What if Your Guy Does It Ala Zoren?

The Carmina-Zoren wedding was the best wedding ever! Don’t you think Zoren was so romantic to plan the wedding all by himself? I think the hardest part of getting married is the stress of making it happen and making everything perfect up to the last detail. The brides usually take it upon themselves to plan the whole thing and make sure nothing goes wrong. Even if they have a wedding planner the stress is still there. That’s why it’s no surprise that by the time of the actual wedding, the strain and stress show on some of the bride’s faces.

But in Carmina’s case, it’s all different. Zoren was brave enough to handle the responsibility all by himself even choosing his bride’s beautiful wedding gown. I couldn’t help but hand it to him for doing a perfect job. Everything was awesome, and the scene of the two of them riding a canoe was breathtaking. But what made this wedding different from others was Carmina’s smile. It was the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. She was positively glowing – and not from all the make up – but by sheer happiness of being given the ultimate surprise by her husband. She didn’t need to worry about choosing the motif, the venue, or even finding unique groomsmen gifts. It was all taken cared of by the love of her life.


I think a lot of guys were inspired by Zoren’s unprecedented move. I’m sure a lot of guys will follow his lead. Which leads me to this questions

If you’re the bride would you like your guy to plan your wedding for you?

13 thoughts on “What if Your Guy Does It Ala Zoren?

  1. Aileen

    Zoren is one of a kind, I guess. And Carmina is so blessed to have him, after a not so good past relationship. You can really see how happy they are now. You can’t help but smile and be happy for them also. We rarely see happy ever afters in showbiz kasi.

    What woman would not want to participate in the wedding planning?…but am sure if somebody else is willing to do all, why not hehehe…you’d be spared of the stress..

  2. reese

    kinilig talaga sa wedding nila, if the outcome is as lovely and romantic as what zoren planned, why not… i will let my groom to plan for our wedding haha

  3. Ditas

    Some may find it sweet but I think he robbed him of the opportunity to plan her own wedding. She didn’t even get the chance to choose her own wedding gown.

    But I do give him an A+ for all the effort he went through.

  4. Vera

    Nakakaloka! Hindi ko alam na tapos na pala yung wedding, haha. I would love for my boyfriend to take care of everything. That would be a huge thing if he does.

  5. Maribeth

    I’ve always admired this couple’s relationship. I never expected something like this from Zoren as well. It was really very romantic and manly of him to plan their wedding by himself. ^ ^

  6. January

    Gosh! Nagpakasal na pala sila, hehe tagal ko na hindi nanood ng TV huli sa balita. hahaha…

    If I’m a bride again, I would love my guy to handle it himself. But if I’ll marry the same guy that I have married now I think I’ll do it myself na lang hehehe.

  7. verna

    I think I want a Zoren! Haha.
    I’m very particular when it comes to details. I want everything my way. I like being hands-on because I don’t mind going the extra miles. A wedding planned by a guy could most likely end up a disaster, but Zoren just gave every girl a reason to envy Carmina big time. I’m not sure if I could trust a guy to plan such a big event, but I guess if a guy really loves and knows me, then I’d have nothing to worry about. After all, the union is the soul of a wedding. I could care less on the glitz. But then again, how many “Zorens” are out there? Out of the gazillion men, there could only be a hundred or so.


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