Now a 3-Man Team

After six months of opening our online store I am so happy to report that we are now a 3-man team. Helping me with assisting our online customers is my brother who just came home from the US. To complete our 3-man team, I also recruited one friend to take charge of delivery schedule.

Having more manpower means our customers can expect faster response time and more efficient customer support. We hope that we can serve more customers in the future and help them furnish their dream homes with quality but affordable furniture.

Our dad is very happy with our online store’s performance. He has even commissioned wholesale printing to print our very own calling cards. It hasn’t been delivered yet but I can’t wait to see it.

30 thoughts on “Now a 3-Man Team

  1. Vera

    Yay, signs of growth! So happy for your successful online store. Once we get our finances in order, we’ll really likely get a new bed maybe from you 🙂

  2. Glenda

    If two heads are better than one..what more of is best that you had help specially that your business is doing good! Keep on prospering and God bless!

  3. tet

    Congrats and goodluck on your new online store. I am also thinking to start a small biz as well but I don’t know if i can manage o do it..

  4. Aileen

    It’s good that there are extra hands to help you now in your business. It does make the tasks less daunting as some loads are taken off your back. Hope that your business will prosper more.

  5. Vanessa

    congratulations for the expansion. your business is growing big! been checking your Lorenz Furniture website from time to time now and I must say that you really make quality and gorgeous furnitures! Can’t wait to move in our own home and order from you our first living room or dining room set! Yay! Here’s hoping! Hihi! 🙂

  6. Marie

    Congratulations! Our country does need new dynamic entrepreneurs. I hope I can venture into my own business someday too 🙂

  7. Rose

    Additional staff always means good news because aside from more efficiency in attending to customers, it means your business is growing. Congratulations!

  8. Rose

    Cheers on your expansion. This is an exciting business venture. I bet, what makes it more exciting is that you get to spend more time (and effort) with your relatives, your business partners.


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