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Facebook Follow Party Starts Now!

Party time, BC Bloggers!

If you RSVPd last time then you will find your page below. Now let’s start partying and like each other’s pages!

– Changed https://mtgambrocio/ to!
Others don’t have an FB Page so please just copy their url and add them as a friend.

Thank you!

Fixed errors for Pepperific Life and The Vagabond Mom.
As for the others, they are personal pages so we have to add them as a friend. Do as Tet did in the comments section, copy the address in a different tab and add them as a friend manually. Thanks!

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BC Blogger Meme Topics for September

Okay, so where did the year went? I can’t believe it’s now September. I’m sorry I’m late with the Meme topics for this month but finally, here are the winning topics for BC Bloggers’ Meme this September.

  1. Why I Love Being a Mom and Dad
  2. 5 Inspirational Quotes You Live By
  3. Top 5 Craziest Thing You’ve Done andย the Lessons You’ve Learned from Them
  4. 5 Simple things you can do to save our Mother Earth

Do you recognize your topic? Come claim it by leaving a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

BC Blogger’s Meme: A Photo Story

Thank you Shadz of Tone Down and Vintage for hosting this week’s meme. Today at BC Blogger’s Meme, we’re going to have some show and tell. We’re going to show you some photos and you tell us what you think about those photos. You can make up your own story if you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ever since my husband started working at home we rarely use our car anymore. So I guess we shouldn’t have been too surprised when we looked out of the window one weekend and saw this:



This got to be the biggest spider I have seen for a while. The last time I saw a spider as big as this I was still living in the province.

Can you tell me a story about this poor spider? What do you think happened to him?

BC Blogger’s Blog Hop

BC Bloggers Club just got better!

Today we started gathering interested participants for our blog hop/comment exchange. We’re doing a weekly run to make it more manageable for everyone. I am overwhelmed by the response. It’s just a few hours since I sent the emails and there are already 15 participants!

I have been asked this a dozen times.

“Is BC Bloggers only for Moms?”

The answer:

Definitely not! is the home of BC Bloggers. It is my main blog. Although it’s a mommy blog that doesn’t mean BC Bloggers is only for moms. BC Bloggers is open to all bloggers – newbie, veteran, male, female, local, international. Everyone who needs help in their blogging is welcome to join.

How can you join?

Subscribe here. An email with instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Hope to see you there!

Where Do you Host Your Blogs?

I’m wondering, fellow bloggers, where do you host your blogs and how much are you paying for it?ย  This is our question for the week at:


My blogs are hosted at Hostgator. I have the baby plan and I’m $9.95 per month for it. I can have unlimited number of domains and unlimited space which is pretty cool, huh? Although I found out later upon research that nothing is really unlimited and should I reach a certain number then they’ll tell me to cut it.

It may sound expensive at Hostgator but I found out that it’s all worth it. A couple of months ago, all of my blogs were hacked. I just sent them an email and within 15 minutes they have restored all my blogs. If that isn’t amazing customer service then I don’t know what is.

Special thanks to last week’s participants:
I Live to Eat * Spices of My Life * Mum Writes * My Thoughts in Letters * Life Ascending * Darkanjel’s Life Musings * Black Sheep’s Lair * Journey of a Capricornian * Inspirational Insights * Daily Notes * Digital Catharsis * Elghrasya * Sweety Paula

BC Bloggers Meme and How to Become $100 Richer


It’s time for BC Bloggers Meme once again but before we start, here’s one tip for you to win $100 cold cash. Nelson, of Digital Catharsis, is having a birthday giveaway and he’s giving away money. Isn’t it great when the birthday celebrant himself gives away money? hahaha I wish it’s like that when I attend birthday parties. So scoot now over to his blog and wish him a happy birthday and who knows, you might be $100 richer! ๐Ÿ™‚

So now, let’s go to our question this week. “What are you grateful for recently?”

I’m really grateful that we are finished with our eldest son’s enrollment. It was a little expensive than we have anticipated but I’m glad we’re done with that and we have finally started with our homeschooling.

To join:

Grab our badge and answer our question.

Copy the links below.

Here are last week’s participants:

Digital Catharsis * I Live to Eat * Darkanjel’s Life Musings * Sassy Chef * Pinoy in the South * My Thoughts in Letters * My Everyday * Mirage * Daily Notes * Mum Writes * It’s Me and Beyond * Elghrasya * Mommy Diary



BCB – Food that Takes Me Back to my Childhood


My lola is an excellent cook but of all her specialties my favorite is Suman sa Ibos. It’s suman made from malagkit rice and wrapped neatly with young coconut leaves. I know it’s not so hard to cook. I haven’t tried cooking but from what I know it’s simply just cooking the malagkit with coconut milk. The hard part is the wrapping. Just thinking about that makes me think twice of doing it. This is the food that makes me miss my lola the most. I can still see her wrapping suman with her expert hands in our kitchen back in the province. How I wish shes still here asking me what I’d like to eat and then whipping it up just like magic the way she used to do it. Then I would unwrap it until all the suman is exposed, transfer it in a plate, and dip it in sugar before putting it in my mouth. Yum! For suman that’s already a couple of days old the trick is to fry it on a pan to make it crispy then dip it with sugar. Double yum!

Okay, enough of this. It’s making me crazy already. It’s your turn to join our meme. Tell us about your favorite food from childhood, grab our badge, and link last week’s participants.

Thanks for those who joined last week!

Mommy Diary * Divine’s Memoirs * Darkanjel’s Life Musings * My Sassy Chef * Earn Online with Miss C * Where the Moon Shines * Digital Catharsis * My Everyday * Truly Rich Mom * My Oweini Life * Single Mother on the Go * The Adventurous Little Prince * I Live to Eat * The Miscellaneous Me * Momentary Life * Riza Written * Consumer Mom Talks * Zoie’s Mom Blogging * Pink Memoirs * My Life and My Journey Online * My Thoughts in Letters * Green Femme * Mama Vernz Theory * The Virtual Wanderer * Daily Notes * Life Ascending * Virtual Tralala * Earn Writes * Dad * Fortunate Cooky * Crushed Pink * Celebrity Diary * Handy Reviews

BC Bloggers Meme – How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook?


So how much time do you spend on Facebook?

Me?ย  Way Too Much!

I know I really should stop checking my friends’ status updates every five minutes when I can check it just once at the end of the day but I really can’t help it.

Sometimes when I can’t think of anything to write or I’m temporarily loss for words or when I’m stumped at a really hard task it’s soooo easy to go to Facebook and just check if someone posted a new update if my favorite online magazine has a new article I can read.

I’m glad I’m not addicted to Farmville anymore but I still can’t help but peek every two minutes. There, I did it again before writing the sentence before this. ugh!

I’m doing it so much that I swear I’m not going to call myself a blogger anymore but more aptly, a Facebooker!

I’m better off updating my blogs than checking my Facebook but if you know a way to earn through Facebook then tell me quick so I really will have an excuse. haha!

How about you? Are you suffering the same fate as mine? Do you think it’s about time we go to Facebook Anonymous?

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BC Bloggers is Back!


When I started BC Bloggers, I had this vision of making link exchange with fellow bloggers fun and exciting.


Last year, almost 500 bloggers participated in BC Bloggers and it was a huge success!


Now, bloggers exchange links with one another the easy way and it’s all thanks to BC Bloggers. ๐Ÿ™‚


Still, I dream of something better.


Thus, BC Bloggers Meme is born. Continue reading