The Borneo Rainforest More Than Impresses Shawn Henry Baybutt

As Shawn Henry Baybutt arrives in the rainforest of Borneo, the oppressive heat that permeates even his very breath hits him like solid matter. The heat forms steam that rises slowly from the tops of the trees into the atmosphere. In the background, he hears birds singing and monkeys communicating with each other. He wonders what their daily lives entail as they live in this sweltering yet beautiful place.

Shawn notes Borneo’s divisions, made up of three countries being Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The Indonesian territory covers the vast majority of the island covering around 73 percent. The Malaysian territory contains the states of Sarawak and Sabah and occupies around 26 percent of the northern part of the island. The sovereign state of Brunei claims the remaining parts of Borneo making up just 1 percent of Borneo’s land mass and existing on Borneo’s northern coast.

The rainforest of Borneo contains 15,000 species of flowering plants creating a colorful tapestry covering the forest floor with multi-hued beauty and texture. In addition, 3,000 species of trees, 420 species of birds, 221 species of mammals and 440 freshwater fish all call Borneo home. Shawn remembers he heard that the endangered Bornean Orangutan also lives within the confines of this amazing rainforest.

The rainforest of Borneo is actually a refuge for many animals including the Sumatran Rhinoceros, the Asian Elephant, the Bornean Clouded Leopard, the Dayak Fruit Bat and the Hose’s Civet. Shawn Henry Baybutt recalls reading that 361 plant and animal species have been discovered in Borneo since 1996 meaning the depths of this massive rainforest still may have secrets yet revealed. After enjoying the beauty of the rainforest, Shawn stumbles upon an interesting looking village that he decides to explore.

The village in the Indonesia region of Borneo’s rainforest is a tiny settlement of people vastly religious in their beliefs called the Dayak. As Shawn enters their village, he is his greeted by the spiritual leader of the tribe and thus their most respected and trusted elder. He and Shawn move under a tree to find some respite from the oppressive heat that makes even breathing somewhat difficult. They share up a cup of cold water and eat some fruit gathered from the plentiful trees within the rainforest.

As Shawn observes how these people live their daily lives, he is very thankful for the common conveniences that make up his life, which he takes for granted on a daily basis. Gathering food and water for them is a job while he simply runs to the store or turns on the tap. This revelation makes him feel ashamed for ever complaining about his comparatively insignificant problems.

As Shawn leaves Borneo with his plane tickets in hand, he realizes the beauty and majesty that the rainforest holds will not soon leave his being. He hopes to come back again and visit with the Dayak people or perhaps visit with other ethnic groups in the area. At any rate, he wants to return to Borneo, which is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places on earth.

27 thoughts on “The Borneo Rainforest More Than Impresses Shawn Henry Baybutt

  1. Olga

    I’ve heard about the beauty of Borneo but it isn’t among my must-see places. Hmm…maybe I should reconsider including it in my travel wish list.

  2. Mys

    It must be amazing to be able to travel. We’d love that and as soon as the kids get older and they can better appreciate nature, it will be on our list.

  3. Maan

    It amazes me how much of the world is still virtually unexplored until now. This makes me think of the thousands of unexplored species under the sea!

  4. Aileen

    It seems like an awesome place to visit…so much to see and explore the wonders of nature. It’s a photographer’s wonderland what with all those flora and fauna to capture in stills.

  5. Mom Michelle

    I’ve been to Indonesia and a few lovely provinces there but Borneo wasn’t one of them unfortunately. We also have some unexplored places here in the Philippines that’s waiting to be awed and amazed too. 🙂

  6. Chin chin

    I wish there are pictures with this post. The pictures would surely amaze us more while reading. On the other hand, plainly it would give us the opportunity to just use our imagination.

  7. Khim

    He sure is a keen observer. 🙂 That’s good especially when you’re travelling. You can really see the beauty and the essence of the place.

  8. Melgie

    Borneo is sound so interesting place to visit, and explore the abundance of nature, rainforest, wild animals and much more. thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Daddy Yashiro

    Looks like it is really an interesting place to visit. If Shawn Henry Baybutt details something like that then it is truly something to wonder at. Too bad the Philippine government couldn’t fight for the claim in that land.


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