Two Years…

December is finally around the corner! What I used to like about this month aside from the lots of festivities of course, is the 13th month pay. It’s the only time in a year that employees receive twice the amount of their salaries. Sadly, because I am no longer an employee I don’t have this privilege. It’s been five years since I quit my job so it’s been that long too that I have not been receiving any 13th month pay. Not having an employer may mean I do away with such benefits and I don’t have the right to join worker’s unions like the nh credit union which qualifies you to get a loan when you need it but as a mom with two young kids it’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make.

December is also pretty special because it is the month I became a mother for the second time. We waited 6 years for our second child so we thought we were quite ready when he arrived. He has been such a joy to us, his parents, and his older brother who loves him very much but I wasn’t prepared for the demands of breastfeeding. The truth was, breastfeeding my youngest exclusively for two years has been tough – many times! During the past two years there not only once did I feel like giving it up because it was so demanding. I’m ashamed to say this but there were times I felt I was losing years of my life because I was taking care of him 24/7.  But now that our breastfeeding experience is coming to an end I could not help but be wistful. When you look back it was indeed an awesome journey and something I would not exchange for the world. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was working a 9 to 5 job. The reward was not monetary in value but something more priceless and enduring.

In a few days he will be turning two. How time flies indeed!  Everyday he surprise us with his new antics and he’s such a revelation to us. When I see he is growing up to be smart, active, and with lots of punk I know it’s all so so worth it.

Happy two years my dear Zack! We love you so so much!



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