What One Week Without Z Taught Me

Sorry for no posts again. I really need to start writing in this blog often. But it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. There were a lot of things I wasn’t able to share which I now regret. As the song says, “If only I could turn back time…” hehehe!

Anyway, this song was my family’s theme song last week.

You’ll never guess what happened.

It started when we visited my mom. I had this sudden idea for Z to stay with her for a week. It hasn’t happened before so I was surprised when Z agreed. So the following week, we dropped him there with one week worth of clothing, said our goodbyes and we went home.

Oopps, before we went away pala Zack wasn’t too happy when he finally realized we were leaving his brother behind. We were already outside ready to go inside the car when I told him his brother was staying. Even at two years old, he realized right away that was not a good thing. So he tried to drag his brother towards the car. When his Dad started the car he was torn between being left behind and trying to drag his brother so he started crying. I admit we were laughing so hard at this point because of Zack’s dilemma. Z even teased him more by pretending to ride in the car and when he was already calm Z would suddenly jump out and get Zack’s attention. Of course, the little one would start to cry once again. Then we would all laugh.

But when we were already on our way home, guess who started missing Z the most?

By that time Zack was already calm and happy and have forgotten about his Kuya. But inside the car the silence was deafening. It was Ate Rose who broke the silence when she blurted out, “Ang tahimik. Nakakamiss si Z!” At that point there was already an ache in my heart and I was questioning whether I was mad to suggest that he be left behind.

To make the story short, we terribly missed him over the week. The house was so lonely. With no one tinkering with the LP all the time the house was so quiet without Z. I then had an epiphany of what will happen in the future when the kids are no longer living with us. When it’s just me and hubby in the house. I admit I have been guilty over the past months of not spending time with the kids. After all I had uprooted my family in order to start our online business so the past months I had the pressure to sell. I have been away at the store most days trying to learn everything I can and at night when I come home I’m too tired to do anything. But after having a glimpse of what the “future” will bring I now realize that the children are still the most important.

I don’t want to sing the tune, “If only I could turn back time” by the time we are old and wrinkled so even though it’s hard I am more determined than ever to manage my time better and make my family my priority.

Now Z is back in the house. Hurray! Next time I will think twice before making him go on vacation alone.

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26 thoughts on “What One Week Without Z Taught Me

  1. Mommy Maye

    Aw. Time flies so fast kais no. I still want to stay at home but I think it’s not what God plans for me just yet. As much as I wanted to be with my son, that’s not yet possible. But I know in time it will happen. It’s not my plan to work until I am old. I have a goal that before I turn 40, I will resign from work and be a full time wife and mom. And hopefully by that time, my business is already well established. You are right, time will come our children will leave us and be independent from us. so we must cherish the time we have with them.

    Mommy Maye

  2. reese

    awww, your siblings are that so close noh, is this the first time happened?
    me too…i always missed my brother when he is away, kahit lagi kaming nag-aaway haha; when we were kids were always together iwan kami sa mga lola or titas for vacation

  3. Vera

    wow. this early you are already feeling the empty nest syndrome. I never really thought about how my parents felt whenever I was away. But I will always remember how I used to miss them when I was a little girl and one or both of them would be away on a work trip. Next time, weekend sleepover lang kay Lola para di masyado mamiss si Z 🙂

  4. Maan

    Gosh, I’ve been feeling too “choked” lately, and I really wanted a few hours of alone time. This post makes me realize that I should not take the time with my baby for granted. After all, ngayon lang sya baby. 🙁

  5. Marie

    I would be sad too if my children will be apart from me. When my daughter went on a camping trip for a week in a remote town in Pangasinan, I wanted to call her real bad but there was no signal on the camp site!

  6. Vanessa

    Aww, that’s so sad. I can’t imagine myself not seeing my baby for a week. I will terribly miss him. Glad to know your son is back home already. 🙂

  7. Mys

    I think being away from the kids or the kids from the parents is always difficult. I remember how I felt when I had to go to school in Manila in highschool. I begged my mom to take me home. Luckily, my old school accepted me back. I was too homesick. What about your child? Was he homesick?

  8. jellybelly

    I cannot imagine letting my daughter go on a vacation without me. My mom used to leave me for a week with my grandparents on my father’s side in Tarlac and I would cry every night asking to go home. I was about 7 the first time. I don’t know about my daughter but I’m sure I would be miserable. So cute naman of Zack not wanting to leave his big brother 🙂

  9. Aileen

    I could relate….sometimes I complain that my nephews are so madaldal and makulit but when am back here in Manila after spending for instance a long weekend in the province, I miss their kakulitan and I feel a pang of loneliness.

  10. ceemee

    I know how you feel. I have taken a sort of day off to be with a friend, but in the end, I cannot wait to get home and I’m starting to get anxious on the jeepney ride home.

  11. teri

    awww….Zack is so sweet even at 2. My eldest son, Cholo, is protective of his younger brothers especially with the youngest. So when he arrives at the canteen he would look for his brother at the crib, at kung wala dun si Dean he would ask me where and look for him right away.

    i also felt that way when cholo used to sleepover at my hubby’s aunt before. i was like excited to have a taste of freedom (in a way) since i only have one kid to look after. but after dropping him off i regretted and wish i could just take him back home.

  12. Daddy Allan

    My mom told us before that whenever we get married in the future, they already accepted it that we will leave them and we will start our own family. She also told us that they started only the two of them (Mama and papa) so the probability of being the two of them in the future is high.

  13. Chin chin

    My kids almost always want to stay with their cousins, too, even my 4-year old. It keeps the home quiet which is good for me when I’m working but nakakamiss nga ang mga kids.

  14. Lady Anne

    I also spent a week in my Aunt’s home every summer when I was in Grade School. And I remember my Mom would always fetch me before the weekend. Like you, she can’t stand a couple of days without me. 🙂

  15. Melgie

    nothing is permanent in this world, kids are growing so fast, before i knew it my little babies will gonna start school and so on and so fort.. nice post!


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