Supporting Medical Advancement

When I was younger I thought I was invincible. During the days of my youth, I would live each day carefree and spontaneously. What did I have to fear? I was young, healthy, and strong. Now that I am a mother of two and have known close friends, family members, and acquaintances affected by illness, disease triggers more frightening thoughts. I have lost confidence in my indomitable existence and realize that life can be fickle. With that in mind, I pay closer attention to the medical advances in our world. Chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceutical drugs, and other treatment developments to cure cancer and illnesses are a phenomenal asset to the citizens of the world. When you think about it, disease is everywhere. If not in your own personal life, then maybe someone you know or know of. If you still do not know anyone, then the news channel has a pretty precise indication for you. If you have a chance to aide and fund medical advances it is a wonderful opportunity to help heal the world. Everywhere in the world could use a medical miracle or cureLauncher to combat someone’s battle of a lifetime.

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