Be self-confident

Believe that you are capable, and you will. Identify your successes and take pride in them. Discover the things at which you excel, and focus on your talents. Hard work nurtures self-confidence. Victories, even small ones, boost self-confidence and make hard work more enjoyable. Think positively. Treat failures as stepping stones to success. Keep smiling. know the law of the games to get you rights. The worker who knows federal labor law posters surely will be in the right track

6 thoughts on “Be self-confident

  1. Marie

    It does take a lot of positivity! And having happy thoughts and being surrounded by positive vibes-like kids!-do go a long way in bringing up our positivity meter!

  2. Mommy Maye

    Self-confidence, faith, positivity and trust. Those will never let you down. Since we are all human, we stumble sometimes. But what is important is to re-gain our composure and stand up again.

  3. Maan

    I decided to re-read your posts, Paula, when I stumbled upon this one. Ah, this message is just what I need. I agree with all you mentioned, and I would like to add this: Focus on your successes and what you want to achieve and claim them all as yours. 🙂


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