Party Favors To Go

Any celebration involving the invitation of large parties usually includes party favors at the end of the event. It can be quite a dilemma trying to decide what to have as party favors. As the host and/or hostess, you may want to express your gratitude for the guests who have come to share in your joyous event. On the other hand, if you are considering cost, then you probably do not want to spend any more on the party than you already have. What to do? Although party favors are not a requirement to any celebratory event, it is a nice gesture of thanks. There are plenty of ideas for party favors out there in the market such as personalized candies, candles, picture frames, towels, kid appropriate trinkets etc. Party planners are coming up with innovative ideas to wow the guests. One clever option for a party favors are cupcake favor boxes. For the guests who cannot stay to the end of the cake cutting there are now beautifully designed cupcakefavor boxes to take their piece of dessert home while having a lasting impression of the night’s event.

16 thoughts on “Party Favors To Go

  1. reese

    hahaha i just remember when i was still a kid, i always look forward for party favors – lots of candies and chocolates ang small toys…love party favors

  2. Mys

    Cool idea! I really want to start working on my budget in advance because both my daughters will be having important birthday parties next year. One will turn 7 and the other is turning one.

  3. Pinay R.

    I am now past finding party favors for the kid’s birthday party, but during the time he was in Elementary, I was so busy trying to make entertaining parties for him and his classmates and friends.

  4. Quakermommy

    My son’s first birthday is coming up, and although our favors aren’t completely personalized or handmade, I won’t be delegating them to a party supply store. I’ll be putting together the loot bag myself, DIY-ing the labels and selecting the items that will be given to the kiddie guests. That’s actually the part that I’m looking forward to the most. 🙂

  5. Marie

    Great idea! My son’s birthday will be falling on a school day so he probably would have a party for his classmates. He is insisting on a loot bag na


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