Palengke Day

Mommies, do you know what’s my absolutely guiltless shopping habit? Here the more I shop the less guilty I feel because I know I’m doing it for my family. It’s a win-win situation di ba? It satisfies my shopping bug and at the same time I get to shop fresh food for my family.

What else I’m talking about – it’s my Palengke shopping!

Recently, I discovered that I liked going to the wet market every Saturday to shop for food. I don’t know about you, maybe some of you do it daily or every other day or twice a week. But for me I can’t find the time to do it more than once a week. And I discovered the best time to do it is every Saturday after we arrive in our weekend house. It’s my stress reliever and I look forward to my Saturday shopping habit.

Today is an exception because it’s not a Saturday. But we’re back home because its Holy Thursday so that means I have my palengke day early. Yehey!

Since it’s holy week I only bought fish for our food the next few days. Half the market was closed  particularly the meat vendors. I’m not a veteran when it comes to palengke shopping – I know I’m too old to say this – so my technique is I find where the crowd is and shop there. Pag pinapalibutan ng mga tao ang market vendor isa lang ang ibig sabihin nito – fresh ang mga paninda niya.

Here’s my shopping loot. Naks!

I bought 3/4 kilo of bangus, had the bones removed and chopped. We marinated it back at home with vinegar, bawang, and pepper put in the freezer and ready to fry anytime.
3/4 Kilo Boneless Bangus photo IMG_0006_zpsz7cjepn4.jpg

I know they said never to buy tilapia because the food they are eating in the fish pen is bad for our health. But I can’t resist this with pechay and coconut milk.
1/2 Kilo Batangas Tilapia photo IMG_0007_zpsdhne2baq.jpg

My kids and my husband’s favorite fish is cream of dory. It was their lucky day I found this at the palengke today. Usually, we have to go to the supermarket just to buy this. It’s so easy to cook – just add breadcrumbs and fry.
1 Kilo Cream of Dory photo IMG_0008_zpsvep6i0nl.jpg

Who doesn’t like shrimp?
1/2 Kilo Shrimp photo IMG_0010_zps8plvshul.jpg

Last but not the least – fruits! Muntik ko na hindi bilhin ito paano ba naman ang bigat ng fruits. Hirap na hirap ako magcommute pauwi.
 photo F49E032B-F0B1-43F0-A450-20C15A3C389C_zpsg5wgctyc.jpg
For lunch today I was supposed to cook the maya maya only but ang konti pala ng nabili ko. So I just divided the shrimp in half pandagdag sa sinigang.

Eto ngayon magluluto na dapat kami sa aming induction cooker when we realized we left our cooking pot in the apartment! If you have an induction cooker you know how maarte it is and it will only accept cookingwares especially made for it.

The solution – we cooked sinigang in our rice cooker!

 photo D246A247-0373-45E3-B4B2-FACE987F3549_zpswyesol3v.jpg

Patok na patok sa aking mag-ama ang ulam. Wala silang kamalay malay na muntik na hindi maluto ang ulam nila. At first they were eyeing it nervously, you know naman my cooking skills are questionable. But when they tasted the shrimp ang sarap daw. Fresh na fresh daw ang nabili ko. 🙂
See you next palengke day! Kayo mga mommies what did you buy at the palengke today? Share naman jan!



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