Elegance in Sport

The 2012 Olympic Games featured many athletes who had one thing in common: hard work. Most of the photos and videos I have seen portray rigorous and exhausting scenes of athletes. That is the common look of hard work, but some competitors showed grace, with smiles on their faces all through their event. Such can be said of riders in the equestrian competition.

In the dressage event in the equestrian competition, riders and their horses perform various movements. The riders are dressed smartly and formally in coats, shirts, ties, riding pants (usually breeches), white gloves, and dress boots. The horses also look neat and classy. The horses’ manes are usually braided, their hooves polished and their coats trimmed and groomed. The competition is judged based on the horse’s skill and ability to pass the tests, which consist of various types of trots and movements. Also, the level of skill of the rider in controlling the horse. Both the rider and the horse’s appearance is judged also.
Working hard and doing a great job especially in sport, is not necessarily grueling. Elegance and grace can also be shown in the midst of exertion.

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