Another Tooth Missing

My son Z lost his front teeth when he was four years old. Now, that’s too early for a kid to lose his front teeth. We waited for three years before signs of his replacement teeth appeared. Now that he is already eight, he finally grew his permanent teeth and we said goodbye to his toothless grin.

Or so we thought.

Because last month, just before we went to our Boracay he lost another tooth, not exactly at the front but at the side that is still well visible.

Here’s what happened. He was sitting eating his breakfast when he suddenly shouted. “I lost my tooth,” he said excitedly. He hurried to where me and my husband were sitting and told us how he gently rocked his tooth until it detached. I was very elated with the news, particularly because that saved me some money from dental bills (no, we don’t have dental insurance for individuals), until his Dad quipped, “Uhm, didn’t you just got your front teeth back and now you’ve lost it again?” Anyway, we laughed at the irony but nothing could dampen Z’s good mood. After enduring nearly four years with his two front teeth missing, one little toothless gap at the side won’t put him down.

Here he was at D’Mall in Boracay still looking quite happy. Do you see his missing tooth?
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  1. Mommy Maye

    They said, a child shouldn’t lost his/her teeth until he/she’s 7 e. So tama nga kasi the permanent teeth will come out at ages 7 or 8. Kaya I am watching my son’s teeth though talagang di maiwasan na may mga yellowish parts na. I am still happy okay pa lahat un teeth nya. He will turn three on June so hopefully as he grow older he will learn to take care of his teeth.

    Mommy Maye

  2. Daddy Allan

    I remember when I also was at the age of losing teeth. I was excited when I detatched it by myself. Just like you said, it really saves you from going to the dentist just to remove that rocking teeth.

  3. Marie

    Kids look so adorable with their toothless grin! I am having my share of dental bills with my little boy because the dentist had to do a summary baby teeth extraction as the permanent teeth is growing or else he will be wearing braces when he grows older.

    1. admin Post author

      Oh my, summary baby teeth extraction?! Your boy must be really brave.
      I had one too when I was 5 years old. The dentist took all my four front teeth at once even though only one needed to be extracted!
      She said taking them off at once will prevent sungki in the front.
      She proved to be correct because I have straight front teeth but there’s one tooth na sungki sa gilid. Hindi coz ang sungki niya pa-loob.

      1. Aileen

        I have sungki front teeth. That’s exactly what happened, nag-abot ang baby at permanent teeth when I was maybe 5 or older. Dental health was not on top of the priorities that time, maybe because of finances din, so unless I’m writhing in toothache, no tooth extractions. Growing up, I used to be too self conscious of my teeth…sometimes, I still am. But braces are quite expensive naman. So I just live with it hehehe.

  4. Chin chin

    That’s a very nice picture of Z. Di naman halata that he lost his tooth. My 6-year old daughter also lost her 2 lower front teeth pero the 2 permanent teeth were already growing even before she lost them.

  5. Tondo Girl

    Z is soo cute. i just i could had just rocked my 2 teeth that was extracted from last week to save on my dental bill but unfortunately i can’t. ah to be young and to lose your teeth effortless. 🙂

  6. Linnor

    i guess that’s the age they shed the last of their baby teeth… my youngest is also 8 turning 9 in a few days and he has 2 permanent upper front teeth still growing out.

  7. tet

    i remember when i was a little girl, I think I lost most of my teeth back then. hahaha.. But I look cute on pictures though. 🙂 Don’t worry, he still looks cute, even cuter. ^_^


    I have two different experiences with my two kids. My eldest lost all his teeth when he was 3. While my daughter still have a good set of teeth until when she is 8. It affected the formation of her permanent teeth thus, I have to let her wear a dental brace just to align her teeth. My son got a perfect set of teeth though when he grows up.

  9. January

    Few month back, I thought my son will lose one of his front teeth as early as 2y.o. dahil namaga ang gums ng tumama sa edge ng table. Naku buti na lang nag heal and gums nya at hindi nag-move ang ngipin. 😉

  10. RonLeyba

    My 4 yrs old daughter also lost her 2 front teeth simultaneously. It’s a part of growing up for them. And guess what, she believes that tooth fairy did it for a purpose.

  11. teri

    my eldest son went to the dentist at age 5, sobrang aga. 🙁 tapos last year he pulled out his two front teeth. Kaya nga ngayon I always remind him to brush his teeth kasi puro permanent teeth na meron siya. Iyung pangalawa kong anak naman thank God ay hanggang ngayon (he’ll turn 6 this May) ay wala pang bulok na ngipin. I hope that he would constantly brush his teeth so he wont end up like his kuya.

  12. Rose

    My 5-year old lost three teeth already. The last time she did, she was running and bumped unto me. The next thing she knows, she lost her tooth na. Until now, we don’t know where it went. Baka nalunok nya.

  13. Olga

    It’s not that noticeable. 🙂 At least he’s got his front teeth back. He’s bound to lose many more teeth until all permanent ones come out. My kids are still age 3 and 4, so hopefully, we won’t have to deal with loose teeth for a couple more years.

  14. Jhari

    Did fairy god mother visited mommy paula? hehehe! I’m getting ready for this issue as well. My eldest will turn 7 after 3 years. I’m teaching her as early as now to brush her teeth very well.

  15. Vanessa

    Hi there! Wow, I can’t believe it takes years before another tooth comes out again. Ganun pala katagal yun? Nearly four years with two front teeth missing? But your son is very brave extracting his tooth all by himself. Not all kids are as brave as him! 🙂 My baby is only one year old and so far he has 6 visible teeth, one premolar coming out and the others are nearly cutting thru. I’m so excited. Kina-career ko ang pagtotoothbrush sa kanya regularly kasi I’m afraid he gets tooth decay early. By the way, very nice and very engaging post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. Mys

    My daughter who’s turning 7 this July lost her 2 front teeth, the front teeth are coming so slowly but she is a bit more responsible now in keeping her teeth clean. Your son lost his at age 4, wow!

  17. reese

    i think that also happened to me…i cannot remember how i feel, that’s great nakatipid sa dentist’s bills haha…the lost tooth is hardly noticeable in the pic, he is still cute

  18. Maan

    What is it about losing teeth that excites children nowadays? My sister still has a couple of milk teeth, and she gets thrilled whenever one of them starts “moving.” I remember dreading it way back!

  19. Leslie

    When I was a kid, I did have a problem with “sungki”. I think I did have a lot of teeth that they needed to extract about 4! Super grabe sakit nun. — For anyone who needs consultation, I want to recommend my Brother in Law. He’s really good with tooth extraction. Gaan ng kamay. He’s clinic is located in Medical Plaza Makati. Dr. Dominic Sevilla.—-

  20. Kristine

    This makes me excited to experience this stage for my son, hehe… Better that his tooth got detached with his help. Dental services are expensive these days.

  21. Louise Antonette|Mommy Practicality

    Hi, my eldest lost all his 4 teeth when he was 5-6 years old because the dentist had to take them all out as the permanent tooth erupted at the back. It was painful for me to see him laying on the dentist chair. But now he’s got the most perfect smile, at least for me. 🙂

  22. eLLa (r)

    I remember I tried to put thread on my tooth when I was young just to pull it off. Pero natakot ako nung hihilahin ko na kaya inenjoy ko nalang pag-uga ng ngipin ko.hehe


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