Fabric Hunting Success

Went fabric hunting with a customer. We were looking for the perfect fabric for her sofa. Prior to this, I already looked at three different fabric stores for something that she would like. All got the thumbs down.

Finally, she personally visited thus our trip to the fabric store that day. She eyed all the fabrics silently. I was silently praying she would find one she likes.

Then this yellow fabric caught her eye. I say she made the right choice.

Here’s the final outcome.



44 thoughts on “Fabric Hunting Success

  1. Meikah Delid

    I like it! 🙂 I really want to have a customized sofa, too. Would you have price list sis? 🙂
    And am glad you’re back here blogging. 🙂

  2. Mylene

    The sofa looks so elegant:D the client made the right choice of fabric. By the way, my daughter is also in 3rd – level. I think SOT made some adjustments on the PACEs for each level.

  3. sanna

    The end result is elegant and sophisticated. I love that its not too bold and flashy but the color still looks pleasing and homey.

  4. Mommy Maye

    Nice sis. I want to buy the dining table I have inquired plus a bed frame and a sofa too. Hehe. I will just contact you again para tipid sa delivery charge. Please give me the best price ha. Thanks!!!

  5. tet

    I think she also made the right choice. That’s wonderful sis. Do you give extra charge if your customer wants you to accompany them in choosing fabrics?

  6. Pinay R.

    It is difficult if the customer has really something concrete in her mind. But, in this case, I guess it turned out really well and I am sure she is really satisfied!

  7. Maan

    Very elegant! If I were your client, though, I would have opted for a brighter and livelier shade. It would have been nicer if you posted photos of your first choices. 🙂

  8. Vera

    Buti na lang sumama sya. It has an aged, old-house feel. Nice.
    Sis, I’m interested in buying a bed frame from your store sana. Kaya ba nung leather queen sized bed ang heavy-weight? over400 lbs total ang hihiga dun eh. hehe 🙂

  9. farida

    The sofa is a mixture of modern and traditional feel that suits a large space with lots of indoor plants. I hope your client was happy with the end-result 🙂

  10. Aileen

    Good that the fabric hunting turned out well. I guess it’s one of the tough parts, choosing the right one because we all have different preferences.

  11. eLLa (r)

    Elegant choice. We also encountered fabric problems when we had our sofa re-upholstered, we just choose upon the given choices. Dapat pala ganyan, bring the client from the source, so they can choose from wider array.

  12. ElizOF

    Excellent choice. The fabric is elegant and will compliment other pieces in her home. I love the finish and expertise you brought to the effort. Kudos. 🙂
    Yes, I’ve been gone awhile. 🙂

  13. Olga

    The workmanship is great. I myself go for contemporary designs though. Sleek furniture that are just perfect for small spaces would be my choice.


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