Hubbies Gear

My hubby is fond of guitar and other related gear. He recently bought an acoustic guitar, and he seems happy about it. But I know that soon, he will find another gear interesting and he will be hunting for it.

I noticed that he has been looking for what he calls a tube amplifier, and he’s been eyeing those amps out, especially classic aer amplifiers. He is not an impulsive buyer so I’m not that worried, but I will support him when he wants to buy something.

11 thoughts on “Hubbies Gear

  1. Vera

    Yesterday my Dad was tuned in to RJ TV and they showed a portable battery operated amplifier worth 2500. It was so small but loud!

  2. Vanessa

    i’m with you right there, sis. if my hubby wants something, i will support him, too. we’re very fortunate that our hubbies are not impulsuve buyers. :-)

  3. tet

    Speaking of acoustic guitar, I am selling mine. I need cash ASAP. But I am thinking of buying a great instrument in the future.


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