessive hair loss.  Everyday, I would see my hair on the floor, on the chair, in the bed, practically everywhere.  We were still living at my grandmother’s house during that time and every time she sweeps the floor she would see my hair.  She was alarmed and told me to use aloe vera for my hair loss.  I didn’t think much of it at that time. My hair had been falling for so long that I actually thought it was normal.  I told her that I read somewhere it’s just normal for up to 100 strands of hair to fall every day.

Now I realized that she was right.  I don’t know how I was cured but I don’t see my hair on the floor anymore. Sometimes I think about what might have cost that alarming episode in my life.  The doctors would say that it was due to stress but I was in no stressful situation at that time.  I think the culprit might have been the hair procedure I had done to my hair.  I had my hair relaxed at a salon and it caused my hair to get damaged and fall.  I know that had I continued to have my hair treated that way pretty soon I would have to start looking for average cost for hair transplants.  Hair is our crowning glory so we should think twice when adding chemicals to it. I know we’re doing it for the sake of beauty but if we end up with no hair then it defeats our purpose, doesn’t it?

Get That Hair Growing Again

Hair loss is a major problem especially of men. Hair loss, or alopecia, may be caused by ageing, local or systemic diseases and other hormonal factors. Heredity is also one reason for hair loss among men. In addition, some medicinal drugs, iron deficiency, x-ray therapy and stress can contribute to the loss of hair. Hair dyes and hair’s exposure to heat treatment may also contribute to alopecia.

Thank goodness there are many ways in which you can do to get your hair growing again. Several hair loss products are sold in the market, with the promise of a more youthful hair appearance.

By knowing what to avoid, you can help prevent hair loss. Overconsumption of salt, alcohol and sugar is bad for the hair. Going on a crash diet is not advisable as well if you want to have healthy-looking hair. Also, you should avoid too much sun exposure. Limit your time swimming on pools and beaches as well, to protect you from hair loss.