A New Martin Guitar

My brother is coming home today and guess who is the most excited? It’s my hubby of course!

A few weeks ago he was fretting about a new Martin guitar. He found one that he liked online but it was too expensive so he let it go. However my brother will not go back to the US in another two years which means it will be a long time before he can buy another Martin guitar. So he felt really bad about letting it go.

After seeing his long and sad face I knew I had to encourage him or he would never buy his guitar. It took only a nudge or two and he was able to find another one he liked – that’s because the first one has already been bought.

So guess what today his new guitar will arrive. We are a couple of pesos poorer but as long hubby is happy I know it is worth it. Whether it’s a new guitar or new pedalΒ as long as it will make hubby happy I would never object.

37 thoughts on “A New Martin Guitar

  1. Vanessa

    aww, that’s so sweet of you miss paula. my hubby, on the other hand, loves to play bowling, and whenever he tells me that there’s a bowling tournament that he wants to join, i don’t object too because i know it will make him happy. that’s one of his stress relievers. πŸ™‚

  2. Mommy Maye

    My husband also wants to learn to play a guitar, but has no time naman. Anyway, we bought a keyboard for a our son last Christmas but we rarely use it. Lack of time again πŸ™

  3. Vera

    I’m sure the cost is justified by the endless hours of enjoyment the new guitar will bring. At first to your husband, but later on even to your sons. πŸ™‚

  4. eLLa (r)

    Naku, ganyan din ako. Pag gusto ni hubby, go ako, kahit sira ang budget. Last year, he got hooked into biking, hindi ko akalain na 6-digits pala ang usapan don. Go parin. (I don’t know if I have to end this comment with a smiling face of crying face.hehe)

  5. Marie

    For musicians and hobbyists, choosing the finest guitars is a must. My hubby plays the guitar too and I used to wonder why it takes him too long to choose one hehe (for me , everything looks the same hehe)

  6. tet

    Cool! At least he got his happiness. I wish to purchase a new one but it’s not really much of a priority yet. I will sell my old one first then, we’ll see if I can purchase a new one. But not a Martin guitar. That will be too expensive for me.

  7. Tin

    its also good to invest on items that will encourage holistic development aka hobbies hihi.. all work and no play is sad diba?

  8. Vera

    How is the guitar sis? Has it arrived by now? I was wondering also, with your hubby’s fascination with guitars, does he play in a band?

    have a good week πŸ™‚

  9. Mys

    It makes me excited when my cousin finally goes to the States. Pwede na ko magbilin din sa kanya. I’m closest to him, since we are the only few ones left in the Philippines and in the same city.

  10. Aileen

    I suppose your hubby is now enjoying his new guitar. I’m planning to buy another one myself, but not the expensive one. I just needed another one because I brought my classical guitar to the province to teach the kids. πŸ™‚


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