Spotted: Red/Black Table at Spoon!

Last night, I was watching Spoon on Net 25. It has been a long time since I turned the channel to Net 25. Janice de Belen, the host, was interviewing the talented singer, Dulce. They were talking about – I guess, her career but I wasn’t really paying attention.

Why was I not paying attention?

Because my eyes were glued to the round table they were using. When I saw the red and black glass table I knew right there and then it’s the same table we were selling at our store. I scoured the internet for videos of that episode with Dulce but I couldn’t find anything. I wanted to kick myself for not taking a picture of our television screen. But I didn’t take a picture because I knew that it wouldn’t really capture the beauty of the table.

When I finally landed at their official website I got excited. It turned out they were using this same table for a while and they have lots of pictures to prove it. (Note: These photos areΒ Net25’s Spoon.) Let me share the photos with you and give you a detailed explanation about our table.

Here’s Arnel Pineda and Janice De Belen chatting amiably while eating merienda on top of the Red/Black table. There are two of them there but this table actually comes with four chairs. Two people can dine comfortably here but it was made to fit four people.

 photo 20120521-_MSW4493_zps1553d3c3.jpg

Here’s Carla Abellana’s Dad, Rey PJ Abellana, sharing a cake with Janice. Can you see how the table is divided into black and red hue equally in two parts each? If you think the red is the fiery red hue then you bet it is. It’s really that bright in person.

 photo net2512of14_zps27c768bb.jpg

If you think Actor-turned-businessman, Marvin Agustin, was enjoying his meal too much then who wouldn’t if you are surrounded with wonderful bright colors? From this view you can see the black and red chairs that comes with the table. I told you before there are four chairs in all so they must have hidden the other two. What I like about the chairs is they’re round too which means they fit snugly around the table. Absolutely no wasted space. You can literally put this in a small corner and never worry about it wasting space. When not in use it can serve as a beautiful accent. You can cover it withΒ a variety of tablecloths on different occasions but it would still look good even without it.

 photo Net25-10_zps43ca9dc8.jpg

Here’s another photo of the table with Luke Mejares and Janice. If want more space but with the exact same design then I recommend the square version of this table.
 photo net2519of26_zpsba54e29a.jpg

For this last picture, I am not sure I’m familiar with the guest. Maybe it’s because of the angle. Can you tell me her name? Anyway, this table comes in various colors. We also have the black/white and purple/black combination. Aside from the 4-seater it also comes in 6-seater.
 photo net259of18_zpsf222ad20.jpg

46 thoughts on “Spotted: Red/Black Table at Spoon!

  1. max

    i find the table and chairs pretty and comfortable for chitchat, very apt in our veranda hehe
    i think the girl is rochelle pangiinan…

  2. January

    I want that table and chairs too… soon.. If i have our own house na, that’s the time I ask for quotation.. hehehe.. For now I’ll just admire your furniture.. πŸ™‚

  3. Chan

    I was really impressed with your furniture designs and actually I liked this red/black set the first time I saw it ing your site! πŸ™‚

  4. Sanna

    Wow! Its really nice! Its perfect for a tea and cake time for guests if you do not want to sit in a whole sized dining table. Gotta have that!

  5. Jhari

    Love the vibrant color. I’m coward to place bright colors for the house if we’ll have one of our own. I feel like everything will not be in place hahaha! Will be needing an interior designer if that will be the case.

  6. teri

    oh yes. the colors are bright and cool. if i have my own place i would definitely pump up my dinning space with those. πŸ™‚ i bet the excitement swirling on your chest while looking those in the screen and using by no less than Janice De Leon and her guests. πŸ™‚

  7. promding chamimay

    that’s cool! finding your own product used in a show set… πŸ™‚ i love the black&red combo…. made me think to be more adventurous once we start renovating the house! am excited! πŸ˜€


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