Three Reasons Why Vacations Make You Happy

We’re baaaccccckkkkk!

Going on vacation is really therapeutic. I feel so rested after our 6-day vacation! For the past six days we did nothing but find something to eat, find something to do, or just lie down the beach and watch people from all walks of life.  Boracay has so many activities that you wouldn’t run out of things to do. The downside is everything’s so expensive when you’re on vacation. We went there with our wallets bulging with money but now it’s almost empty. hahaha!

Anyway, we only go on vacation once a year so it’s worth it. They say spending your money on vacations is better than gadgets. Wanna know why? Because it’ll give you happiness three times over!

Let me enumerate:

First. Before you go on vacation you experience high looking forward to your much awaited trip. Since we booked our flight last August we have been looking forward this trip for months on end!

Second. Of course you’ll be happy on the days of vacation itself.

Third. After your vacation you will look back and sigh at the happy memories you have experienced from your vacation.

I’m not kidding with the third one. We have been reminiscing our Bohol trip over and over the past year. Sometimes hubby would say, “I miss Bohol,” and Z would say, “I do too!” Then hubby would say, “Don’t worry because in a few months we’ll be going to…” and Z would finish, “Boracay!” They would repeat this conversation over and over and we would just be happy thinking about it. haha!

Anyway, we’re happy that our vacation was a successful one. We left with our pockets empty but we bring back hearts full of joy and minds refreshed and recharged. We’re already planning our vacation next year. The problem is we’re running out of places to go in our country that’s child friendly. We can’t go to Palawan because there’s a lot of island hopping involved and it’s not very safe for kids. My friend told me Ilocos is not child-friendly either because you have to travel far and wide to get from one tourist destination to another.

That’s why we’re thinking of going to Hongkong Disneyland but if you have any suggestions we might change our mind.

Leave your thoughts please.TIA!



22 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why Vacations Make You Happy

  1. Vera

    We’re trying to plan for two vacations this year. Sana kahit isa man lang dun matuloy. hehe. Nakakatuwa talaga yung anticipation before the trip, tapos yung reminiscing na walang katapusan 🙂

  2. Chan

    Im glad you had you vacay! It’s always good to get away from the city life, just relax and enjoy all the negative ions the nature brings to us to heal and rejuvenate 😉

  3. RonLeyba

    Lucky you and your family to spend some time together away from stress and headache of the city. 🙂 For sure you will repeat it every given chance or moment.

  4. Linnor

    good to know you had a wonderful time. summer is almost here and i’m sure you’ll fill it with more travels. keep making memories with your loved ones. GOD bless!

  5. Mommy Maye

    This is what we need. A break or vacation but this is not possible for the mean time. Hoping and praying in the near future. I agree with you, it brings happiness and much deserved rest away from stressful work and environment,

    Mommy Maye2

  6. gremlin mom

    we do deserve to enjoy what we earn, right? vacation relieves stress and re-energizes us. sabi nga nila, “work hard as you play hard” or was it the other way around? lol

  7. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    The month of May is coming, and we still haven’t planned for our summer getaway! Kids are busy with basketball leagues, and I couldn’t get off from work! Hay! 😀 But hope we could squeeze in a weekend getaway soon!

  8. Vanessa

    it’s been ages since i last experienced that so called vacation and I have been wanting to go to one especially now that I have a husband and a son, it would be lovely to experience a vacation with your own family! 🙂

  9. eLLa (r)

    I must agree, although there are plenty of other reasons why vacations makes you happy, it is always summarized into those 3 you enumerated.


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