What I Learned about Cigarette Smoking

When I was still single I tried my hand at smoking. Pretty soon I got addicted and I found myself smoking lots of sticks in a day. What made me finally stop was meeting my husband. He has no vice in his body and pretty soon I found his good influence rubbing off on me. It was not long before I gave up that awful habit.

So what have I learned from my experience?

Looking back I can say that the saying, “Curiosity can kill a cat,” is true. I only wanted to try it because I was curious but I almost was not able to get rid of it after trying. So my advice is be careful what you try because you might go down the path you don’t like to take if you do. Think a lot about it first and if you think it’s not worth trying then simply don’t.

Now that I am a mother of two I am more grateful that I have succeeded in quitting cigarette smoking earlier on and has done it before I got married. There is no place for cigarettes in my life as a mother. It would have been unhealthy to continue this habit with little kids around and maybe even deadly as the years pass.

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