The Period

Women go through terrible phases each month that can transform them into an angry, hot mess. These horrible phases are called, The Period. If you are a woman reading this, then you know that hormonal change that takes place each month can totally throw you off. You might begin to notice obnoxious, little breakouts appear along your jaw line, annoying cramps, discomfort, or you may experience a shockingly, monstrous alter ego arise in your attitude. I am a woman so I know what I speak of. With all jokes aside, hormonal changes are crazy. My poor husband has to deal with random episodes of catty remarks, extreme irritability, and being over dramatic. I can pick a fight or find a reason to get emotional easily. Once I get a hold of myself and realize the emotional baggage I have unleashed on my husband I am thinking, “wow, what came over me?” Then I’ll sheepishly manage to apologize for my tyrannical behavior not without blaming it on the menstrual cycle, of course. Fortunately, my husband will let it go, but sometimes he swears he is caught completely off guard and contemplates whether to send me to a bipolar
treatment center

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