Furniture of the Day: Marble Top 6-Seater Dining Sets

It’s the first day of December and what good way to start the month with another furniture post?! I’ve decided to keep up with my original plan of posting one furniture per day. It’s like fashion of the day but I’m giving it another spin by posting about furniture instead just so you can see the behind the scenes in a furniture store. We might not be Ikea (yet! LOL!) but we have beautiful furniture pieces nonetheless and I’m so excited to feature them all here in my blog.

But before we get to our Furniture of the Day, by the time you are reading this me and my family are already at Quezon Memorial Circle. Hubby has a gig at a baptism (he plays the guitar) and while he’s away to earn from his music the kids and I plus our yaya, Ate Rose, will kill some time at Quezon Memorial Circle.

I have said this over and over again. I just love spending time at Quezon Circle! I love that it’s so kid-friendly, family friendly, and even dog friendly.

We have some good reason to treat the kids to some fun too because it’s Zack’s birthday on Sunday.

We have passed the two-year milestone! Hooray!

If you’re reading this will you be a sweetheart and greet my adorable Zack? I’m sure he’ll appreciate your greetings when he reads this xx years from now. *wink

Okay so back to our FOTD aka Furniture of the Day post.

Today I am excited to feature threeย Marble Top 6-Seater Dining sets. These are imported furniture and not locally made.

The first one and my favorite is this Walnut Marble Top 6-Seater Dining Set. It has a dark color than can compliment any kind of furniture. A surprise feature is it has two drawers on both sides of the table. Any extra place to put stuff is a welcome addition if you ask me.

Now if you want a dining table that pops out then why not go for a more bolder color. The A208 /230 6-Seater Marble Top Dining Table setย  has just enough color to brighten up your eating area.


O di ba these dining sets are so pretty? I want both of them in my dining room.

If you like any of these I suggest you waste no time and order right away. I was talking to our supplier the other day and these were flying off the shelves. The truth was they had so many designs available before but now they only have these two. ย And since these are imported we won’t know when they’ll have a new stock once they’re gone. So what are you waiting for, buy na! ๐Ÿ™‚

**Products are available at

25 thoughts on “Furniture of the Day: Marble Top 6-Seater Dining Sets

  1. Olga

    Those are great pieces indeed! Unfortunately, they’re not going to fit in our apartment. ๐Ÿ™ I am soooo looking forward to having our own house someday that’s spacious enough for some great furniture.

  2. Daddy Yashiro

    Lapit lang din kami dyan! We always go there whenever we have time to spend with the gets. It’s much better during the morning, specially if the weather is great.

    Those dining tables are nice for a well decorated dining area. Hahaha. I do hope we could get a bigger house very soon.

  3. tet

    wow. i need to work hard to order pieces like this. we’re planning to get married soon and i’ll inform u sis if i’ll order. sna up and running pa kau nun . ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      I’ll wait for your order, Tet! These are imported so hopefully we have stock of these when that time comes. But if not I’ll find you beautiful furniture that we have available.


    The FOTD made my desire to replace our dining table intense ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope I could convince my husband to invest on a bigger table since we are getting bigger. Unfortunately, even if he agrees, it would be very inconvenient to purchase it in Manila. He will probably just look around the downtown.

    Happy Birthday to your little Prince and welcome to toddlerhood ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree that Quezon City Memorial Circle is a very child-friendly park. I also loved hanging out there with my daughter and husband when we still live in Project 8. Thank to former Mayor Belmonte and Mayor Bautista for improving the park.

  5. Louise D. Fandino

    Hi Paula,
    These are definitely nice pieces of furniture for the dining area. By the looks of it, it must be very durable, one that will last til kids graduate from school. My parents did the same when they got married, they bought a dining set that up to this day, we still use! It’s been.. 40+ years already and counting. Good luck on your business! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Aileen

    Happy 2nd birthday Zack!

    I like the first dining table set better. I’m not much into bright colors I guess. I like something that is more earthy. The 2nd one is also pretty nevertheless but the first one is more classy. Well, that’s just me.

    Just a thought…I think it would be cool to have a niche blog already about your furniture.

    1. admin Post author

      I already thought of that Aileen but gosh I don’t think I can update so I’ll make use of my existing blog for now and see how it goes. haha

  7. Marie

    Hi, Paula! Those are beautiful pieces!I would love to have the second one, but not yet on the budget (lol). Hey, Happy Birthday to Zack! Is he turning three? Did you go through the terrible twos, too? My youngest son got over his “terrible twos” only when he turned five (hehe)!My two girls however never had the terrible twos. Only the adorable threes, fours, fives, etc, and now they are in their fearsome teens!

    1. admin Post author

      Maybe in the future then, Marie. Don’t forget to order from us. ๐Ÿ™‚
      We’re experiencing the terrible twos as of the moment. Grabe his favorite words “ayaw!” His dad is already making him time out because he’s so kulit talaga. But he’s still adorable anyway just don’t tell him coz he’ll grow up spoiled. haha!

  8. Daisy Monsegur

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