Furniture of the Day: Bed with Storage

I was looking at our cabinet the other day and I noticed, it’s already full of clothes. As in full to the brim na! And I don’t have lots of clothes, mind you. It’s just my my hubby and I share one cabinet so we have to fit both our clothes in there. Good thing the kids have their children’s cabinet so they share that. Normally in one room you can only fit one cabinet so it’s out of the question to buy two cabinets. So what do you do if your clothes won’t fit already?

Of course you buy this Queen bed with hidden storage!



If you think that’s cool then check this double bed frame for sale in oak color.



Lovely lovely beds with an even cooler storage underneath!

You can put lots of things inside. Your old clothes, old books, photo albums that gather dust because everything else has gone digital, your piggy bank, old shoes (be sure to wash them first!). Plus do you have those old bed sheets, curtains, blankets that you bought but rarely used? I have lots here in the house. Right now these are in our cabinet but if I put them under the bed that means more space in our cabinet. Yahoo!

To inquire or order click the links below:
WB708 Double Bed Frame with Storage

WB709 Queen Sized Bed with Storage

12 thoughts on “Furniture of the Day: Bed with Storage

  1. kat

    I like multipurpose and space-saving furniture. This is good for storing things that are seldom used. This not for keeping things that you are going to use every day. I can imagine the hassle of moving the mattress everyday juts to access the “cabinet”. :D

  2. Jhoveleen

    I like this type of bed with storage. I can put lots of things in there. Pero mag-iipon muna ako for this amount mommy Paula kasi ang mahal.

    Visiting you here. Happy New Year!

  3. Genzel

    I’ve been planning to buy a bed like this because my room is too small for me. I have a lot of things so I even trespassed my brother’s room to store them :)) This will be perfect for me to store blankets, curtains, and other treasures. I’ve also seen one with drawers on the sides.

    Thanks for sharing! :)


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