Dream Wedding

It may be a cliche, but it would still be true. Every woman imagines a dream wedding a magical and unforgettable one because it is only a once in a lifetime experience for us.

For 8 years of being married, I can still picture myself getting married again in a magical setting, surrounded by forests and waterfalls, in an outdoor church with all the best amenities and services.

I’m looking forward to that dream wedding someday with my hubby exchanging our promise rings and vows again.

41 thoughts on “Dream Wedding

  1. Rose

    i have to agree on this. brides already have an idea how they wanted their wedding to turn out since they were younger. blame romantic movies. hehe! but weddings are so much fun, it’s hard not to be invested in them.

  2. Vera

    truth be told, it is this idea of a dream wedding that keeps me from agreeing to a civil ceremony. hehe. Dahil sa dream wedding, maghihintay pa muna ako

  3. Jhari

    Hayst… weddings…
    It always make me dream as well to see myself walking down the aisle. But it’s not our tradition kasi especially in Islam. We have different ways of celebrating weddings.

  4. Maan

    Awww, I’m sure you will attain that dream wedding of yours! I also prefer a garden wedding over a church wedding. However, in the end, what matters is whom you’re gonna get married to.

  5. GeriLen

    all girls have that dream wedding and preparing for it is fun but it could also be stressful – meeting the dream wedding to the reality of things is hard. 🙂 at the end of the day, what really matters most is the bride and groom ready to prove their I Do’s for the rest of their lives! :0)

  6. max

    8 years of marriage…i’m 16 years married; have not thought of married again hehe, maybe on our silver or golden wedding anniversary?

  7. Mommy Maye

    Same here. I am dreaming to have another wedding, maybe on our 25th wedding anniversary. So that’s 20 years from now. We will celebrate our 5th anniversary on July 27th 🙂

  8. jellybelly

    The first one ended badly. I’m dreaming of getting married a second time with our daughter as flower girl to witness. We won’t have rings though because our church discourages wearing jewelries.

  9. Melgie

    I agree with you, Ms. Paula…forever in-love and thinking about being married again with same man is lifetime happiness. I like your wedding idea:)

  10. Vanessa

    ay, me too miss paula! i want that kind of wedding, oopps, i’m married na pala! haha! although hubby and i made a similar theme when we got married, ours was a garden catholic wedding, fairy themed. it was almost like a dream. we were all very happy! 🙂

  11. Glenda

    I am no longer sure if I want to pursue on my dream silver wedding. I have to consider so many things. I will just wait and see if what God had planned for us. You have such a nice wedding idea.

  12. Khim

    Every wedding is something memorable in the woman’s memory. I want my dream wedding to be with the person I love now. It doesn’t matter where it will happen as long as I am exchanging vows with him. I’m happy with it. 😀


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