Account Suspended

I woke up earlier this morning to do some blogging. When I checked my blog, all the blood drained from my face.

The reason?

I forgot to pay my hosting bills!

It was bad enough that my favorite blog was down. (Love your own. haha!)

But I got scared when I realized even my favorite online store was down. You know what I meant.*wink

So I hurriedly paid for the invoice, panicked some more when that didn’t fix it, called for support from my host, which finally restored all my sites. Whew!

The technical agent told me it usually goes back live ten minutes after payment. If that was true it was probably the longest ten minutes of my life.

So reminder to myself, always pay your hosting bills on time.

Same goes with your other bills – electricity, water, rent, GMF health insurance, etc. You might not like the feeling of paying bills but these are important in maintaining our quality of life so we just have to do it. Imagine not having to pay for electricity but enduring brownout. Nuff said!

22 thoughts on “Account Suspended

  1. Aileen

    Lol! That happens to me when I forget to pay bills, lalo na ang credit cards. Parang nabuhusan ka ng malamig na tubig then you start to panic a bit, sometimes, you have to slap yourself to get a hold of yourself…hahaha am kidding on the last one. Carried away hehehe….But it certainly could get you saying “Oh no!” Good thing my host reminds me a month before the domain expires….at ang kulit…every week na reminder ata yun until I got fed up and paid lol!

  2. Mys

    I panicked last year. My domain name almost expired. I didn’t blog that much so it was a very scary experience. Lucky for me, hubby came through for me.

  3. Rizza

    Whew! That was close. One of my blogs got suspended, actually. I’m still trying to get it back. Blogger says it’s a spam blog. (It has a blogspt domain; and I don’t intend to buy one for it.) Still, I value that blog because I put a lot of effort in every post. Hmm, still waiting….

  4. kat

    I have not experienced forgetting the hosting payment. I hope I won’t n the future. My hosting site sends reminders two weeks in advance about the impending expiry.

  5. eLLa (r)

    I would want to have my own domain too, but still a little lazy to act on it. I’ll take note of this, so when the times comes, I’ll be aware.

  6. eLLa (r)

    I would want to have my own domain too, but still a little lazy to act on it. I’ll take note of this, so when the times comes, I’ll be aware.

  7. Vanessa

    yay, i’d panic too if this ever happens to me! glad your domain was restored after a few minutes. it must be the longest 10 minutes you ever experienced!

  8. jellybelly

    That would definitely make me panic. I had an incident with my blog being inaccessible one time and I had a paid post pending to be reviewed. Super panic mode!


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