Beautiful and Functional Sofa Beds

I’ve been selling furniture since late last year. For someone who used to say she’s never sold anything it’s a dream come true. It’s one of my happiest moments last 2012 and that is being able to start an online business. With the help of my Dad who is already a veteran in this field I was able to sell my first items slowly but surely. Everyday I receive inquiries from people looking for furniture which means that people are slowly finding their way to our website. I still have a long way to go in terms of learning the ropes of the business but I have set my foot on the door and nothing can stop me but move forward.

One of the things I love about selling furniture is looking for beautiful yet functional pieces. For a mom like me with a limited budget I know the value of furniture that can serve two purpose in one. Like the bed with built in storage underneath which I showed you before. For me, you can never go wrong with these kind of furniture that do two things at once.

Nowadays, having a guest room can be considered a luxury. In our own apartment, our extra room has been turned into an office for my husband who works at home. So what do we do when we have an unexpected guest who comes over? Why turn our sofa into a bed of course!

With these beautiful sofa beds you don’t have to worry where to put your unexpected guests. These look like your ordinary sofas on the surface and belies the magic it has underneath.

Like this beautiful white sofa, for example. Who would expect that it would neatly turn into a…


Not a single bed but a double bed! Cool, huh?
Now if you have small kids like me I know what’s on your mind. White is the last color you’ll choose for your living room. It’s more suited for singles, couples with no kids, or those with older children. If you are one of the above this black leather corner sofa is for you. Notice that underneath you’ll find an extra storage for things that you want out of the way but still within reach like your books, weekender bags or even photo albums.



For me, I like this third sofa best. It has a more modern style that suits our modern family.  I can the whole family watching movies together here. Best of all, if we can just tuck the kids in if they fall asleep before the movie ends. No more crying or tantrums on why we woke them up from their deep slumber. haha!



In today’s time where space is very valuable and many people are living in condos and small apartments practical buyers are looking for furniture pieces that can maximize not only their money but the space in their home. Sofa beds may be more expensive than our usual sofas but the value it adds to the family home can outweigh the extra expense and is worth the investment in the long run.

31 thoughts on “Beautiful and Functional Sofa Beds

  1. Mys

    Yes, functional and modern is the way to go. I love the 2nd option. Ever since I was a child, I love black. But as I grew older, brown or earth colors is now my favorite palette.

  2. filman santiago

    Have seen similar designs of these in Ikea and they are so tempting. If only I have the money, then I’d buy one. Sofas like these help people who are struggling to maximize their small apt or house. These are also great for minimalists people. :)

  3. Mom Michelle

    I love white because it’s so neat and clean but sadly it’s a no-no in the house since I have two hyper kids. These sofa beds are so convenient and functional. I wish I can have one at home. And if ever I’d have one, I’ll surely put it in our guest house. :-)

  4. tyna

    im all for functionality especially if you have a very limited space. The sofa bed is probably the best idea if you still want to watch a movie and the kids falling asleep halfway to it. pure genius.

  5. Olga

    The third one is great! It still won’t fit in our apartment though. We’ve actually thinking of just getting something that’s like a long john but with cabinets at the bottom.

  6. Meikah Ybanez-Delid

    Oh, I love it! Could you email me the price of this sofa? I’ve really been thinking of getting an L-shaped sofa like this. I know not all of them can be turned into a bed. Do you come in other colors as well? :)

  7. Farida

    Sis, you can create an FB page to promote your furniture business. I’m sure the participants of BC bloggers can do their part (me included) by liking the page. :)

    Good luck and may you have more sales this 2013!

  8. Jhari

    I’ve always been inlove with an L-shape sofa. Since it’s the modern design now. Having this is good especially if the owner of the house don’t have a guest room. At least we can provide a sleep over for temporary :) Are you going to make one of these sis?

    1. admin Post author

      We haven’t done sofa beds kasi may mechanism siya. Regular sofas ang ginagawa namin for now but hopefully in the future who knows? :)

  9. Phil

    Absolutely brilliant sofa beds on show here.
    If only I had the room I would love to get one for my front room and then when people come over they can stay in comfort rather than on the floor….


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