Furniture of the Day: Simple White Sofa

One of our customers wanted a sofa custom made. He wanted a 3-piece white sala set and sent this picture for inspiration.


This white sofa has loose foam cushions and high back and arm rests. However he wanted to work on a specific budget so we made some changes like replacing the loose cushion with fixed cushions and making the arms smaller.

Here is the finished product:



You can order this white sofa set from our website,

11 thoughts on “Furniture of the Day: Simple White Sofa

  1. January

    You did well with the slight changes and it’s simple and very neat. Now I appreciate white colored sofa after seeing this. How is this set sis? thanks

  2. Mys

    It’s a beautiful work of art. I am interested in furniture with chalk paint though. I wonder if there are some available in the philippines. Our sala set is made of wood.

  3. Vera

    I think it’s such a good idea to offer custom-made service for your clients. We’re thinking of having a big desk installed for our computer/workstation here at home. Maybe I’ll send you measurements and ask for a quote too?


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