It’s Been Four Months

After four months of having an online store I now realize how much a challenge it is to do this. It’s practically a one-man show with me doing the site updates, marketing online on ad sites and social media sites, taking orders, answering queries, scheduling deliveries, and checking the items before delivery. But as hard as this would be I have no reason to complain because the real heroes are the furniture makers who make the furniture with their bare hands (for custom made orders) and the delivery boys who brave the Manila heat and traffic riding in our non-airconditioned trucks to make sure the items reach their destinations. Whenever I feel overwhelmed about everything I just think of these hardworking men and strive to be better with my more “cozy” job.

Anyway, it’s been a struggle from the start but I’m glad we’re featuring more and more products everyday therefore giving our customers more to choose from. We aren’t selling premier mounts and home accessories just yet but who knows we will even sell that in the future? As long as customers don’t get tired of patronizing our store we will never get tired of giving them affordable furniture that gives more value for their money.

47 thoughts on “It’s Been Four Months

  1. Mys

    As long as you give your customers value for their money, I don’t think you’ll run out of customers. People love buying things as long as they feel it is worth it. Furnitures are always great investments as well since it will serve the family for a long time.

  2. Leslie

    Hi mommy Paula! Any advice on setting up an online store? I,too, want an online store but selling stuff from Singapore. Hopefully I can do it this year=)

  3. Vera

    Congratulations on the 4 successful months of you business 🙂 Many more will come. I like the furniture that you’ve been featuring, so keep them coming 🙂

  4. Marie

    Paula, your furniture pieces are beautiful. Congratulations! I bet your products reflect the love and effort thrown on your business

  5. Rika Jane Tano

    I can totally relate with the idea of an online store being an “one-man show”. I used to sell stuffs through ebay and multiply, too. But come to think of it, you’re your own boss. ^_^

    I love that you think about your delivery boys & furniture makers, and what they go through to deliver your awesome products. They make your store what it is today. Real heroes, indeed!

    I’m browsing you store’s site now. I have my eye on one of your dining sets. 🙂

    More power to your business!

  6. jellybelly

    I have a friend who also has an online store in addition to working full time. It’s really a challenge and she has a lot of sleepless nights coping with orders. Goodluck!

  7. Chan

    Often than not, it requires full time talaga to update your site etc.. because market now is very demanding, you really have to be updated and be aggressive..

  8. Jhari

    I’ve been seeing the new sets of furniture over your Facebook page mommy paula, and they are looking good! Keep it up and all the best.

  9. Aileen

    Running a business is really a challenging thing. That is why you have to have the heart for it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t last long. And I agree that as long as you give value to the customers, you’ll have them coming back. Sometimes though, you have to create the value for the customers…make them want to buy your product… it’s a marketing thing. I just heard it from our former marketing manager hehehe…

  10. teri

    having an online store is difficult in the beginning but when you finally found your footing and through repeat customers and referrals it will grow. congratulations on your biz more power and Godbless!

  11. Maan

    You’re doing great, Paula. After all, it’s just 4 months; the business still has a long way to go! Do share your tips on how you manage your business, because I’m sure many of us also want to be mompreneurs like you. 🙂

  12. Linnor

    answering queries and online orders means good business… that kind of “busy” is a good problem to have. more power to you and your biz!

  13. Vanessa

    be strong and think of it as a blessing everyday. you’re lucky to be working at home and being with your family. besides, no work is easy and you are doing really great with it. go go go, fight lang ng fight. hihi! goodluck and God bless! More power!

  14. Pinay R.

    Each of us have our role in the world! Each role may be so exhausting… sometimes of the mind… time… talent and others, physical. Good luck for your endeavor and we pray for continuous innovation and sustainability!

  15. Pearl

    oh yes, I can relate because I also have an online store, and during peak season, it’s really challenging… but it’s fun, because I really love what I’m doing, and that’s the most important part, right?

  16. kat

    hi mommy paula,

    Im here for a visit. I kne wyou’re making a good progress at your online shop. I featured your shop at my sites and hopefully i can help in any way. Take care



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