One Year of Using my Macbook Pro – Did I Regret my Expensive Purchase?

My Macbook Pro is already a year old. Thank God it’s still running like new. I don’t usually buy expensive stuff but after getting burned from buying a defective “brand new” Asus netbook I gave in to my heart’s desire and brought home a Macbook Pro.

So what’s my verdict after a year of using it?
It’s nothing but perfect for a non techie person like me!

Let me explain why I love this beautiful gadget.

● iPhoto is amazing – iPhoto is where I store all my photos in my Macbook. But this software does so many things more than just store. It crops, enhances, and uploads my photos to Photobucket. I have a pro account in Photobucket and that’s where I store my photos online in my blog and my online store. That’s why I need a software that can upload easily  and iPhoto does the job in just two.clicks. Aside from that it can also batch resize photos for easy upload. I’m sure it has more features but these are what I do regularly with it.

● Virus Free! Ever since I switched to Mac I don’t have to bother myself anymore with any anti-virus software. So far it still doesn’t have any virus. I did have a scare a while back because I heard in the news that there was an online attack on Mac computers but they fixed that up with an software update. I may find MAC Antivirus in the future but now I’m still content that everything in my Mac is secure.

● Driver installation is automatic! If you need to connect your Mac to a printer you’ll soon find that it automatically downloads the printer driver online. I was amazed the first time it happened. My husband and I needed to print something. We were supposed to use his Windows laptop but unfortunately the printer’s driver was missing so we weren’t able to use it. When we connected my Macbook it took care of that in the background and we were able to print our documents right away. Now that unexpected convenience is what Mac gives to its users.

If there’s one thing I regret in buying my Macbook it’s the fact that I should have bought a Macbook Air instead. My mac is quite bulky and it’s incovenient bringing it with me every day but other than that I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

30 thoughts on “One Year of Using my Macbook Pro – Did I Regret my Expensive Purchase?

  1. Mommy Maye

    That’s a great buy na nga. My husband brought acer netbook naman. It’s lighter and same specs with laptop na. No defect naman so far and it will turn a year next month.

    Mommy Maye

  2. ceemee

    This post makes me want to buy a macbook also! One thing we don’t have for our windows desktop and laptop is antivirus. *sigh* I know, such a risk! Hopefully that won’t be needed at all with macbook.

  3. Phil

    I’m glad that you are liking the Mac Book Pro a year on.

    I am one that doesn’t like Apple, people can’t even believe that I don’t and never have owned an iPod or any Apple product

  4. Mom Michelle

    Before I bought my Sony Vaio a couple of years ago I’ve been tempted to buy a Mac Book but I thought it wouldn’t fit me at all since I am just plain dumb with techie stuffs. But now that my Sony laptop is gone to rest, I think I’ll re-visit my thoughts about the Mac book again. 🙂

  5. Jhari

    Macbook Pro is one of my wish list for this year. I need it because of my digital scrapbooking hobby and I’m an iPhone user since 2009 and I love it so much.

  6. tet

    It’s really an investment to get a Macbook. I think it’s fine even if it’s expensive especially in your case about getting a defective lappy before. Macbook really has a good quality. If I can afford one, I would buy the same too. 🙂

  7. Aileen

    Mas expensive ang Macbook Air. But if it has significant use, why not? I think as long as worthwhile ang purpose, the cost should not deter you from purchasing what you need.

  8. eLLa (r)

    Macbook Pro.. My techie husband’s dream. He really wished he could have 1 but I always tell him our HP still works. I’m such a kontrabida. hehe

  9. Vera

    I keep coming back to this post, gusto ko rin kasi talaga either ng iMac or a Mac Air. Ang takot ko lang sa Air na 11inch, baka masyadong maliitan ako sa screen. Any bigger naman might be too heavy hehe.

  10. Sherlene Bonker

    There have been three separate designs of the MacBook: the original model used a combination of polycarbonate and fiberglass casing that was modeled after the iBook G4. The second type, introduced in October 2008 alongside the 15-inch MacBook Pro, used a similar unibody aluminum casing to the 15-inch Pro, and was updated and rebranded as the 13-inch MacBook Pro at the 2009 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2009.*;`’

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