Internet Shopping and Shipping with ShipSmart

These days many people are turning to the internet to get their shopping done. It requires no hassle and inconvenience. Internet shopping is done at your own discretion without the disturbance of sales associates or long lines. You can visit a website and contemplate whether to buy something for as long as you need. You can compare rates, quality, and even check reviews before making your final decision. For those of you who do not enjoy the shopping experience, the internet shopping option is a dream.
As much as internet shopping is easy and convenient, it also has its drawbacks too. You don’t actually see the product you purchase; therefore, sometimes when you see it in person you might be disappointed in the quality or size of product. If you decide to return or exchange this purchase, that is where the hassle might begin. You will have to ship it back and what you had been anticipating for however many days or weeks is now prolonged by this mishap. In this case, just be sure to ShipSmart and realize that there is always a pro and con to everything.

25 thoughts on “Internet Shopping and Shipping with ShipSmart

  1. Aileen

    That is why I am hesitant to do online shopping, particularly if it’s something I’ll be wearing like blouses or shoes. The pictures in catalogues are sometimes the product of genius photographers and photo editors hehehe.

  2. tet

    agree to that! since i’m very busy with work. (I even have work on Christmas day-BPO industry kc), I opted for online shopping tlga. I mostly buy the products also that offers discount and free shipping.

  3. Maan

    Internet shopping is indeed risky, but for a work-at-home mom like me, it’s the most convenient option. I’m glad there are a lot of trusted websites out there that let me do my Christmas shopping without hassle. πŸ™‚

  4. Lady Anne

    The only stuff I bought online are discounted meal vouchers, other than that takot na ako. Though I see lots of cheap and good stuff, I’m afraid to take the risk. I’ll check out ShipSmart, it might finally trust online-shopping.

  5. Jellybelly

    I haven’t done much shopping online because I hate the hassle of returning the item if it’s no good or doesn’t fit. I only bought make up because the online seller did a demo for us at work and was easy to contact through her mobile.

  6. Riza

    I used to love ordering online but my last order which was a train case didn’t materialized and the seller was never seen again. It made me really sad because it’s for 8K. Right now I’m reconsidering online shopping again, mahirap ma broken hearted lols

  7. Mom Michelle

    I totally agree. Online shopping sometimes gives us the dreamy idea of comfort and hassle-free shopping which isn’t the case most of the time. That is why it is always a plus to be extra careful when buying stuffs online. Never be afraid to ask and scrutinize more. Customers always right anyway and we want only the best quality of the item we buy. πŸ™‚

  8. January

    I do online shopping sometimes especially when items are on great discounts. But shopping for clothes I’ll do it on dept store because I need ti fit them before buying. Hirap bumili ng damit pag oversize eh.. hehe

  9. Olga

    Online shopping can be convenient, but yes, it can be disappointing also. Take now, for example, I ordered a tab for my Mom which was supposed to be delivered today but never arrived. I do hope to get it before Monday coz it’s my Christmas gift for my mom.

  10. ceemee

    Yes, I am taking to online shopping too for gifts. Minus the hassle of traffic, parking, crowded places. I remember I went to Divisoria and got robbed. I am not going there during November-December ever. I avoid that place as much as possible.

  11. RonLeyba

    Just like shopping at physical mall and alike, online shopping do have pros and cons too. But for me, online shopping is a practical way to go at this kind of times.

  12. reese

    i agree online shopping is convenient, you can shun from traffic, crowded shoppers, etc… but still i am fearful to try online shopping
    happy new year ms. paula!


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