Organizing Our Things

Since our two wardrobes were destroyed by the flood we only have two cabinets left – one that my husband and I share and one small cabinet for the kids’ clothes. While unpacking our clothes from the boxes I noticed that we had more clothes and some wouldn’t fit if I try to place everything inside. So I’m packing some of our things for future use like hubby’s barong and office wear. He also used to wear a lot of jackets in the office like one of those look north face jackets men and these are bulky too so I’ll be putting them away in a box. I’m thinking of giving these away too to people who might need it.

I read somewhere that a good practice of not accumulating so many things and organizing your things is every time you buy something you throw away/give away another. Like for example you bought a new pair of shoes then you have to throw away another so you’ll have a space for your new purchase. This way you won’t have a cramp space and there will be space for all your things.

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