Living Green

Many of us have heard of pollution and the consequence it has on our planet. It results in global warming and an array of ecological changes that pose a great threat to humanity. There are plenty of environmental activist that have always been passionate about protecting the earth. Now the attention to living green has also attracted a mass public to take action too. More people are trying to live a green lifestyle. Recycling, hybrid vehicles, and organic living are just a few steps in sustaining a lifestyle that concerns the health of our environment. Many consumers are bringing in their own reusable grocery bags during their shopping trip. Hybrid cars are a great option for a vehicle considering the inflating gas prices. In addition, more people prefer and demand an organic diet. Another often overlooked option for green living is solar energy panels. These are another great contribution to green living. Using the sun’s rays to convert energy in our homes, office, and buildings is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost efficient. Adopting a green lifestyle is healthy for the earth and beneficial for us. It really is a win- win situation that should not be ignored.

4 thoughts on “Living Green

  1. Vera

    There should probably be more shows on TV dedicated to how people can go live a greener life, without spending too much money. Solar panels should offer some sort of tax shield or something, to encourage more people to install them in their homes.

  2. Olga

    I am glad that there are now more environmentally friendly options for almost all industries. I do hope though that solar panels and their installation become very affordable so more people would be able to use them.

  3. Mommy Maye

    Here in Bulacan, they are are implementing No Plastic ordinance but I can still see plastics all around especially at the wet market. I just hope this will really push through.

    Mommy Maye2


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