Sudden acceleration

I recently read a blog that is claiming that just like the Toyota issues in the U.S., a number of Mitsubishi Montero SUVs are getting into accidents because of a mysterious sudden acceleration. It’s sad seeing the accidents and even some people were hurt, but the sadder part is that Mitsubishi is blaming the floor mats, claiming that it got over the gas pedal.

I was a fan of Mitsubishi but after reading about these incidents, I might just change my mind and opt for safer brands. Drivers should be worried about rims for cars instead of sudden uncontrolled acceleration. I hope and pray that the remaining Montero SUVs that are running are working properly and that justice will be served to those that were affected.

One thought on “Sudden acceleration

  1. Deo Magbal Jr.

    I am from the Philippines. And unfortunately, it happened to me.
    We brought a Mitsubishi Montero GLS-V AT last July 2012. We loved the car very much until January 18, 2015, 8:15 in the morning.
    We were in my cousin’s house and after breakfast, we decided to go home. I told my wife that I will drive out the Montero from the garage so they can just ride the car outside. Following my religious routine, I went inside the car, stepped on the brake, while at “P” mode, I started the engine, released the hand brake and shifted it to “R”. Immediately, the car accelerated so much I hit the cement fence, knocked it down. I was shocked!!! After about 3 minutes and with my cousin, wife and others all came out, I decided to drive it a little bit to see what I hit at the back. But to add to my trauma, as soon as I shifted to “D”, the car again accelerated forward and I destroyed my cousin’s kitchen.
    We reported it to Mitsubishi who said it was my fault (unknowingly stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake). I said what??? after 18 years of driving automatic cars wihtout any problem (we have 3 AT cars), I suddenly committed 2 consecutive fatal errors??? And to think that the car only suffered not so major damage, it is fully insured and I can just easily claim insurance. Mitsubishi dealer said maybe I am just ashamed of the error I’ve done and wanted to blame Mitsubishi…save my face. I said to whom? They said to my wife. I said again, what??? I am ashamed to my wife??? Married for 28 years, living and sleeping together and now ashamed to my wife???
    To those who have Monteros in the Philippines, I am more than willing to share my experience to you. I can send you the pictures and police report. These are my contact details: Deo Magbal Jr., Tel Nos 0917-865-9050 or 02-782-4385, 7 Ipil St Progressive Village, Tagapo, Santa Rosa City, Laguna,. Email add:
    We are a filing a case against Mitsubishi. If you are a victim too. Lets join and possibly file a CLASS SUIT. I wish the present Montero owners not to experience this and pray that no one will be hurt.


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