What to Do with Unwanted Jewelry

When you have gold jewelry that you don’t need, you can always sell it to a reputable Houston gold buyer for some extra money. The amount of money you make often depends on the quality of your gold jewelry and the amount of gold you actually have, but it’s always a good way to get rid of unwanted or damaged jewelry that is otherwise taking up space in your jewelry drawer. The same goes for silver jewelry, old coins, baseball cards or any other potentially valuable collectibles. Fortunately for residents of Houston, all of these old collectibles can be sold for fair prices at Houston Numismatic Exchange. Houston Numismatic Exchange has been in business since 1965, and since that time it has built a reputation as being one of the premier buyers of gold, silver and ancient coins in Houston. Not only does Houston Numismatic Exchange buy unwanted jewelry and coins, but it sells it as well, allowing customers to exchange a broken piece of gold jewelry for other fine jewelry or even their unique coin jewelry made from ancient coins. Houston Numismatic Exchange is one of the largest gold and silver dealers in Texas. It is conveniently located in the Rice Village of Houston, so stop by and see what they have to offer.

20 thoughts on “What to Do with Unwanted Jewelry

  1. hanny

    There are a lot of gold buyers, I know a couple of friends from USA who buys gold. It is said that Philippines sells gold cheaper. So gold buyers are interested here because of the opportunity of earning more through buying and selling.

    MomMy Hanny

  2. eLLa (r)

    I remember we used to sneak my parents’ arrahae when we were kids and then buy our candies from the sari-sari store. Tinatanggap naman ng tindera, yon pala malaki value non.

  3. Lady Anne

    I have here an earring without a pair and a broken bracelet. Thanks for giving me the idea of selling them! I just have to find a shop , like the one in Houston, here in the UAE.

  4. Kristine

    Yes, this one’s really good for the people in Houston.

    In my case honestly, I don’t have a piece of jewelry that I have bought myself yet. Hope I hope the day comes.

  5. Melgie

    This is a nice article about getting rid of unwanted jewelry, instead of loosing it at some point better get something out of it, or use the money to buy something new. I also love the idea of collectables stuff, like coins and silvers. It might worth a lot in the future.

  6. Chin chin

    You can also pass it on to somebody else who may actually want it. But what about jewelries with missing pieces like for example the locks of earrings? Can it still be sold? I guess so if the price is based on the grams of gold.

  7. Vanessa

    What my grandma does to old gold jewelry is this: she’ll look for some of our old gold jewelry, like an earring without a pair, an earring lock, a broken ring, etc. then she’ll bring it to a goldsmith then have it made into another jewelry, like a ring perhaps. they really make it look good again. 🙂

  8. Aileen

    Good thing for me, I don’t really invest on jewelry. Most of what I have are just given to me…and even if they are broken or something, I keep them, as I do with all gifts given to me. 🙂

  9. Maan

    My parents used to deal jewelry when I was young; that’s why we have several pieces of gold jewelry. However, I wouldn’t think of selling them because they appreciate in value.

  10. GeriLen

    im a sentimental person and keeping old and broken jewelries are one of my pet peeves… i always have hard time of letting things go, but in a fair amount in exchange, i think it would make the letting go process easier 😛


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