On Fevers and Barrage of Calls

Homaygash! Time flies so fast talaga!

If hindi pa mag-Holy week I wouldn’t be able to update my blog again.

I didn’t go to work today because it’s Holy Wednesday already and I just want to unwind from the barrage of calls, emails, FB messages, viber messages and the likes. Sometimes gusto ko na talaga isumpa ang mga tawag but then I remember something I read from Donald Trump’s book. He said as a CEO his phone constantly rings and rings. But no matter how busy he is, he always makes time to take calls and return calls because he there was the time when his phone stopped ringing and that it was scarier when his phone didn’t ring.

So whenever I feel tired and cranky I always remember this and it instantly improves my mood. I try to imagine the phone not ringing and scary talaga. That’s why even when my phone’s message notification beeps at 10pm I still take time to answer. I draw a line from taking phone calls na at night because there’s only so much I can take but if it’s a message then what’s a few seconds to answer. 🙂

But today is different. I forgot to tell you that the real reason I stayed at home the whole day because my youngest is sick. He’s been having an off and on fever since yesterday. I think it’s not that serious but I still decided to stay at home.  Kids need their mothers when they’re sick. I’m lucky my husband works at home and I don’t need to leave my kids with our kasambahay but iba pa rin talaga ang bond ng kids and their mommies.

Like kanina, Zack was trying to sleep. I was not with him because his Daddy was with him naman. I was at the sala watching TV. An hour passed and he was not still sleeping. I checked on them and he looked tired and but his eyes were still open. So I just laid beside him and hugged him. His Kuya Z hummed a lullaby for him – let me just put on record that although Kuya loves his little brother so much he wanted him to sleep right away so he can make takas and go outside to play. Well, it worked like magic and Zack has been sleeping ever since. I’m beside him now watching over him and blogging. He opened his eyes a few minutes ago and I lulled him back to sleep. Ayan tulog na tulog pa rin. 🙂

Iba talaga ang presence ng mga nanay. My kids are both boys and sometimes I get envious at my husband because with the two boys may instant barkada na sya agad. But then he tells me even though he makes it fun for the two of them mas love na love daw nila ako and nakakainis daw. hahaha!

Here’s Zack photo before he went to sleep.
 photo IMG_5052_zpszvckdr0m.jpg
Please send prayers for my little boy. We will be spending the Holy Week together and I promise to give him undivided attention. Crossing my fingers he gets well soon!

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