A Glimpse to the Future

Since my hubby’s favorite past time is to browse and look for new updates and gadgets to upgrade his guitars and effects, I saw bass flute at wwbw which made me interested and imagine how it would be if my two boys are playing wind instruments other than string instruments. It would feel like an orchestra at home in the near future if ever. I just hope that they will have the same passion in music like their dad.

31 thoughts on “A Glimpse to the Future

  1. GeriLen

    super ideal naman ng husband mo sis. your children are very mapalad to have a role model dad 🙂
    i used to play flute when i was in high school but not anymore, i even tried learning the guitar but i just cant “string” so sa audience nalang tlga aq! 😛

  2. Olga

    My little girl has also been bugging me to get her a trumpet. Then my li’l boy wants REAL drums. I do like that they’re both interested in music, but, oh dear, imagine all the racket two preschoolers would be making in the house with a trumpet and drums.

  3. Vera

    Just yesterday the boyfriend and I were talking about taking music lessons. I’d go back to playing piano, and he’ll learn something. I miss making music! It would be really nice to see your boys playing music with their dad

  4. Mommy Maye

    We bought a piano for Matt but we are not yet teaching him. Maybe we will enroll him na lang since Daddy and I do not really know how to play a piano e. Hehe. Anyway, I am sure your kids will acquire your husband’s love for music.

  5. Rose

    one of my biggest frustrations in life was never learning how to play the piano. i hope you nurture the talent of your sons if any of them shows inclination towards music. they’re very lucky though because they have their dad as their role model.

  6. tet

    cool! I miss playing the guitar because I can’t get some time to touch it because of a very busy schedule. I hope to find time this weekend.

  7. Maan

    That would be so nice! I would love to have a musical family also. Unfortunately, we don’t play instruments! Got to find someone to teach the little one. 😀

  8. Kat

    I have a friend whose kids know how to play at least two musical instruments. I think it was harmonica and piano. It must be wonderful to live in a musically-gifted household.


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