Conflict with the Landlord

A friend of mine recently moved into a 3 bedroom rental property. It was just what her growing family needed. With a 3 year old daughter and infant son, her husband and she decided that this property was just the upgrade they needed from their two bedroom apartment. The move went smoothly and life continued perfectly in this new home. As time went by they soon noticed a faint gas-like odor. Concerned for the well-being of their children, they immediately turned to their landlord. This landlord was quick to brush off this issue and disregard the problem. After countless complaints, the landlord finally called upon a handyman to take care of this gas odor. It turns out that this mysterious gas odor was leaking from the gas heaters. Later, the landlord admitted that there had always been a problem with the gas heater. However, since the leak was ever so slight he did not want to compensate for the damage. This is a very dangerous and deceiving situation for the tenants. With the threat of a lawsuit, the landlord repaired the gas heaters. There are many conflicts that can arise from tenants and landlords. Have you had an experience like this too?

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  1. Mommy Maye

    When I was single and working in Caloocan, my colleague and I rent a room. The room was just small and the comfort room was outside. The problem we had was that the water supply that is only available in just 4 hours a day. Aside from that the comfort room was flooding. So we called up the attention of our landlady. She installed a water pump and fixed their sewage.


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