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No Basketball Week

My boys were sad. The basketball court we are frequenting is closed!
It turned out they painted they were making some renovations like painting the floor and I don’t know what else. We’re just wondering why it’s taking so long for them to open it again to the public because the paint has already dried a few days back.
We hope by next week the lock is gone and the court is open. I’m already missing my exercise buddies. I hope the pink ladies pressure whoever is in charge to open it again to the public.

We’re Back in Our Morning Routine

After a looong absence we’re back in our morning routine. Actually, it’s just Zack and me who are guilty of not exercising. Hubby and Z have been going to the basketball court since last Tuesday while me and Zack were at home busy sleeping. hehe

But after two weeks of sleeping in I don’t want any of that anymore. I noticed we are having problems with Zack’s eating and sleeping habits. 🙁 Before after coming back from our exercise Zack would be so tired and hungry that when we got home he would wolf down his breakfast in a flash. But now, some mornings he doesn’t even want to eat breakfast anymore. Before he would take his nap regularly at 9am and at 2pm. Come night time I would prepare the children to sleep at 7pm and by 8 or 8:30 at the latest they would be asleep.

Now he’s sleeping schedule is a mess! Some days he only takes one nap or he would take two naps but would sleep really late like 11am and 5pm. At night, he has even more trouble falling to sleep. Take for example last night, he was able to sleep at 10 in the evening already! I put him to sleep at 8 but he can’t fall asleep. When he finally closes his eyes and I thought he was already sleeping I would leave him and he would cry this long anguish cry like he’s in pain. So sad talaga. 🙁

And just to prove my point, right now we have just come back from our morning exercise. By the time we got home he was so hungry he was grabbing his Dad’s breakfast. I had to pry his dirty hands away from the bread because he hasn’t washed his hands yet. Then when he was seated on his chair, he ate his breakfast like there was no tomorrow.

Now while I’m typing this, it’s 8:20 am and he’s already soundly sleeping in his crib! Amazing what a little exercise in the morning can do to little kids! If you’re having trouble with your kids sleeping and eating habits I suggest you let them enjoy an hour out to play too.

Anyway, so here are some shots of how our morning went.

The basketball court’s floor is newly painted. Check out the color combination. Someone bought too many colors of paint at the hardware store. hehe


Z was proud of his Miami Heat uniform. Is it true they qualified in the finals? I’m not a basketball fan kasi but with two boys I think I better be updated with NBA na.


Zack was busy with his brand new toy which his Dad almost didn’t buy. I’ll tell you later about that.



The pink ladies are now in yellow! Gosh, hubby told me there was a fee daw in joining. Oh my, I thought it was for free! I have been joining them for two months now. It’s so embarrassing!



Hubby and Z doing their morning run.


By the way, tomorrow is the sports fest of the Men’s Fellowship in our church. He said he signed up for all the games – table tennis, dart, and basketball, etc. Out of all the games he’s nervous about basketball the most. He said he thinks he wouldn’t last 5 minutes into the game. hahaha!

Day 35 of Basketball Training

I think the title says it’s all. Now tell me who deserves some pat on the back? Yeheyy! Thank you for all your support. Yes, I’m talking to you, my two blog readers. Even though nobody leaves a comment I can still feel you reading my post. haha!

I would like say this blog is instrumental in making me get up every morning. It was fun blogging our challenges and mini-adventures each day. Okay, I may have been stretching the word “adventure” there. haha!

Until now I still can’t believe we’ve been going out for more than a month already. We have tried so many times doing something outdoorsy and failed that many times too. But this year I don’t know what happened that made us just get up and do it. Maybe it’s the fact that we wrote our family goals in the beginning of this year. Or maybe it’s the fact that my hubby is now working at home and has more time to accompany us.

Anyway, so what happened during our 37th day of basketball training. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about we’re training our 7 year old son to play basketball. At the same time we use the opportunity to exercise our couch potato bodies and hopefully remove some of the excess fatty tissues hanging around our bodies. Ginawa nila kaming tambayan, kainis!

I only have a few pictures to share. The battery died on me unexpectedly. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Here’s my husband and my son warming up. Z has been improving slowly but surely. He can now dribble a junior basketball with ease. Sometimes he even makes the shot. Before he would use the smallest ball but now he doesn’t even want to use that anymore.


And right there in the background are my exercise buddies. Except that they don’t know they are my buddies. Haha! I just join them quietly in the back. Pakapalan na ng mukha to.

Anyway, there are three groups. This one is the latest group. It’s the first time we saw them here.


This group I call the pink ladies. They’re always dressed in pink attire when they exercise. They come here every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Last time they bought a mat with them which annoyed me coz I wasn’t able to join them. Apparently, somebody forgot to give me the memo. haha!


Then there’s the third group. I forgot to take their picture but they and pink ladies are the regular ones in the court.

Ow, di ba? Who would have thought I would meet my exercise “buddies” here if we didn’t go out everyday for 35 days? The moral lesson here is get out and explore your neighborhood. You might be missing out on something if you don’t.

Look What Happened Last Saturday

Good morning!

I was not able to make it with my husband and son at the basketball court this morning. I was too tired from last night. The three of us attended the Gospel Jam at Centerstage. It was fun night full of people worshipping the Lord through their songs. I highly recommend it to everyone. We got back home at around 12 midnight. You know what, I’m really getting old. At about 9pm last night I was already yawning. My body can’t take late nights anymore. haha!

Anyway, if I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning my husband and Z were not. As I type this they are at the court already sweating it out and playing ball. Too bad I’m missing it. Z’s friend came along so now Z has a playmate. Yeheyy!!!

But this was not the first time. Last Saturday there were lots of children at the court. I think there were about ten eager children who wanted to play basketball. So hubby organized a mini-basketball game. It looked chaotic at first but if there’s one thing hubby knew it’s talking to children. I told you he loves children and children just naturally gravitate towards him.

Here are the shots I took:






Meanwhile Zack found a friend too.


I left early that morning because Zack was already having a tantrum. Hubby told me after I left Z burst out crying. It turned out he was not given the ball as much as he wanted. He said he wanted to quit basketball forever.

Poor Z! How can we tell him life is exactly like that? He won’t get the ball unless he gets it himself. If he’s too slow or too weak then he’ll never get the ball and no one will ever pass it to him.

Back at home after he has calmed down hubby told him how he admired the kids for learning to play by themselves. Their dads were not there to teach them but look how good they played. When asked if he still doesn’t want to play ball he replied, “Of course I’ll still play. You are always right.”

I tell you hubby and I can’t stop laughing at that point. Z didn’t put up a fight he was so resigned because he knew his daddy has a point. Oh how we wish when he’s already in his teens he still thinks that way. We still have lots of work to do.

Anyway, I have to go out now. Today is the start of our church’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) and I’m going to assist the kids. I’ll find out later what it’s like to be in the same room with 30 kids. Wish me luck!

I Wanted Personalized Jewelry But Look What I Bought Instead

Mother’s day is this month. I wanted to ask my husband if he could give me one of these nice jewelry gifts personalized as a gift.

personalized jewelry

I would love to have this cute bracelet. You know why? Instead of the words printed there I would have it changed to the names of my three boys so that they would be with me (literally!) wherever I go.

But last weekend I got my advanced present. No it’s not jewelry but something that goes along with our present lifestyle. And wow, how I love writing that last sentence. haha!

Okay, so meet my new running shoes.

Nike womens running shoes

Never in my life would I imagine I would be wearing anything like this again. I was resigned to a life with zero exercise.

But, but… once you have children you will do things that will surprise you and I know you already know what I mean. I have chronicled it enough here in my blog. hehe. 🙂

Anyway, let me leave you with this shot of my future basketball star. That’s from yesterday, Day 13 of his basketball training. 🙂

basketball training kids

Day 2: Frustrating at First but He Did It

It was hard to wake the whole household at 6am but we made it. Little Zack woke up first. Kuya was still sleepy but he jumped out of bed and got ready in five minutes.

Today is the second day of Z’s basketball training. He was able to shoot the ball five times in his one-hour training. I feel proud because during the first 20 minutes he was really frustrated and tensed. He couldn’t shoot a single hoop. Continue reading

Basketball with my Two Boys

I have been lamenting about the lack of parks in our neighborhood. That’s the reason why we go all the way to Quezon city on Saturdays to allow them some play time at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Well, it turned out I was not looking hard enough. We didn’t have parks but we had three basketball courts in our place. And since I am a mother of two boys I am not complaining. Continue reading