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Owning a Hot Tub – What You Must Know

Just one more month and summer would end then it’s that time of the year again when the rains would fall. What I don’t like about the rain is the water gets really cold. Those times are perfect to relax in a hottub after a long day’s work. If we have enough money in the bank we’ll definitely find a hot tub now so we can install it in time for the cold season.

Before buying a hot tub you must read these water guidelines first.  I found out that for the adults you must consult your doctor first and ask if it is safe for you to use a hot tub.  If you have a child like me I know you’re also wondering if he or she is allowed to use a hot tub.  Here are some general guidelines for using a hot tub:

1. Toddler and infants are not allowed to use a hot tub due to risk of overheating or dehydration.

2. Older children are allowed only if the temperature has been checked carefully and only for short periods of time from 5 to 20 minutes only depending on the age of the child.

3. Hot tubs are generally preset to 104 degrees but 102 degrees is much safer so be sure to adjust the temperature until that level only.

Also be aware of the following safety hazards such as drowning.  When not in use be sure to put the locking covers in place so wandering children would not accidentally fall in the water.  The strong suction of the drain can also be another hazard so avoid getting near it and in case of an emergency be prepared to turn off the switch.

Be aware of these safety guidelines and hazards and you’ll surely have a wonderful experience with owning a hot tub at the comfort of your own home.  It’s  a guaranteed stress reliever after a hard day’s work and since it’s in your home you can enjoy it any time you want to.

Third Day of VBS

Third day of VBS and for the first time we weren’t late. Ironic really because we didn’t take the car this time. It’s great not to be late because Z got sing all the songs which he likes. He follows the actions on his own and tries to sing the songs too. Last year, he wouldn’t participate and I had to learn all the songs and the actions so I can teach him at home but now I don’t have to do any of that.
Anyway, tried blogging at SFC but the WiFI sucks so I’m just writing this on a notepad and will just post it later. Good thing hubby is arriving in a few so we’ll just roam around and do some food tripping while waiting for Z to finish.

Zyke's 3rd Day of VBS

is today.  We’re going to St. Francis Square as early as 8am!  I’m kind of sad because hubby won’t be with us for the first time.  During the first and second day of Z’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) he was with us and while waiting for Z finish his 3-hour VBS we were around Ortigas processing my Eon while trying out different foods along the way.  So now that he has work I will be alone for three hours waiting for Z to finish.  Good thing there’s WiFi at St. Francis Square so I’ll be tweaking my blogs while I’m there.  So that’s my plan today until Friday, the last day of Z’s VBS.

If Z was crying during the first day he was all smiles when we fetched him yesterday.  Maybe because we were the first in line when it was fetching time.  The first day we were 30 minutes late because I thought it would end at 11:30 as that was what’s written in the posters.  Anyway, we’re so happy Z is adjusting beautifully.  As I’ve said, a year ago he would give us a hard time and would refused to be left alone with strangers but now he’s can be left alone for three hours and it won’t be a problem.

Oops, I got to go now because we don’t want to be late.  If you’re checking my blog because of BC Bloggers then don’t worry.  I may have been silent about it since the announcement but I’m checking the application forms regularly and as of the moment more then 100 blogs have joined already.  Deadline is May 20 but I may move it earlier especially if we have enough blogs already so don’t wait any longer to sign up.

Last night

John Travolta Movies

I love John Travolta movies!  When you watch a movie with him in it you’re almost always assured that the movie is going to be worth your time.   I have been racking my brain for the best Travolta movies and it didn’t take me long to come up with some.  The most memorable movie I watched starrring John Travolta was FaceOff.  He was the bad guy there but he was so convincing in playing the role of the villain that I was so afraid of him.  Until now I can still see his face vividly as he terrorized the wife of Nicholas Cage when he pretended he was her husband.  Another movie that made me a certified John Travolta fan is the movie, The General’s Daughter.  He of course played brilliantly the role of an investigator who set out to find the reason behind the murder of the general’s daughter in the army.

I have not yet watched John Travolta in From Paris With Love which was released just this February 2010.   In this movie he plays a trigger happy CIA agent so it’s going to be another action film for him.  I can’t wait to watch it because I know it’s going to be a good movie.  Hubby and I don’t always agree with our taste in movies but this particular movie I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone in watching.

Writing Articles

Maintaining a blog is not that easy.  Writing content can be hard especially if you have to do a lot of articles and on things you don’t know a thing about.  The good news is there is custom writing service for people who are not keen on writing.  Buying an essay is easy from the different essay service providers.

Fortunately for me my blogs are all personal blogs so I have no choice but to write it myself.  My blog focuses on easy topics but sometimes I still run out of things to write.  I did start a niche blog a year ago about cruises.  It was funny because I have never been on a cruise my entire life.  I did several articles on the topic for about two months and then I stopped.  The experience taught me that I can still write articles if I tried hard enough.  Unfortunately, it was too time consuming for little ol’ me so I stopped.

When I have enough funds I plan on starting another niche blog.  The reason why I want to is because those kinds of blogs are more successful in Adsense.  I’m planning to get an essay writing service for my articles so I can concentrate on marketing my blog.  Till then I have to write my own articles or just focus on my personal blogs.

How To Replace the Gasket on the Door of your Refrigerator

Yes, this is our problem.  How we are going to replace the gasket door of our refrigerator?  I have no idea so I asked Mr. Google.  The gasket is very important as it keeps the cold inside the refrigerator.  A worn out gasket, just like ours, means that the cold is escaping from the inside which then means our refrigerator is working overtime to make the stuff inside cold and it takes a lot longer for the inside to cool.  The bottom line is we’ll be spending more money for electricity because of our worn out gasket so we have to fix this asap!  I researched on how we can replace it ourselves and found that it was fairly easy.

How To Replace the Gasket on the Door of your Refrigerator

1.  Buy a gasket that fits your door exactly.

This is our problem.  Where can we find a gasket?!  Do you know if this is available at Ace Hardware?

2.  Soak the new gasket in hot water to make it pliable.

Do we soak it in boiling hot or warm water?  What if we damage it?  Hmm, we’ll just cross the bridge when we get  there.

3.  Find a nut driver that will fit the screws holding the old gasket in place and lay out your tools where you’ll be able to reach them.

4.  Start at the top outside corner of the door and fold the old gasket back as you partly loosen the screws along half of the top and side. Don’t loosen them all the way.

5.  Pull the old gasket out.

6.  Attach the new gasket by pushing it beneath the metal retainer and tightening the screws as you go.

7.  Replace each section the same way.

8.  Shut the door and check for gaps. The seal should lie straight and smooth all the way around the door.

9.  Notice if there are gaps between the gasket and the frame – this may indicate that the door has warped. (Fix it by loosening the screws and twisting the door a little. You may have to do this a few times before you get the door straight.)

10.  Put a flashlight in the freezer pointed toward the opening and shut the door. Turn off the lights. You shouldn’t see any light leaking through.

Steps 3 to 10 is hubby’s problem anymore so I have no comment.  Well, good luck to us.

P.S. The instructions were taken from

Refrigerator Problem

It’s in the middle of the summer and  it’s so hot!  I would say during this time the most abused appliances are our fans, aircon, and refrigerator.  Our fans are turned on 24/7 while the aircon during the hottest part of the day.   Our  Samsung refrigerator has taken a beating too.  The heat made us all thirsty constantly so we’re opening the refrigerator door a lot!  Then one day I noticed the door barely closes anymore and that’s when I discovered that the door gasket, which is the elastic plastic that keeps the door in place, was already worn out.  I checked my files and found out that it’s still under the Abenson’s five year warranty.  We knew how important the extended service plan for vehicles as well as for appliances was so we made sure we got one even though we have to pay extra. So now I’m hoping that we can get a repair man to visit us without him charging us any fees. Anyway, if that isn’t covered by the warranty I’ll just research on how we can replace it ourselves.

The Blind Side

I recently watched the movie the Blind Side on DirectStar. After watching this movie, it instantly became one of my favorite movies of all times. Everything about the movie was great from the acting down to the costumes and props used. This movie encompassed many genres of movies all wrapped up into one film. There were times of drama, comedy, and love scattered throughout the movie. While watching The Blind Side, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, the entire movie kept my attention and I never once got bored. There were many scenes in the film that I really enjoyed but one of my favorites occurred Michael to his new “momma” into his old neighborhood to get some new clothes. His neighborhood was not the nicest or safest place in world and Leigh Ann was a very well dressed woman getting some od looks for being there. As she began to get worried about the looks, Michael turned to her and said “don’t worry, I got your back”. This scene was both hilarious and very sentimental at the same time. Being a true story, this movie was very inspirational and motivating. Seeing how Leigh Ann took in Michael with no hesitation was absolutely phenomenal. Also, the scene in which she stood up to her rich friends when they were questioning her judgment about taking him in was just very unexpected and satisfying at the same time. I was very pleased with the film and it went beyond my expectations for the movie. As soon as I saw the trailer for this film I knew that I wanted to see it. I was very disappointed when I wasn’t able to make it to the theatre to see the movie. However, I was very excited when the movie came to Direct tv on demand. As soon as the movie hit the list I ordered it and I have watched it three times since!

Money Matters

The first year we moved out of our parent’s house I read a book, Wealth within Your Reach, authored by Francisco Colayco. It was a book about managing finances for dummies.  Since I was a young wife back then who doesn’t know anything about finances I bought books one and two and read both from cover to cover.
With the help of that book, I learned the importance of paying yourself first. When we get our paychecks the first thing we usually do is set aside money for the bills, bills, and bills. I realized how wrong that was. Paying bills is important but what’s more important is paying yourself first for all your hard work. By that I don’t mean going to the mall and shopping. Paying yourself means setting aside a portion of your savings – minimum is 10% of your earnings but the more the better – and you’ve got to do that before paying everybody else. For this to be feasible, he recommended that we should set an automatic payment that would deduct our a portion of our salary every month. I must say that really works because for the first time we were able to save money. Automatic deduction is the way to go with saving – it is efficient and painless and pretty soon you will not notice the deduction in your salary.
Colayco also teaches how to invest our money. He said that mutual funds was ideal for beginners and leave stock market investing to the experts. We also followed that and we had invested a small amount of money in the mutual funds. When we’re more knowledgeable in the stock market we will read guides on how to trade options and venture there.   Colayco stressed the importance of making your money work for you.  It’s not enough to leave money sleeping in the bank because the interest there is too low.  We have to find ways to beat inflation and investing is one way to beat it.

We still have a lot to learn and I might reread his books to brush up on his teachings.  I want to be able to save money while we’re still young and able to work so that we can retire comfortably and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Car Stories

Owning a car is a great responsibility.  We were ecstatic when we were given a second hand car and we thought it was just as easy to maintain it.  We didn’t think of the cost associated with it at first because what’s foremost in our minds was how convenient it would be for us to travel from then on.  Having a car means no more commuting which then means no more transferring from one public vehicle to another to get to our destination.  It’s not easy to commute with a child in tow much less two children so I’m really thankful we have one already even before my second child is born.  However, pretty soon we learned how hard it was to maintain a car and how many things could go wrong.  In five months we already had our car scratched by people and then the worst of all was it refusing to start in the middle of Ortigas and then being pushed to a pole by the MMDA who helped us.  Yes, we had some crazy times with our car and we had learned a lot.  We also learned that we ought to be always ready because we will never know when we will need to have it repaired.  Aside from the gas expense that we have to shell out every week we also have to pay for  its maintenance.  Of course we can’t have our car looking ugly so  I’ve been searching online for accessories and found this website that provides car accessories like chevy accessories, toyota accessories and so on.  I was delighted they also have accessories for mazda which is the car that we have.  Hubby said since John Mayer’s concert was rescheduled in October we might just refund the tickets and use it to buy accessories for our car.  The decision is not yet final but I’m already looking just in case.