Online Games Can Help You Destress

Playing online has never been a hobby of mine. Now my husband is a different story. He absolutely loves playing games on his laptop. Whenever I ask him why he tells me it’s his way to destress. It must be working because I hardly see him stressed. Me, I’m always worrying and fretting about. Maybe it’s time I should start playing to unwind.

Anyway, I found some card games online that has no deposit bonus. It means you can try and play without paying a deposit. If you are into card games you should definetly try to look for a
no deposit code game. There’s no use throwing away your hard earned money when no deposit bonus codes games are abound online.

As for me I think I’ll just try one of my kids’ games first. Who knows, a simple racing car game could do the trick for me and reduce my stress.

14 thoughts on “Online Games Can Help You Destress

  1. Rose

    wow, at least you’re having fun with online games. i’ve never really been fascinated with it but i know some people who really allot an hour each day just to be able to play their favorite game.

  2. Linnor

    i get invited to play online games or fb games a lot of times. i usually devline because i don’t want to… i’m afraid i might get hooked on it. hihi

  3. Marie

    I am not really into online games, but bloghopping, reading FB posts and my favorite threads at Female Network helps me destress. It’s crazy. I sometimes spend hours reading online haha

  4. Aileen

    Some games are relaxing and fun, while some are frustrating hehehe. Like right now, it’s been days and I have not been able to get out of level 70 in Candy Crush. Kaya stressful na sya hehehe.

  5. Vera

    In terms of Facebook games, hindi na ko nakakalaro. I decided I’d rather do something else when I’m on the PC and connection’s good. Pero sa phone, laro laro pa rin pag may time. Welcome distraction sya. Si boyfriend naman, online games pa rin although na takeover na din ng PS3 ang attention nya.


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